Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spoiled on oil?

Ok, we knew it was going to have to be talked about in here, as well as every tv cable station and Major, to once a week, publication printed in this world; not just in this country. Now my approach to this topic is spun on the notion that some people believe we are spoiled on oil. I have friends from Britain, that 3 years ago told me that we here in America have been spoiled for years because we were paying such low gas prices comparatively to Europe's prices per litre. I have had individuals from the far left political wing of this country, including Barrack Obama, Say the very same thing trying to sway people politically. Now tell me this...why do these people think we are spoiled? Is it because when we have run to the aid of every country in this world, in recent history, that needed us for whatever the reason. Whether militarily in Europe to stop Hitler and his extreme, murdering dictatorship. Or to send billions of dollars in financial aid to help rebuild countries that have been decimated by natural disasters. Or to help countries like Israel solidify their presence in a region of the world that has regimes such as Iran's Mahmud Ahmadinezhad (little Hitler). Or Iraq and Saddam Hussein before we established a form of democracy and sent billions in aid. I guess I raised a little differently than a lot of the people of my generation these days. Because I was raised that if you received the things you wanted because you threw a fit, or your parents would rather just give you what you asked for rather than hear you complain, you were spoiled. I can't remember ever hearing any of my piers, growing up to present day, telling me that if you worked hard and obeyed the law's in this country you deserve to reap the benefits of a capitalistic free enterprise society. To me that meant we deserved to have low gas prices to be able to pursue the happiness the constitution promised us all!

Now I hear Obama and Palosi's Democrats talk about how it's the Bush Administrations fault that the price of gas is so sky high. Well anyone with half a brain, tied behind their back even, knows that the Democrats ran 6 years ago on the platform that they were going to lower our gas prices at the pump. Since then gas prices have more than doubled, (gas was around $2.30 a gallon on average), and Nancy Palosi and Harry Reid have done everything they could to make sure we could not increase the worlds supply of oil, and reduce the price. Let's talk about supply and demand for a minute shall we? Economics is not a difficult thing to understand, but for some reason Learned Liberals think they need to over analyze things to confuse the idiots that follow their lead. I have tried several times to explain a laffer curve to libs and they just don't understand the concept. For those of us that understand, and those that don't, let me explain something to you about taxation. If you overtax business and individuals they will loose their desire to produce and that is death for free market society. How many of you would work if 100% of what you earned was taken by the Government in taxes? Anyway, now the sexy term on tv, radio and written publications is "windfall profit Tax". I guarantee you 99% of the people that use this term have no idea where it originated, and more than half cannot even tell you what the definition is. But the liberals (Obama, Palosi, Reid) use it like it has some magical power that will make welfare recipients millionaires in 4 years. The fact is that Windfall profits are monies earned from little to no expenditures by the company that acquires these profits. Originally labeled for the logging industry, at the boom of the industrial revolution, because they were reaping profits from storm related "windfalls". For those of you who have no knowledge of the logging industry let me clarify for you...a windfall is a tree that the wind blows down! Now because logging companies were able to go harvest these assets without having to pay labor to fall these trees, they thus earned profits from the assets above their normal earnings. Now if you know anything about big business in a free market society, you know that they pay no taxes. When government imposes a tax on big business, no matter what the product, the company simply passes these increases along to the consumer. So when Obama says he wants to impose a windfall profits tax on big oil to give back to the people of the country in fuel subsidies, etc. What you aren't told is that the majority of this aid is going to people who are on the government dole and don't pay taxes anyway, and the brunt of the fiscal responsibility will be on the hard working Americans that do pay taxes. It's amazing to me that a large portion of our society is buying this junk, but they have been indoctrinating our kids for 3 generations in the public school system. The left has a simple agenda people, it is this...they want society totally dependent on Government for everything society needs!

As I write this entry Republicans in Congress are demonstrating at the nations capital to get Nancy Palosi to bring back the recessed/vacationing Dems. in Congress to have an up and down vote on drilling in the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf). But instead, because Palosi knows that there are enough swing votes on the Democratic side to pass the bill) the Democrats continue to stay away and delay the vote before the election. However Palosi has told her left wing associates to go back home and tell their constituents that you are FOR drilling. It's a lie, it's hypocritical, and she throws that in your face and laughs because she believes that she is too powerful and can't be touched by anyone. They use the figure of 68,000,000 acres in leased land that the oil companies have to drill in, but they aren't! Well here is the reality...they have explored these leases, they are extracting oil from some of these leases, some of the leases have expired and the rest do not have enough oil in them to make it profitable to extract. Now we are again talking about a free enterprise, capitalistic society!! If it costs you more money to grow 10 ears of Corn than you can recover after raising and harvesting those 10 ears...are you going to grow it? (if the govt. gives you a subsidy you will) NO!, you will not! They claim that speculators brought the price of crude up artificially, but then turn around and say that we won't see any change in gas prices if we drill for our own oil. Well it was interesting to see that when Pres. Bush reversed the executive order restricting off-shore drilling, the price of gas at the pump, (due to speculations) went down by, as of today, over .40 cents a gallon. But now instead of the Democratic Congress going after the it's big oil And we have a hunyuck out there named Obama that says if we as Americans keep our tires properly inflated that we can save as much oil as we would be able to drill for and refine. This man clearly has no clue what he is talking about, and has spent is whole career speaking platitudes and pandering to the welfare society and entitlement snobs who feel that the hardworking society owes them something.

