Thursday, February 12, 2009


OK, are we all stimulated yet? It's 9:30 pm on Thursday the 12Th of February, and the Obama "Stimulus" bill (HR1) is still in the house being re-written. The House of Representatives is supposed to vote on the revised bill in the morning. So let me get this right...I know for a fact there is a provision in the bill that says that it will be posted on the Internet for 48 hours, so the American public have a chance to view it and call or e-mail with concerns before it was voted on. But now, it isn't even completed being written yet and they are going to vote on it in the morning on the 13Th of February. So once again we have been sold a bill of goods by the Democrats and it is going to be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. I am sure the senate will probably pass it after the house does, and all I can say is you better tell your grandchildren to go and get a job to pay for the $800 billion ($1.2 trillion with interest). It is so blatantly absurd that Judd Gregg backed away from his Commerce Secretary appointment as a result of Rahm Emanuel going after him because he didn't vote for HR1, not to mention that the White house stripped the main job of the Commerce Dept. (the Census responsibility) from the department. I applaud Gregg for this decision and I hope that other Republicans in Washington are watching and paying attention to the example Gregg has shown them. Unfortunately, I do not think the majority of the Representatives of the Republican Party have the temerity to do what Gregg has done. I guess the one good thing about this is that the HR1 should be passed by both houses of Congress by the morning of Feb. 14Th, so those that were doomed to be left out on Valentines day are gunna get screwed anyway!!

Now I don't know if Michael Steele is the savior of the Republican Party or not, but after a recent interview on the Glenn Beck show I heard him say, and I am paraphrasing here..."The American people have no reason to pull a lever for any Republican after the last 4-6 years of betrayal by their Republican representatives". That is refreshing and I hope we do see a resurgence of not the Republican Party, but the Conservatism movement through the Republican Party! I recently watched twice the number of constituents show up at my latest BPOU meeting and rant about changing the Republican Party. I had to break them out of the fog they were in, in my humble opinion, and tell them that we needed to change our own districts way of thinking, through school boards, young conservative movements in the high schools, in our city councils and in other local government positions. It's not our job to change the Republican Party, that's Michael Steele's job and the job of the RNC. As I have said before, it is going to take more then another Ronald Reagan to get us out of this move towards Fascism/Socialism. It's going to take a whole movement by people who have a history of sitting on their butts waiting for someone else to keep them safe, give them tax breaks and let them raise their own children in the way God has taught them to do and the way this Country was created. Hopefully we will receive a candidate in 2012 that spearheads the final push, but in all honesty...if we have not pushed our way through the liberal crap and set it up for that person, we are doomed!

I think it is absolutely hilarious that Illegal aliens are now refraining from crossing the border to work here in America from the lack of jobs. In fact they are beginning to register their American born children as citizens of Mexico, since the liberals have destroyed this economy so much that even the illegal aliens from Mexico have decided that it just isn't Worth it...LOL. I actually think that it is ironically beautiful that the left will lose votes in the 2010 election because of their ignorant, out of control spending in the last 6 months...I call it justification actually!! So let's just watch this all unfold, because when criminals are faced with their own freedoms or incarceration they will throw anyone under the bus to avoid it. The Mob proved this back in the 30's through the 50's by showing that if you could help them you were helped. But as soon as you stopped being able to help them they killed you or you just disappeared! Lets get something straight, and I know you liberals don't like facts, but when Reagan took office from Carter in 1980 the inflation rate in this Country was 13.91% in January. By December of 1984 the inflation rate was 3.95%as a result of Reagan dropping corporate taxes from 70% to 38%. This inspired small business to grow and the GDP raised exponentially as a result. When I hear liberals tell me that tax cuts don't work and that only Government spending works in a financial crisis I have to say "show me your facts!", but they can't so the conversation usually ends abruptly! Why is it that liberals conveniently forget about history, and don't base their programs and opinions on what has and hasn't worked in the past? Once and for all people, you need to read up and learn the facts and slam liberals to the mat at every opportunity so their illegitimate sense of intelligence fades with their dictator...Barack Obama!
Now, I was going to review the "stimulus bill" and report some of the massive spending without stimulation. But at 1,431 pages I think I am going to need a week to amble through it. I will post a link to the final bill at the end of this blog entry, in case any of you are brave enough to want to read it. Bottom line is this everyone, HR1 is the largest transfer of wealth and power from the citizens of this Country to the Government in the history of this great Country! It really does sadden me that my daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to have to bare this financial burden. What's even more sad is that they will grow up not knowing the freedoms that their ancestors fought and died to give them, or enjoy some of the freedoms that I grew up with, and are disappearing one day at a time! And I garantee this bill we are having shoved down our throats will fail miserably, you can't solve debt with more debt...even in Socialism!
God Bless those who would save this Great Nation!!
Here is the link to the Bill...make sure you have taken your medicine before reading!!