Thursday, May 14, 2009


It used to be, in this Country, that the Congress and the President of the United States had the best interest of the Country first and foremost. But the day has come where that no longer is the case. Rather, their agenda politically and the need to stay in power by appeasing their corrupt mass of voters in the ACLU, UAW, SEIU, etc. has now taken the forefront of their priority list. Let us look at the past couple months and see what really has gone on with regards to the EIT (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) and the fact that Obama allowed the release of the transcripts of the process of interrogating prisoners of war at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, as per the request of the radical left and the ACLU. That was bad enough, but then Obama allows the ACLU to go after pictures of these interrogations, and to also publish them to the world! Now Obama suddenly reverses his position on the release of these photo's, stating what should have been obvious before he said he would allow it in the first place, that it would be detrimental to our troops and our effort abroad. But here is what I believe is the real truth behind this...I believe that Obama knew that when the decision originally came down and he made the pictures subject to a court ruling, (remember he is a lawyer) that he was also aware that even if he went on the record now (afterwards) saying that he would fight the release of them, that the court would have the ability to rule against him anyway. See if he fights the release of the photo's too much, after the court has already ruled that they should be published...he can be held in contempt of court! (anyone remember Watergate?). So before you get too close to jumping on Obama's bandwagon remember that he has spent the last 2 years running a dog and pony show on the American public and he is doing it here again. I firmly believe that this is simply something to get the American public's minds off of the economy and the fact that he is spending us in to an early grave, to the tune of $11 trillion! (For the record, Obama could stop the release of the photos regardless of the courts decision by issuing an executive order. However this would subject him to contempt if the Supreme Court decided he was out of order in doing so! Don't forget Watergate people!)

Then there's Nancy Palosi, the latest and greatest in left wing radical Socialists that feels as though she is beyond reproach for her lies. She continues to keep chirping a new lie every week to try and cover up the last lie, which covered up the previous lie, etc. I do believe that because of what she said on Thursday in her press conference, basically saying that the CIA lied to her about what was going on, will get her impeached and eventually least that is my hope. Now I am not a genius but i don't think, no matter who I was, I would call the CIA a bunch of lying individuals! Nancy Palosi is a very dangerous woman to this Country, no matter how you look at her. But in her defense, the American people and Congress have allowed her to run rampant in Washington for years, and she believes sincerely that she is beyond reproach for anything she does. I really do believe she actually believes what she is saying when she is saying it, as do most pathological lyers. Legally, she is not in a bunch of trouble over this...however I do believe she is in a bunch of political trouble. But the way she is going, who knows what next week will bring as I do not put it past her to do something to make her legally susceptible to breaking the law. For instance, the fact that she tells us that when she was no longer the high ranking official, that her assistant was at a meeting where a letter was sent to the CIA from the briefings? I am not a lawyer, but I do believe that if she was not supposed to be there because she was no longer a high ranking official, then why did she send an assistant to it, and what was he/she doing telling Ms. Palosi what happened in a confidential meeting? Hmmm, might be some legal malcontent there! On Thursday Nancy (botox) Palosi goes on record in a press conference and accuses the CIA of lying to her and to Congress. I honestly thing this woman is mentally retarded, and she is 3RD in line for the Presidency for Gods sake. Like I have been saying time and time again...leftists/Fascists have to cover up lies with lies with lies and eventually they forget what it was they originally lied about and wind up coming full circle and catching themselves up in their own web. But this woman is beyond the norm here, because as I said she believes that she is beyond reproach, and feels that she is untouchable. But she just digs the hole deeper and deeper everytime she opens that mouth of hers. I hope that something along the lines of stripping her of all power in Congress and having her step down from her speaker position of course. She is backpedeling like crazy, grasping at straws by asking for an investigation in to the CIA and just what she was told back in 2002-03 and forward to 2008. Unfortunately for her she has already pissed off the CIA and these people will release and disclose whatever information they see fit. That does not bode well for her, as she has made an enemy of them with her comments, and her attempt to spin what she is taped saying clearly in to something that redirects it to the Bush administration is, I am afraid, too damn late for her!

