Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here we go, just as I predicted weeks ago when the Government was talking about bailing out the mortgage and lending industry. Everyone is getting in line and whining about the fact that they can't make it and they need help. The big 3 have met with Palosi and have convinced her (like she needed to be convinced) that they need to be bailed out so that jobs aren't lost and they can continue to live the lavish lives they have become acustomed to over the last 30 years. So Palosi says they should get part of the $850 billion mortgage bailout which of course just opens the door to what I said would happen a month ago, and cause the Congress to put a gun in the face of the American people and demand even more. That's right, I am again saying that we will have another huge bail-out added to the one that has already been shoved down our throats. But I guess in the USSA this is the way we do business now! We are beginning to see, already, how the new Marxist regime will dictating. Before the election was over we saw Obama shut down and shut up people who asked the wrong questions, and believe me the fairness doctrine will be among the first bills on the table in the next session of Congress, if not in a special session. We are going to see taxes in the realm of the Carter years within the first year of an Obama Presidency, up around 70% for people who work hard and earn their own way. We will see double digit inflation and unemployment in the private secter. They will create a ton of social programs with our tax dollars and pay people to do the worthless jobs involved and call that employment. Unfortunately, when you undrstand economics in a capitalistic society you understand that unless you create jobs that are part of creating wealth you have accomplished nothing for our economy. The majority of the people who voted for Obama could not care a thing about that as long as they can dole off their responsibility on the backs of hard working Americans and have their big screen tv's, cell phones, house payments, heating and utilities paid for by these hard working people. The good news is that it won't take long for the bottom to fall out, and when business leaves the country and stops paying these outrageous taxes, the Government won't have the money to bail anyone else out and this economy will implode on itself. I just hope that there is enough infrastructure left in our economy that it can be resurrected and brought back to life when Obama and the Dems. do their best to destroy it.

Now I find out that Congress is not even going to use the bailout money for what they originally said they were stealing it for in the first place...what a shock!! I believe I predicted this in past blogs as well, but it is sad that an average citizen like me so easily can predict what the Congress is going to do. They think they are playing a shell game and that the American people don't know which shell the nut is under, when in fact they can't even remember which shell it's under themselves for Gods sake! Mark my words, another bailout is in the near future, because they didn't steal enough the first time and because everyone is getting in line to get their share. Add American Express to this list, and soon I'm sure Mastercard and Visa are next...and let's not forget Discover card. Come on America, wake the hell up and realize what's going on right under your damn nose! All I can say is watch the news, because before January 20, 2009 we are going to be on the brink of a global crisis to end all global crisis. China is positioning themselves to declare war and take over this Country, both physically and economically, and unless we recognize this we will have no choice but to allow it or get obliterated. I don't want to be negative, and I do believe that the US has a core of people that are tenacious and quite feisty to say the least. But it seems, based on the election results, that a majority of Americans are nanny-state, give me what I want without my working for it, kind of worthless idiots who think that freedom is free. Well I have to say that those people will be the first to go when we are invaded, similar to the ones in the movie "Independence Day" when the "diverse and tolerant" people stood on the roof of the skyscraper and got vaporized!

Well now...just as I predicted over a month ago, now everyone is holding their hands out looking for a piece of the pie. Hey everyone, the pie has not even made it to the oven for Christ's sake so back up and be responsible for your own damn shortfalls. Now it has come to the mayors of cities in the US that have overspent, just like Governors of states that have overspent, just like companies that have overspent, an their looking for a bailout. This will vindicate my belief that Congress will increase the amount of the bailout and maybe even make it an open credit card for handing out money it doesn't have to people who should be allowed to fail. But in the spirit of Diversity and Change we must continue to give money to idiots that can't figure out how to balance their own check books. If we continue at the rate we are presently then I predict we as a nation will be in a depression that will make 1929 look silly. You can'not continue to print money and point a gun at the working public and say they have to pay for it to give to irresponsible companies and individuals. If this continues we may very well see a rebellion, because you will be pushing too hard too fast and people will revolt! I have a word for all the companies, States and Cities with their hand out looking for my money...NO! And if I hear another youngster say that Barack Obama just "gets it!" I am gunna slap them in to a corner! When you ask them what it is they can't tell you, they just know he gets it! Let me address this in a language that these illiterate youth understand...OMG!

God Bless America!!

I encourage everyone to visit this website and watch the video that is available. Then maybe some of you liberals will understand how you wound up winning this election.