Monday, May 4, 2009


I guess it's time for the citizens of America and the world to be concerned and scared because of the swine flu. But let's take a moment here and recall some things that have happened in the past and see if we're really in grave danger. First let's start with the fact that Obama went to Mexico right before this 'Pandemic" was widely publicized by the world media. One of the men he met with, shook hands with, breathed the same air with, wound up dying the next day; supposedly of swine flu! But miraculously our hailed President did not even acquire a sniffle. Also let's be careful, because we have a history of overreacting on this kind of crap. Some of you may be too young to remember in 1976 when we had a similar scare, that we began screaming in the media to go get a vaccination right away or we will have another plague on our hands. So Americans went in droves to their local clinics and hospitals to get the vaccination. Now i want to give you a death count from the swine was a total of 1. Now the death count from the people who got vaccinated... the total was around 25, (due to an infected vaccine). The Government back then (Jimmy carter) handled that situation just as this Administration is handling this one...with emotion instead of using their heads. And Amazingly enough Obama comes up with $1.6 billion as a figure that we need to take from the Public to fight this. Many are asking, "where did he get this number?", well I will tell you. In 1976, it was projected by the media that the cost of the program to handle the 1976 "Pandemic" was $1.9 billion. However, in actuality the actual cost of the program was around $135 million, but the legislators put $1.765 billion worth of riders in the emergency bill for "Social Programs" before it passed. Sounding familiar at all to any of you by now? Soon we will be learning that the majority of this appropriated monies for this Pandemic today will be pulled to fund some Obama social Program through Acorn or some other Brown shirt organization that he needs to bolster his voter base for.
Now there are rumblings that Obama and his administration sat in a room and told Preferred share holders of the Chrysler Cooperation that they will go along with his plan for the company of taking over for re-sale and bankruptcy, OR ELSE! What you all need to know is that shareholders own the majority of the stock in the company in preferred stock, which should be paid off first in a bankruptcy. But Obama said their stock would be changed in to common stock which does not have a vote and is subject to being paid off last. Instead Obama tells Chrysler that the Unions (who paid nothing) are going to own 55% of the share in the company, which gives them a majority vote, and that the people with preferred stock will go along with this or else. Now I don't want to say I told you so, but all you liberal wackos that supported this ignoramus for President...I hope you all have stock in Chrysler! And welcome to the continuing metamorphosis of this Great Country from a Free Nation to a Fascist Dictatorship.
God Bless anyone who would save this Country!