Monday, January 19, 2009


Ok, so enlighten me if you can about how the inauguration of the President of the United Socialistic States of America has suddenly turned in to a racial statement. Apparently all these civil rights activists and people of black color that happened to grow up in a time where racial tensions were high are being invited to the inauguration. Apparently Obama wants to let all us white honky crackers know that our reign is over, and we should prepare for the oppression to come...I don't know. $160 million dollars to have a civil rights party on the Nations Capital front steps seems rather excessive, as I have said before, to swear in a fascist dictator in bad financial times. I will be watching the spectacle with apprehension, and the bulk of this entry will be all about that very subject.

January 20TH, 2009...a day that will live in infamy! I know that's a bit corny and probably out of control, but I do believe that as a whole the next 4 to 8 years will be looked upon, historically, in one of two ways...

A) Either history will look on and say that even after a 25 to 30 year effort to kill capitalism and turn a free nation in to a socialistic/nationalistic nation. The free people left who believed in the freedoms the founding fathers built the Country on in the first place in the 1700's, rose up and crushed down the fascist effort, and preserved for generations to come the free nation they inherited from their ancestors.

B) Historians will look back and say that 2008-09 was the turning point that killed the last free nation of the world, and allowed the desecration of a free people. I say desecration because I do believe that if we as a people do not change the direction of this Country's politics in the next 8 years, that there will be an uprising as the fascists attempt to take the guns away, from it's citizens, that pose the only remaining threat to their plans. When this happens alot of people will die fighting to keep that right as well as others. The left cannot understand this because the left stands for nothing and can't grasp what it means to die for, or stand for, keeping the people free for generations to come.

As it stands I have been watching the inauguration coverage on Fox for about 1 hour now and if I keep hearing about how historic this is because Obama has black blood in him, I am going to throw up all over my new TV. It's history because it's the inauguration of the 44Th President of the United States, and frankly nothing more. Or you could say it's the inauguration of the first dictator of the Un-United Socialist States of America. In my humble opinion, I believe this Country is more divided than it has ever been since the Civil War. Now some would say that we were this divided in the late 60's with the Vietnam War, but I argue this...We were divided in our opinions on what the right thing to do was with regards to the Vietnam War just as the Iraq War. But it was about us as a nation being where we were that was the issue, not what was a political attack on our own freedom here in this Country. The problem is that a large majority of the Country's people are idiotic drones who are basically lambs being led to slaughter. They are in essence in a caravan of cars in a blizzard following the lead RV. They do not have a clue where they are going, but they are not going to be the one who makes a decision to break away from the pack and think for themselves. They would rather just have faith in their human leader as they are led off the road, over a cliff to their death. As they are falling, before impact they are asking themselves how this could ever have happened after they were promised they would be taken care of! I think the press should just come out and say it for God's Sake, and our own...that Barack Obama is the first slave that became President. That is all I am hearing every damn minute as I painfully watch this mockery of the process by the propaganda machine that used to be our media. Speaking of a stand there and swear on a bible that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States is such a crock of you know what! I would rather they dispensed with the age-old verbiage used at inauguration services, until we swear in someone who will actually do what they swear to do! I will be shedding a few tears today, but not because I am overcome with joy and hope as some will pretend to be. But rather because I am witnessing what may very well be the end of a great nation, and the birth of a new Fascist/Socialist one that I am fearful will become a weak skeletal mirage of what a free nation in this world used to look like!

Well, as not totally unexpected, Obama screwed up repeating the oath of, but let's be fair to him as he didn't have a teleprompter to show him what he was suppose to say! "free at last, free at last...lowdy, at last!" That's what alot of the white honky crackers are saying right now. They think that because they helped to elect a half black president that they are forgiven their sins against the oppressed black people of the world! Well I have news for you...nothing has changed, and the racism and social diversity in this Country is just where it was when this all began. And in fact it may become even worse over the next few years, because and directly as a result of what we are witnessing today, and that is sad to say. We had come such a long way that I feel this will divide our citizens even more in a racist way than we have been in years! When you have black activists addressing the nation like we are still in the 60's, calling for the white man to get it right man...I'm sorry, but didn't we just elect a half black man as our 44Th President? I suppose that isn't enough when someone like Oprah makes millions, and several blacks in our society have had the same opportunity as any white man, then we elect a half black man as President then how much farther must we go as a society? I have the answer to this question for you...IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!

Now let me talk a bit about the poet that just dumbed down the masses that witnessed her attempt to appear coherent and capable of making sense. I don't think I have ever witnessed a lower level of intelligence, from someone supposedly book smart, in my 49 years on this planet. But then when you analyze it, it made perfect sense to have her spew that nonsense, because Obama did the exact same thing during the primaries and the General election process. He would eloquently spend an hour saying absolutely nothing. The people listening, not wanting to appear to those around them to not understand, would cheer loudly in approval. The perfect example of what I have lovingly named the Drones of Society, hurriedly and excitedly following Obama right off the cliff. I have so been sickened by the media over this whole travesty named an inauguration, that I haven't even watched FOX News for the last 48 hours. I just can't stand to watch the anchors and reporters salivate and act gaga over the whole thing anymore. I hope when they lose their jobs through the Fairness Doctrine they remember the butt kissing they applied to Obama and the left on this moment in time. Now, unfortunately, I tried to copy the whole thing with my new DVR. But I did something wrong and cannot talk about the whole inauguration in detail. I will have to learn what to do to record, because I promise there will be an immense amount of ammunition to record for the future!

All I can really say is do the best you can to prepare for the oncoming oppression we are about to be bestowed by the left. You will lose your freedoms one at a time daily, until you are no longer a citizen of a free nation, but rather a subject of a dictatorship. THIS TRULY IS ONE OF THE SADDEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! The beginning of all this will be the release of all the prisoners of war from Afghanistan and Iraq from Club Gitmo, and the closing of Gitmo. Now over 500 prisoners that have been released over the last 10 years. Of those released, 61 have gone back in to Al Qaeda and back to the war to kill Americans. Not only this, but now as soon as Tim Geithner is shoved through the screening process we now here ramblings that the new Government bank that they want to set up will require 3-4 Trillion dollars from taxpayers to fund. This is really just the beginning people, we are going to be destroyed, along with the capitalistic process, as fast as they can possibly do it without causing a civil war! Secretary of State Clinton just addressed the State Department, and made it very clear that any thinking or talking that is not directly in line with the administrations plan, will be crushed! She made it clear that divisiveness (disagreeing with her) would not be tolerated! SEIG HEIL!!

God Bless those who would save America!!