Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is the Republican Party dying?

I am writing this on Wednesday before my sales meeting, because I will be leaving on vacation for 9 days starting Friday the 29Th of August. I wanted to be sure to have a post for this coming Sunday, and my friend Sheila will be posting it for me on Sunday. I would like to give kudos to Sheila just a bit here if I may...with all she has going in her life with 5 children and going through some rough times in her marriage, she has agreed with her infinite wisdom and knowledge, to proofread and correct all my postings. Thank you Sheila for being a great friend and someone that all children can look up to! Ok, now let's get down to the meat of this ranting!

I believe the Republican Party in this country is a lot like the country was in 1942 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After the attacking, the leadership of the Japanese army said, "I believe we have awoken the sleeping Giant!" The Republican Party in this country is quite similar to this, and I think it is beginning to swell up from the bottom, which should excite conservatives all over the country. Recent polls (according to Rush Limbaugh from a reliable source) show the true story around this country that the drive-by media does not like to talk about. The drive-by's like to talk about the doom and destruction of the country, the economy and the family (Democratic platform?) and all the people out there that are unemployed and need help. What they don't tell you is that 20% of the country sees themselves as right wing conservative, 40% see themselves as somewhat conservative, 25% consider themselves liberal and 10% consider themselves hard left liberals...(I would say that the majority of these are in the media and the public school systems). Now when you crunch these numbers it is quite clear that this country is still a country of individuals that are conservative, (60% -vs- 35%). What I am seeing locally here in Minnesota is the ousting of Rino's (Republican In Name Only) in local Congressional seats because of their turncoat attitudes and discord that they caused between themselves and their constituents. I have to give credit to people like Jason Lewis (local talk show host) and others like him that have kept pounding on the air that we need to take this party and our country back. We need to turn this economy around and continue to be what made this country great to begin with...a free enterprise capitalistic country that offers people the freedom to be successful if they so choose to work for it! The drive-by media want you to believe as does the left, that 60% of our society is poor, homeless, destitute and ready to die at the drop of a pin because of our health care system. Let's get this straight now people...We have a government that is controlled by Liberal/Marxist/Socialists because we have allowed it to happen! We sat on our butts and did very little to keep them from taking over our school systems and our local governments.

I believe a revolution of monumental proportions is about to happen in this country, politically, and I intend to be a part of it because it is my duty as a citizen to become involved. Just as it is your responsibility to become involved left or right. We can't all just sit around and complain about something we're not willing to become part of changing. The majority of this country is conservative and it's only going to take a person who is not afraid to take on the left wing machine in no uncertain terms to bring us back to greatness. Who will this person be, hard to say...I believe we have not heard of them yet on a national level, but we will begin to see them emerge in the next 4 years. Some would argue that Gov. Bobby Jendel of LA., Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from MN and others like them are the front runners. But there are too many to really list here without leaving someone out and I do not want to play favorites. But it's going to take you personally getting involved in your local school boards, city councils and precinct caucuses to help raise the conservatives from their armchairs and their comfort zones to get behind the movement that will take our country back. I would like to add that whatever happens in this presidential election pales in comparison to what is going to happen in the Congressional and Senate races around the country. But even beyond that I would like to see you all pay close attention to your local city council, mayoral and school board races and see what the foundation of your own community is made of after this election. The infusion we need for the Republican Party to get it back to it's conservative roots, begins from the begins with you!

Make no mistake that this election will be brought to you with the spin that the drive-by's want you to see. It will be about race, gender and doom and gloom. Instead it should be about what will make this country economically strong again. It should be about what will bring us together as a nation again (usually takes a war to do It should be about allowing the legal migration of those from other countries in to this country to have the opportunities and freedoms that its citizens enjoy. It should be about clamping down on ILLEGAL aliens and stopping the spending of money and resources on these people! It should be about change alright... but the change should be reducing the size of government and getting representatives in there that will serve the people not the other way around. So remember cling to your guns and religion with antipathy (lol) and let's take our country back for the good of our children and their children, NOW while we have the opportunity!