Monday, January 26, 2009

And the Trillions just keep on coming!

Our dictator has begun to mandate his rules to the People of this Fascist regime! Starting with a press confrence on Monday the 26th of January about energy mandates and standards for the new Socialistic Auto Industry. I can't wait to hear what he is planning on mandating for them in the future, because after all it belongs to the regime now. They would have you believe that you the taxpayers are the owners, but let's get something straight here everyone...YOU OWN NOTHING! If you think you do, stop paying your taxes and see just how much you own. I will tell you that Big Brother has come of age now, because there is a proposal in the "Obama Stimulus Plan" that calls for sterilization of people to control the population. So now you will have lost your right to procreate and have the family that you want! Now we will have 1/2 of the auto market states that will have different emission standards from the rest of the Country. Apparently WE owe it to the unemployed to support their butts because the Democratic Congress has ruined the economy to the point that comapnies are cutting back to survive. I think it is hillarious that every Democrat is blaming it on Conservatism and Capitalism, when in fact it has been the corrupt Democrats and some RINO's in Congress and the Senate. So let me get this straight...taking $850 billion dollars ($1.2 Trillion with interest) from us to supposedly help us save money on energy with tax subsidized programs that don't work, never have worked and won't work in our lifetime. But yet you won't allow companies to extract oil from ANWR and within 50 miles from the our own shores. This is exactly what I said it was going to be...power and control over the people of this Country. He talks about not being held hostage by oil producing countries, but make no will be held hostage by the new Fascist Government!
Now, I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree as I have admitted! But let's take a look at this "Stimulus Plan" by Obama for a bit, or as Rush calls it...the "Porkulous Plan". I do not want to go through every pork project in this bill, so I will just give you one example. $4 Billion to ACORN to help fortify and stimulate the left wing voter base for 2010. Now that is just the beginning and if you want to read it before it passes you will have to go to Rush's site and look at it there. I will have a link to download it on here, if it passes the House and Senate. Now let us not forget that just 20 days ago Obama told us all that Government was the only thing that could get our economy going in the right direction again. Now he says today in his press conference that it is you, (the American worker) and business that is responsible for it now. I am not kidding here, he said, and I am paraphrasing here, "It has less to do with myself and Congress than it has to do with the American worker and business, to get us out of this mess". He is already distancing himself from his own proposals and bill to save the economy, and it hasn't even been voted on by Congress for God's sake! I have to talk about the $150 billion going to the dept of does this help the economy? Even if you put thousands of more teachers to work, it does nothing to increase the Country's GDP. $50 million going to the endowment for the does this stimulate the economy? Anyone with an answer to my questions, please feel free to send me a message and tell me where I am wrong! Oh, and I forgot the $335 million to research STD's...(page 147 of the bill). Just wondering how that is going to stimulate the economy. Or the millions they will be spending to "REPAIR" Government monuments and park repairs? Anyway you look at it, Obama promised to ban all earmarks during his campaign. Ok...when are you going to start that Obama, you fascist, lying biggotted PIG! we have a "Middle Class Task Force" headed up by VP Jow Biden, that is supposed to help the middle class workers in this nation. But when they showed Biden talking, after Dictator Obama introduced him, there were a bunch of union bosses, and business owners sitting in the room with him. Well unless I am mistaken, Business owners and union bosses do not make up the bulk of the Middle Class. See I believe that Obama gave Biden this job because he wants to keep Biden out of the camera lens, and keep him from saying things that would make Obama look like more of an idiot than he already does. But then I believe that Obama picked Biden as a running mate because it shielded him from the possibility of being Because he knows that if he is assasinated then Biden becomes President and trust me I believe that would be worse.

Now I read some info about the light rail transit system here in Minnesota that the ridership was up 84,000 from last year. The Democrats are exstatic about this, but what you're not being told is that the Government subsidy it recieves is based on ridership. That's right, the more riders it gets, the more subsidy money it gets from you and i in the form of taxes. Do most of the drones out there realize this or even care? I would say NO, because we're being green and saving the planet from burning up (even though the planets temp has gone down .8 degrees in the last 10 years). Also there is legislation in the house that would make it illegal to light up a ciggarette in your car while your child is in there with you. Now I don't think most intelligent parents would do this, but I also don't believe that we need to have our Government telling us what we can and can't do with respects to raising our children. Let me show you a quote and maybe some of you will know where it comes from, but some won't..."But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security." This is from the Constitution of the United States and the creed from which all our rights and responsibilities originate from. The problem is that not many people read or understand it anymore because our schools have stopped teaching it in history/social studies. That excerpt I have printed here basically says this...That it is our responsibility as citizens of a free Nation, that our forefathers fought and died to give us, to keep this great nation from becoming a Socialist Oligarchy. They ammended the Constitution to insure our ability to do this (2nd ammendment). So why then do we sit back and allow these things to happen around us, because we are too comfortable that's why! It's going to take people having their lives destroyed by the current state of affairs for them to wake up and realize they screwed up. When you give something to someone who doesn't earn it, one day it will not be enough and they will demand more. Soon it will get out of control and begin to spiral out of control. When this happens it is the reaction of the dictator to declair a state of malitia and crush the subjects in to submission. Trust me it is coming soon, and I fear that many will die that did not need to as a result of this past election.

You liberals pay attention are on a road to destruction and the reason you will perish and the Conservatives will survive is this...You are weak, you have no instincts to help you be a survivor. You wait for someone to give you what you think you deserve, a Conservative goes out and creates what they need with the resources available. When you want something more you sell your soul to your Government in the form of a vote when Conservatives fight wrong to achieve it. Conservatives think and act, Liberals plead and react!

It will be an interesting week watching the Senate hearings with regards to the "Stimulus Plan" (choke, gagg, cough) and what gets removed and added to the bill. The Republicans have corperate tax cuts that they want in there, and Obama will absolutely not allow that. So it will be fun to see how things transpire. I do believe that Some of the RINO's will vote for the bill as is, but it will be interesting to see how it actually pans out! Have a great week everyone!!

God Bless those who would save America from the left!