I must try to calm myself here and get back to the topic of this entry. I for one am quite tired of people coming to this country and then complaining about it. If this country is so dang bad, go back to the country you came from! Our forefathers fought and died, in many wars, to preserve the freedoms this country has long been envied for. So to let people with a Marxist/Socialist agenda to come to power and take these freedoms away 1 at a time, and totally change us from the greatness that we are and used to be is absolutely nuts. Let's face it we (USA) are not "spoiled on oil", we deserve to be able to reap the benefits of a free market society that we have created, and damn the people who are using Global Warming to make the average idiot out there feel as though he/she is destroying the Earth. This is a complete and total hoax created by the left (some are actually dumb enough that they believe it!) to make you feel horrible about yourself for driving a car. I will have to wait for another entry to go in to depth about that issue at another time! In Conclusion...the people who say we as Americans are spoiled on oil, are the same people who are flying around on jets, riding in Escalades here and there, and are actually about as spoiled as your neighbors kid who screams till he gets what he wants!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The beginning of the end!

I have to say that this is the longest presidential campaign I have ever witnessed in my 48 years of life on this planet. Now I grew up in the 60's and 70's when politics took a back seat for most Americans to integration, the tearing down of the Berlin wall, and the 'miracle on ice'. Patriotism was never an issue regarding any candidates for president or any other major office to be held. Maybe it's because I am (at 48) more aware of what's happening politically, but I don't think that is the case so much...I think we are losing sight of what matters.
I grew up a service brat, and learned first hand the importance of the United States getting involved in foreign affairs. My father worked for "Sperry Univac" (a predecessor to "Unisys Corp"), as a teacher for the Iranian defense project which was authorized by the administration of the day. So as a teenager I grew up with an enthusiastic desire for worldly knowledge. We had the young students from Iran living with us and learning about American ways of life and our values. But I also learned about the type of radical dictatorship that was poised to overthrow the Shaw of Iran and turn the lives of the people of Iran upside down. At that time we held a strong presence in the Middle East and basically were well respected around the world as a majority. With that being said I have to say that the Carter Administration from 76' through 80' was the beginning of the end of our respected presence in the Middle East. The Carter Admin allowed the fall of the Shaw and just sat on the sidelines watching the lives of the Iranian people being changed drastically, and radically, forever. We gave away the Panama Canal like it was no big deal, and now with the volatility of the oil market, it may become even more critical soon!
But I digress...let me get back to present day and the presidential race unfolding in front of my frightened eyes. I cannot believe the ignorance and the audacity of the liberal left who would again (like Jimmy Carter) throw away our interests and freedoms as though they were yesterdays bath water. It scares me for the future of my children and their children, that we have allowed the Marxist radical left to rise to power in our government. They have systematically indoctrinated 3 generations of children, through the public school system, in their Marxist/socialistic beliefs.
Now I need to point something out here to everyone who would read this and who are interested in what I preach. IT'S OUR OWN DAMN FAULT! Who do I speak of here...why the conservatives who have sat idly by and allowed it to happen without speaking up or getting involved. We have allowed our children to be raised by teachers in a school system that now no longer teaches about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but that we need to embrace diversity and save the Earth from ourselves. But they are so blinded and narrow minded that they cannot see the facts and what it eventually means to the FREE world. I cannot remember ever in the history of this country when all parties weren't interested in patriotism and the values that this great country of ours was built upon. Our forefathers were very mindful to make sure the bill of rights protected the common citizen from anarchy and tyranny from its own government. I don't think I need to remind anyone of the reason we have a revolutionary war back in the 177Os, or do I? I talk to teenagers daily and find that they can't tell me squat about the Revolutionary war. They can't name Generals, they know nothing of what our forefathers were fighting for and against. But ask them how we can save the earth and they rant for an hour about changing light bulbs, or what kind of car we should be driving and that we are destroying the Earth by drilling for our own resources (ie. oil and natural gas). They don't even realize that they are loosing a freedom a day to a government that has gone to the dark side (for those who grew up in the 80's) and wants to turn our capitalistic, free enterprise, free market society into a socialistic dictatorship that professes they will take care of us, so we need not worry about anything.
The scary thing to me is that we have 3 generations of Americans who are buying this crap! What ever happened to working hard, investing your money and raising your own children with your own values? I am troubled that the welfare state and self entitlement crowd is now becoming a majority, and it shows in the political arena. We have a man running for president on the Democratic ticket, that should make real Democrats furious and cringe. He holds none of the values that made the Democratic party a viable party with patriotic values and the desire to keep this country great. The 'died in the wool' Democrats have lost their party to the Marxist/socialistic left and they have not even realized it happened. They, like the Conservatives, have sat idly by and watched all of this unfold before our very eyes and, amazingly, done nothing to change it...why? Do we not like freedom? Do we not like the ability to own property and raise our children? Do we not want to live life with happiness, knowing our borders are safe from attack?
I should not have to remind anyone reading this of 9/11, but I believe we have all lost sight of how we felt as a nation when that happened! The same feelings we had as a nation when the Japanese attacked Pearl was anger, and fear that we may loose the great country, and her freedoms, that we have fought and died for and loved our whole lives. But we just sit and say..."well, I'll be dead soon, so it doesn't matter to me". The global warming crowd want you to be concerned about the future of our planet, but they couldn't care less about the future of you, your children and of our great country...and that infuriates me and should infuriate all patriotic Americans!!
In conclusion, I want to say that we better open our damn eyes, get off our lazy butts and pay attention to what's happening right now under our noses. We have 2 candidates for president in 2008 that quite honestly both ought to scare the hell out of everyone with half a brain and a desire to be free. We (as a nation) have a tendency to look only at the presidential race, and ignore learning anything about the real force behind our laws and extraction of our freedoms...the Congressional House and Senate! I encourage you to look beyond President and learn about your local candidates for Senate and Congressional seats, because they are more important in my estimation. We need to take our country back peacefully before it NEEDS to be taken back by force, AGAIN!!