Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was unaware that Arnold was part of the Nazi party!! Hmmmmm??

The topic this week is what I would consider the next step in anti-Federalism being demonstrated by the Obama Administration. California, where my Mother lives and has lived her whole life, and where I grew up to the age of 14. A quasi Republican by the name of Arnold Schwartzenegger (pro-life Democrat) is going to help Obama in his quest, by throwing the citizens of not just California but the whole Country, under the bus. Schwartzenegger spent some time in Washington last week plotting with the President to have California bailed out by the rest of the Country, because the California Government is nothing more then a left wing, out of control spending, joke! Now I know what they are saying on TV, that Schwartzenegger's visit had nothing to do with that, but as some of you heard from Rush this past week, that is exactly the reason for Arnold's visit. We will keep hearing that he was there to be lifted up on a pedestal on the new CAFE standards that Heir Obama has now placed on the Government Automobile Association. But the fact that the citizens of California voted down the proposed new taxes that the California Government says would balance their budget, because they know it will just be squandered and pissed away like all the money that they have squandered previously. Unfortunately I feel that the damage is too far done at this point and unless they clean house in the California Legislature, Senate and Governor and elect people that have conservative values. It doesn't matter if they have a D or an R behind their name anymore, as we all know, just try and become more knowledgeable about the candidates before you go vote. Schwartzenegger isn't the only RINO that we have elected in this nation recently, and probably won't be the last. The days of having someone with integrity run for public office are few and far between. It is the nature of most politicians to do whatever they have to do to get elected, and that includes lying to the American people about how they stand on issues. To know what they stand for you need to look at the candidates voting record not just listen to what they say they stand for. The only way we are going to be able to take our Country back is to throw the dolts in office out on their heads, like I have stated many many times before. So I feel bad for Californians, but at the same time they are getting what they voted for when they voted for the Terminator for Governor. There are some on the Fascist left that say California's vote against more taxes means nothing, because only 27% of the registered voters turned out to vote on the proposal. But truthfully, that is probably a large majority of the people in California who actually pay taxes!!

Now let's address the new CAFE standards that have been imposed on the Automobile companies now. You know I have to say something here about Obama that just occurred to me. Obama is legislating like a special forces operative, in that he is making legislation that won't really take effect on this Country until his, presumed, second term is over. So he like goes in strikes and then gets out! Back to the CAFE standards here, I am sorry I digressed. Once again the political agenda called Global Climate Change/Global Warming is being used to shove outrageous mandates down the throats of the American people. This will serve to do nothing to clean up the air in the world, but will succeed in destroying the Auto industry in the USSA, and possibly the whole economy. The auto related deaths will be going up as these new "roller scates with engines", as Rush Limbaugh calls them, are mandated to our streets. So now our kids and their kids will be forced to drive little death traps to get back and forth instead of comfortable safe vehicles made to protect the lives of it's occupants. Let's not forget that none of this is being done to help the environment, but rather to eventually have total control over the citizens of this great Nation. Plus, can anyone explain to me why we are pledging to help the United Arab Emirate's/Dubai to build and utilize nuclear power plants for their energy needs, but here in America we are banning any new construction of Nuclear plants? Instead we are bastardizing the coal industry and the fossil fuel community and going to Batteries, wind, solar panels and ethanol, all of which are subsidized and do not work!!!

I have listened to the latest speech by Barack Obama, (seem to be daily now) on the plan for placing the Club GITMO detainees, and what a shock...there is no plan! This man is absolutely the least informed, self absorbed, condescending and narcissistic President we have ever had in the history of this great nation. I wonder how many of you know that a Constitution Convention has been planned by the Obama Administration. Let me give you a little bit of history with regards to what this means. First of all the purpose of a Constitution Convention is to amend the Constitution and Bill of rights. Now my loyal readers will remember, from past postings, that I warned quite awhile ago that Obama and the fascist left have plans to re-write the Constitution, and if you think it can't happen here is some history for you and info that you may not know... The original documents for this Country were known as the "Articles of Confederation" which were written in 1781, post Revolutionary war. But when the States began to argue over the differences within the separate articles, our founding fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc.) decided to call a Convention to try and solve the differences. When they called the Convention, the representatives for each State were instructed that the Articles of Confederation were being thrown out, rescinded, abolished! And thus the Constitution of the United Sates of America was drafted signed by all and became the law in this nation. Now there were still differences between the States, but it wasn't something they could arbitrate themselves at that point. Thus as the Nation grew and changes needed to be made, the Bill of Rights was written, and amendments were made to the Constitution. The differences eventually led to our Civil War, and believe me when I say that part of the underlying reasons for our Civil War were dissension of the people who felt disenfranchised because the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and the Constitution Was constructed without there knowledge. If you doubt these facts you can look them up, but why do you think during the Civil War, the South's flag was a CONFEDERATE flag, and they were called the CONFEDERATE ARMY? S0 now I come back to the point I have made several times over the last 6 months or so, that Obama and the Fascist left wants to re-write the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When this happens and we have the Old Constitution and the Obama, New Constitution/Bill of Rights, we now have a split Country again. So how do we handle the Supreme Court? Which Constitution will the Supreme Court rule from? And when the new one is written and ratified by the Fascist left, we will not have a 2ND Amendment, and therefore people with guns will either turn them in or be hunted down and incarcerated or killed. Do not underestimate the the power these people posses, please!! I am amazed at the rate the Fascist left and Obama are getting their extreme agenda's in place. The average public is just going about their day, unaware of what is happening in Washington and listening to what the mainstream propaganda machine is feeding them nightly. I wonder how many of you out there know that the Administration has hired a speed reader to read bills before they are voted on. The reason of course is because Obama made that promise that Bills would not signed off on until they were read, or for 5 days after they were drafted...which we all know hasn't been the case on the almost $2 trillion in NEW spending that the new Administration has shoved down our throats over the last 3 1/2 months, like the $787 billion dollar stimulus package that hasn't stimulated anything except government agencies and Acorn. This is a complete mockery of the legislative process, and is right in line with Obama's plans to destroy this Country as we know it!
Also I need to send a shout out to one Liz Cheney this week for going on a couple hard left wing shows and body slamming the left wing dolts masquerading as reporters, on the subject of water boarding and the likes. Of course the mediators were rude and tried to be intimidating while discussing the topic or question asked. However Ms. Cheney kept her cool, spoke the truth (which the left has absolutely no answer for) and delivered the facts as they are. She was asked if her father was lying or if the President was lying and she replied that if Obama would just release the documentation which clearly states whether or not we obtained valuable information, from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or Abu Zabaida, that kept this Country safe for 8 years, then we would know who is lying. But of Course Obama will not release those documents, however he said he was going to release documents and pictures that showed the EIT's in progress, but thought better of it at the last minute. The long and the short of this is clearly that Obama will walk that line between truth and consequences very carefully and cultivate out anything that makes him look bad and include anything that makes him look good. This is a classic example of what a narcissist does to further his own popularity, and in the end always loses out to truth and integrity.
God bless those who would save this Country!!