Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Please remember those who fought and died for the right to be able to elect a man and cabinet that practices and worships Marxist/Socialist values and policies. It's not their fault, and I thank them and God for the 232 years of Freedom they provided us.

You know, just once in awhile it hurts me to be so right! As I watch the story unfold, with regards to the big 3 automakers, it is like watching a move in a chess game that you predicted 4 moves earlier. I know some of you are saying "what?" to yourselves, but some of you are smiling and frowning all at once. Just as I had predicted, and few others seem to have the guts to say it, or just don't see it...I'm not sure, but another piece to the Marxist puzzle is being cemented in to place by Palosi, Reid and the esteemed Obama team. As predicted they want to bail out the Auto companies, who are lying on the floor screaming and stomping and hitting the floor with their fists, with the understanding that they will only make the cars that the Marxists tell them to. When all that needs to be done is to get Government out of control, eliminate the Unions and pay a fair wage for time spent on labor. Getting rid of the Unions and their ridiculous retirement packages of executives and former employees would free up more than enough money to stay in business and be competitive. But we know that won't be allowed to happen by Palosi and her bandits, so we are seeing the demise of the American Auto industry as we know it. Don't get me wrong here, I think that the people who work for the automakers should have the same resources available for retirement accounts as the average worker in this Country. I'm saying that part of the reason that the automakers are hurting is because the unions have negotiated deals that are not conducive to staying in business and being productive. The greedy union bosses have swindled the auto companies with their outrageous contracts, the Congress has put imposing restrictions on them with the Global Climate Scam..."Go Green" push has placed on them. And the trade tariffs that make it more desirable for foreign auto makers like Toyota to invade the market. Handing over 25 Billion to the big 3 would do nothing more than delay the inevitable demise, they're drowning in a tub that they have been filling up for years and want the people they have been swindling for years to bail them out again and again and again! Now the average auto worker is being paid $78 per hour, with benefits and retirement better than Congresses. Now they are crying to the average citizen who works 3 times harder to make 4 times less money, to dig in our pockets and give them what they have been squandering for years. I am tired of giving my hard earned money to greedy union workers who have been sucked in to the vortex they created for themselves.

It's Wednesday the 19Th of November and the Automakers are off their private jets, then rode in their limousines to the capital to sit there and beg Congress for a bailout again. Henry Paulsen was given complete control over where the 750 billion dollars was going to go. Originally the bailout money was for purchasing toxic debt and the mortgage backed securities. But anyone that is shocked about the statement today that Henry Paulsen said he is not in favor of bailing out personal mortgages or the big 3 auto makers with what's left of the bailout money, should not be shocked, because it is typical indecision of the liberal left. When the bailout was first discussed, it had to be done immediately or the Country would explode, so to speak. Well after a week of no decision, and voting down he first bill, the Country was still up and running and paying too much for gas still. Liberals in the public sectors bought the crap that their "Leaders" fed them, hook...line...and sinker, now they are scratching their heads. You just can't expect Liberals to look beyond their own nose to find the right answer for anything, because it's always about them and their right even if they know their wrong...period!

I would like to address the appointment of Hillory Clinton as Obama's Secretary of State. There are several schools of thought about this appointment, but I will tell you the one that is true and applies, so bear with me. First I must say that I predicted this the Friday before I went deer hunting on the 7Th of November, and it was discounted by my father, whom I have always looked up to politically. But I argued with him that I thought it would happen and then I tried to explain why. Now for those who know my father, you can attest to the fact that it is hard to get him to waiver from his beliefs in an argument...lol. As I had the discussion with my father he professed to tell me that Bill Clinton had too many financial skeletons in the closet and that Hillory would never take a pay-cut to be Sec. of State. I then had to remind him that it has never been about the money with Hillory, but more always about power. I predict that I will look like a genius when this all plays out in the end, but I believe that she knows that before Obama is done as President he will have had the Constitution and Bill of Rights re-written to not allow a Presidential election again. This is why those who are confused about why she would take the position, because it would eliminate her running in 2012, but this is just another piece in the liberal puzzle friends! Mark my words, this was planned and talked about during the primaries, and is part of a bigger plan. I believe Hillory Clinton wants to be as much a part of this dictatorship as she possibly could be, because she will have a power job for life until the day the dictatorship is overthrown...and that is a risk she is willing to take!

I must admit that I know very little about the man Obama has named as Treasury Secretary...Tim Geitner. The only things I know is that he served in the Clinton Administration (as have about 80% of Obama's appointees...so much for CHANGE) and from what I have read and heard so far is about as bi-partisan as a liberal can get. The market reacted well to his appointment, or so the pundits would have you believe anyway. We'll see if it has the stamina to bring the 3000 points back that the DOW has lost since the election, but I really doubt it! In fact unless Obama comes out and says he will postpone raising taxes, or agree to continue the Bush tax cuts or both, come Monday we will see the market fall again. It's not that Americans don't trust that Obama knows what the hell he is doing economically, but rather that most of the wealthy investors in this Economy are capitalists. When Capitalists see Marxist/Socialist agenda coming down the pipe, they will pull their money and analyze the market and futures before proceeding. I would like to say I feel sorry for those who voted for Obama's change and are going to suffer the same fate as the ones who didn't. But I don't feel sorry for them and in fact think they deserve what they voted for! When they have no more savings to live on in retirement and are begging for bread in line along with everyone else maybe they will remember they had a chance to keep it from happening. Unfortunately liberals have a tendency to argue they did the right thing right up to their own beheading, and that is a sad state of affairs in this society today.

God bless America!!!

I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to go look up the rise of the Marxist party in Italy post WWI pre WWII, and look at the erie similarities to what's going on in this country right now. Pay special attention to what Mousolini did within the cabinet to the non-Fascists. Also pay attention to what he did to the press when he finally came in to power fully by 1926, because within a year we are going to see a thinned down version of the same damn thing with the fairness doctrine. For some reason the American public has gotten lazy and has forgotten history and what has happened to get our nation to this point. It's going to take unselfish individuals within the Conservative base to step up and work their butts off to turn this thing around. We have been riding the freedom wave for the last 25 years, and now we need to step up and turn this around before it's too late; so our kids can live in a free Country as we have had the privelage to do. Barack Obama is steadfast in his desire to turn our Country in to a Marxist society and have total and complete control over it's subjects! Look, over the next 4 years the Obama administration and Liberal majority Congress are going to blame everything on George Bush, and the idiots that voted for Obama will be saying YEAH...YEAH its' Bush's fault, so that the libs do not have to take any responsibility for anything wrong that happens. The reality is that this whole financial mess can be traced back to the Democrats all the way back to 2003, and anything George Bush and the Conservative Republicans have tried to do to help the economy has been met with resistance and fillabuster from the Left. If people are too dumb to see this for what it is, (and I don't think even the majority of FOX News anchors and guest pundits get it), then we will have a Marxist dictatorship within 2 years.

Make sure you view the video at the link listed below, and thank you Todd for sending this at this time of year!! God bless everyone, especially the soldiers and their families who serve our freedom every day!