Monday, September 8, 2008

Pistol packing, Hockey Mom!!

Wow, where do I even begin with the topic of Republican Presidential Nominee's, (John McCain), pick for VP. I, as probably 95% of Conservatives and Republicans in general, never saw it coming when he picked Sarah Palin. Now as most people that know me know, I am not enamoured by John McCain and have been vocal about not supporting him on election day. I have been more concentrated on the Congressional and Senate races, because I believed and still do, that this is where the battle will be won or lost this year. BUT, that being said, I think it was a brilliant pick and here's why...

Palin is a working mother in America, something that the left embraces in theory, and she will steal a lot of liberal women from the Obama side; make no mistake about that! The Hillary Clinton supporters are going to swing over in droves! That in itself should be enough to damage the Obama machine enough to derail the train on election day. The only thing the left has to fight this is the issues she supports are too right for a true liberal. The interesting thing about this is that NOW, (National Organization for Women), has come out in opposition to Sarah Palin, because of how she stands on issues. Anyone who belongs to this organization or knows anything about it knows that this goes against the principles that their organization was founded I believe their biggest foundation is women's rights in politics and the work place and being community leaders alongside men as equals. I challenge anyone to quote to me from the platform of NOW anything that references how the woman stands on issues of the day, it just isn't in there!

Palin is not Washington as usual, as she was the driving force that sponsored legislation to eliminate earmark spending in her home state of Alaska. Something that both the middle and the right have been harping about for years, and to inform my readers...the only seated member of Congress that is moving along those same lines is the Congresswomen from my home state of Minnesota CD6, Michele Bachmann. I find it interesting that the two government officials that I know of that are for eliminating earmarks (not just talking about it) are both women. I may have to rethink my views on a woman's ability to be president of the greatest country on Earth!!

Palin's views on abortion, the second amendment, fiscal responsibility, and oil exploration, just to name a few, are enough to make a lot of conservatives feel a lot more at ease when choosing a ticket for president this year. I for one wish it was a Palin/McCain ticket and not the other way around, but we have to start somewhere. As I create this blog I have been made aware that McCain/Palin hold a 10 point lead nationally by people most likely to vote from the USA Today Poll. This does not bode very well for the Obama/Biden camp as they are on their heels and treading water right now. I was able to listen to Rush Limbaugh on Friday the 29th of August before I left for Canada. He was just giddy over the Palin pick, and just as surprised as as the rest of us. I haven't heard Rush that happy and energized, in a positive way, in a long time! It was enlightening to see that the left went after Palin's 17 yr old daughter because she was pregnant and yet unmarried. Yet when the right went after Michelle Obama because of her outspoken hatred for this country, we weren't supposed to talk about Obama's family. Once again hypocrites to the end is what the left has evolved in to.

With regards to Obama's statement that "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" I have this to say. The press doesn't believe that Obama said this directly about Sarah Palin, but I have to say that I believe he did! I really believe that he thinks he is above all moral standards and etiquette, and believes he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. It clearly shows his inexperience and shows, yet again, to the American public that he is clearly not ready to lead our nation! He lost a lot of female support when McCain picked Palin and I doubt this comment is going to win any of them back, and in reality will probably lose even more female support this November.

I would like to finish this issue with a few words of support for some fellow SD48 constituents and members of the full committee. We've spent a summer stripping seated rhino's of the Minnesota House, and forcing them to pay for the bad choices they made as representatives of our great state. Now we have had our primaries, and those who would fall have fallen, as well as those who have prevailed need our party's support. As a party it's going to be impossible to fix what has been severely damaged over the last 20 years in one election. I am quite excited that the conservative base, at least in the state of Minnesota, has been energized in to enthusiastic rebellion; so to speak. But now it's time to concentrate on the election at hand and then begin to put together the curriculum for the Campaign Education Committee in SD48, to begin teaching perspective candidates for the next election what they need to do to win! One seat at a time...One Ward at a time...One District at a time, let's continue to take our great state from blue to red. I would personally like to thank all of you who have worked with me this election year and I look forward to celebrating victory with some of you after this is over! God Bless America!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Woodstock III, 2008 (Denver, CO)