Now let me rant a bit about what is going on in the new GMC (Governmental Motors Corporation). Apparently now the UAW or Obama, the controlling interest in Chrysler and GM now, are contemplating shutting down auto dealerships around the Country. This is confusing to me, since the dealerships are privately owned and simply pedal the product that the Corporation manufacturers, so how can they just shut down a dealership? I can see maybe just telling them they can not purchase anymore product to sell, but not shut the dealership down. I think Ford Motor Company should move in and supply as many of these dealerships, that have been targeted, as possible. Since they were intelligent enough to not take any bail-out money in the first place. I do think however that Obama and his Fascist Regime will eventually shut Ford down in this Country, unless they cave in to the Governments regulations. I almost expect Obama to literally try to just shut FMC down completely, because they will be in direct competition with the cars that GM and Chrysler/Fiat will be trying to shove down our damn throats in the next few years. If left alone, Ford will flourish greatly, because they should be able to grossly outsell the competition by providing vehicles that people actually want to buy! It will be interesting to watch and see just how Obama goes about the whole plan he has!
Let's talk about the goings on yesterday at the University of Notre Dame, as well as the past couple of days. Now I hate to say I told you so, but i told you so! I predicted a long time ago that based on the readings of Barack Obama's memoirs and the correlations between his rise to power and Adolf Hitlers rise to power, I can now say that another phase of his dictatorship has begun. I say this, obviously, because people are now being arrested on the grounds of Notre Dame because they are protesting Obama being allowed to speak at the commencement of the University's graduating class. Not only that, but they are going to give him an honorary law degree...for his accomplishments. now let me educate anyone reading this who doesn't know that Notre Dame is a Catholic University, and over the years has had no tolerance for any theology that does not exactly parallel their own. Obama is the most pro-choice President in the history of this Country, bar none! And the hottest topic in the Catholic theology or religion over the history of this country has been the abortion issue. But the differences in theology aside, I want to address that people now are being arrested for speaking out against the allowance of Obama to speak there. Now before we get too out of is a private University, not Public, so the first amendment addressing free speech doesn't apply. And in fact it has been the University that arrested people for trespassing, not the President. But it is definitely something that Obama is revelling in I promise you! He is, behind closed doors, laughing in a deviant manner and telling himself and a close few that "we are well on our way to completely changing this Country in to what I want it to be!" He believes, as I and Rush and others have said many times before, that he is a messianic figure. This is just the beginning of the squashing of the opposite side by Obama. I am sure it will not be long before people like myself will be deemed a threat to national security, because of my writings and my beliefs, and wind up in prison for it. The leftist/fascist way is simply to crush your competition before they can become a threatening force to your goals, and believe me it is coming!
God Bless those who would save this Country!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I need to start this entry with an apology to all of you for misinforming you about the swine flu scare in 1976. I compared Obama's Administration to the Carter Administration with regards to the way it has been sensationalized. The apology is for saying that Carter was the one who had the emergency legislation passed to appropriate money to fight the so called pandemic. In fact it was Gerald R. Ford who had that legislation passed, and endorsed it. He also recommended that all americans get vaccinated as soon as possible, to head off the deaths of millions of Americans. I do not apologize for saying that is exactly what Obama and his Administration is doing by forcing $1.6 billion in legislation to a program that will most likely be kept to under 1/2 million. But we will never get the rest of the money back...believe me. So I apologize to all of you for this talking point mistake, and I will research my information even more next time.

I would like to talk this morning about Wanda Sykes, and her weak attempt at a funny speech at the correspondents dinner over the weekend for the White house. First let me say that with an economy in such Dire straights (as Obama and his Administration has been crying for 6 months), how do we have money to spend over $300,000 to take pictures of Air Force One over New York City, and have all these governmental retreats and dinners like the one over the weekend for news correspondents. Now on with my comments on Wanda Sykes and her comments over the weekend. I am really getting tired of hearing people like Eric Holder and others from the Administration, the press and Hollywood saying that all us white Conservatives are racist. Especially when you have a Black, self proclaimed, comedian saying things like Rush Limbaugh was the 20Th terrorist but was too high on Oxycontin to catch his flight. Also that with regards to Obama's policies Rush had said 'I hope he fails" and she says she hopes his kidneys fail! The racism in this Country is against the average white person anymore, not the black, Hispanics, Asian or Indian, etc. You know this idea that we as Americans (black, white, green, blue, yellow, doesn't matter) have been selfish and spoiled and not willing to share our toys with those who would blow us up and steal from our own houses because they are too lazy to earn it themselves. I have just about had it with this line of attitude, and I do believe that it is going to swell up a deep resentment of people in this Country against the entitlement lower class that get theirs for free from those who work...via Government!

Now I have just watched a story about landowners in Pittsburgh I believe (not sure yet) but the Government is just using eminent domain and claiming that they are going to just take the land they want, regardless of the fact that there has been no negotiations with land owners. There is an easement that could be negotiated and as long as the land owners still had an easement to their land on the other side of the memorial, that's all they are asking. Once again the Government uses it powers and oversteps it's bounds. If this continues, the good people of this Country will rise up and take it back by force, because the government is just stepping out of line and doing what the Constitution was designed to not allow Government to do. The news is in now from the IRS that the revenue received to taxes paid is down some $140 billion dollars this year. Now one would think that if Government had $140 billion less in the bank account, that they would re-evaluate their spending habits and cut back a bit on spending...right? Well guess what?, they are actually going to increase taxes on all Americans across the board, because as we all know...Government is a junkie with money and when they don't have what they think they need...they will just steal it to supply their fix! I happen to feel that a large number of people this year did what I did and just sent in form 4868 and extended the deadline to file taxes. They claim on the form that you must send in your estimated taxes with the form, but alas the easy way around that is of course that I haven't figured my taxes yet, so I have no clue if I am going to have to pay, or if I am going to get a refund. So of course i sent nothing but the extension in, and to be honest it's a way to rebel and delay against the massive overspending by this out of control Administration, and Congress!

I have some good news and bad news about the held journalist Roxanne Saberi in Iranian prison. The good news is that they have stayed her sentence and she is now eligible to leave the Country. So it appears that this lovely young woman will be able to come back from Iran to this Country. The bad news is that she will be coming home to a Country that is fast moving the direction of Iran's Dictatorship Government, and soon people will be jailed here because they have a certain bumper sticker on their vehicle, or because they speak out against the Messiah on public and foreign policies, etc. Plus, you know that Obama will take credit for Saberi coming home, even though he and his idiotic Sec. of Defense (Clinton) had absolutely nothing to do with it. But you watch now, as the main stream press gives accolades to Obama because of his awesome diplomatic skills and how behind closed doors he orchestrated her release in these ways. I can't wait to start hearing this, because the press and Hollywood are just way too easy to anticipate.
I have to apologize for the short length of this entry, as I have been busy with other things that take priority in my life. I will work to try and keep up with current events for you all, but unlike the left wingers...I have priorities and I stick to them!
God Bless those who would save this Country!!