As I watched the DNC I couldn't’t help but think about the fact that it was coming across to me as basically a rock concert on a massive level. The problem is that the main liner was hollow, had nothing of excitement for anyone other than the brainwashed followers that were swooning like a bunch of Parrot heads waiting for the second coming of Jerry Garcia. The fact is that there was very little of any substance to what Obama said in his acceptance speech on Thursday night. He did however go out on a limb and throw statistics out there that obviously were factually untrue, but sounded good to the parrot heads. He talked about unemployment being up under George Bush, when in actuality it has gone down or stayed level. At present unemployment is at 6% which is less than what it was in the Clinton era. He brought up how Government failed when it came to hurricane Katrina passing by the fact that it was actually the failure of the local government (mayor and governor of LA) that screwed it all up, not the Bush administration.

He talked about how John McCain has voted with George Bush 90% of the time. What he didn’t tell them is that so did he and Biden, because 90% of the votes in the Senate are unanimous and of little stature or controversy. It was a big pander of a self appointed Messiah to his people that he was going to take all he could from the people who have worked hard and earned it, and give it back to them while they sit on their couches watching Oprah on their LCD televisions and working for nothing. He talked about the plants that have closed and of course blamed it on corporate taxation, when apparently he thinks everyone forgot that he wants to raise the corporate taxes even more! I for one would like to see a mandate that everyone who professes to want to be president should have a working knowledge of economics in a free enterprise, capitalistic society! He talks about a tax code that benefits the common working man, then spouts overtaxing big business. He still can’t see the obvious beyond his own bloated ego. Big business does not pay taxes! If you tax them more, they just raise the price of their product or service to make up the difference. So once again Obama, pay attention here; the tax is on the consumer!! Then he spouted off about eliminating our dependence on foreign oil in 10 years, which is a total flip flop from what he said previously when he stated that he was going to flat eliminate our NEED for oil period within 10 years. And he is now on the side of pursuing natural gas and nuclear power all of a sudden!

Then he spouts making cars more affordable, yet he is promoting mandating that the car companies work on electric and alternative fuel versions, while saying that he is going to tax big business…not sure how that will balance out!! Not only that but he obviously, and to no ones surprise, is talking about hiring new teachers and paying them more to teach (indoctrinate) our children. But how can we do that when the unions have a tenure system that doesn’t allow new teachers to make more than they do? Then he talked about family responsibility, when he clearly believes that abortion is ok. And of course he spouted off about how he did not support the war just days after 9/11 when he was not even in the damn Senate at the time and had no vote…idiot!! He wants to pull out of Iraq now, lose the war, to be able to appease the left and their desire to lose the war; so they can say…"See, I told you so!!" Then he said he would rebuild our military, when almost in the same breath he said he would de-fund our missile defense system because it was frivolous spending! I am not sure Obama has a single clue on what defending our country takes. Then he makes a comment about getting AK-47’s out of the hands of criminals so that citizens won’t need to have guns to protect themselves…unbelievable!!

Then he talks about McCain saying that the middle class was anyone under 5 million a year income. Honestly, is this man fit to be President of the United States? I think not!! Because McCain never said that and never even eluded to it in the least, just another leftist/Marxist spin on the truth. The reason that most of this rhetoric will sway a lot of independent voters is because they are a confused voting block. They, for the most part, are people who do not take the time to look up information on candidates and what the facts really are. They listen to what the drive-by media says and that is a dangerous thing!

As I sit here in Canada, on vacation and watch the bald eagles fly around in complete and total freedom, I can’t help but think that what we have back in the US is but a mere shadow of what we used to be. The freedoms we have are being taken from us one day at a time and if we do not stand up as a society and speak our minds and feelings at the voting booths, we are doomed to the fate that most apathetic society’s experience. I for one hope that we can overcome this onslaught of Liberalism/Marxism and correct what is possibly the most destructive plan ever to be executed on this great nation, and sadly it is from within it’s own governmental process! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!