Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belmont Stakes in 08'

As I sit here and watch the debate between McCain and Obama it is obvious that McCain has absolutely no idea what the majority of the American people are looking for. He spent the first half hour of the debate talking about reaching across the isle, and McCain/Lieberman, McCain/Feingold and McCain Kennedy. Does he think that the conservatives out there don't know what he has voted for in the last 15 years? He has, as far as I am concerned, lost this Presidential race and given the conservative American public a stiff fist up the rear end. He went after the Democratic Congress with regards to the bail-out problem, and the reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Obama spoke very well and although he spoke in platitudes, not specific, he still blew smoke up the viewers butts and came off better in the first third of the debate. Obama was quite eloquent in letting the American people know that he plans on stealing from the hard working wealthy and give it to the lazy do nothing welfare recipients! But he does sell it well to the people that have no clue what Capitalism and free enterprise is all about. Obama again said he will give a tax cut to 95% of the American people, yet I say again for those of you who are new to my blog, only 60% of the American Public pays taxes. But I really doubt McCain will bring that up, because he had 3 opportunities to do it the last time they debated!

Now we're on the global warming issue, and McCain dove head first in to the debate with climate change legislation that he proposed. Why do we propose GREEN jobs when all it means is that we will have the government employ people to work these GREEN jobs. But what most people don't think about is that when you are working for the Government in this context you are producing nothing! You are doing nothing to generate products goods or services that could be used to increase our GDP (gross domestic product) which is what has made us an economic power for the last 100 yrs. Obama's answer to the health care crisis is to pool everyone who can't afford health insurance on the Government dole. Which means that the working American will be paying for the non-working individuals health care! Now he says it is a right not a responsibility for everyone to get health care. Socialism at its finest, which anyone who has paid attention over the last 2 years knows is the driving force behind the Marxist theology Obama subscribes to! Now Obama blames the loss of Osama Bin Laden on the fact that we went in to Iraq! Who gives this empty suit his talking points and information? Clinton had Osama Bin Laden offered up on a silver platter and passed it up! So maybe Obamas advisers should school him on the fact that it is the democrats who allowed Bin Laden to escape and plan the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11! Now on the issue of foreign policy it should come to no surprise that McCain won that battle hands down. Obama really showed a lack of knowledge and experience on this issue. Overall to this point I would give the debate an even split, with McCain getting a slight nudge in my opinion. Unfortunately that equates to a huge loss for the conservative base and America as a whole. I believe unless something monumental happens in the last debate, or in the time until then, I do believe that we will have our first Marxist President and our Country will basically be a ticking time bomb.

Now I would like to address the fact that 3 days post Bail-out the Dow is down 508 points. That is absolutely no surprise to anyone like myself who knew this was all a contrived crisis. Had they left the market alone, reformed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when it was discovered they were corrupt and let the market correct itself, we would have been better off. But because it WAS a contrived crisis to make the current administration look bad, for the lefts own political purpose, the market is going to take a long time to recover. In reality the market will recover based on how the American people trust or distrust our own Government. Believe me there will be people who have lost their life savings for retirement that are going to want to shoot and kill someone in Government over this. These self centered, egotistical politicians like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and others have basically spit in the face of the average hard working American in order to line their own pockets and bolster their own political party. This is a dangerous, dangerous time in our nations history, and I believe this is just the beginning of a very volatile 4 years for our great nation! Now as of this morning the Fed drops the interest rate another 1/2% point, to spur the market and make it look like the bail-out is working. You know when the Government starts treating the general public like they are stupid, they will learn real fast that bloggers and others who know whats going on will begin to educate the general public to exactly what is going on.

It's Thursday evening, October 9Th and the Dow Jones dropped out of sight today!! So where is the confidence that the $850 billion pork sandwich was supposed to cause to the credit and housing market? Well I'll tell you this everyone...this just backs up my theory that the bail-out was just a contrived crisis to steal an election for the Democratic party. But that being said I have to say that the American public clearly has no confidence in Congress to do the right thing with their money anymore. Now I am hearing today that the government wants to buy out all financial institutions and have oversight of all of them. This is just as I predicted weeks ago, (read past blogs), that this is just the first step in the Palosi/Reid Marxist Congressional plan to take over total control of this country in a socialistic/Marxist fashion. Still it amazes me the number of people who have bought in to the Left wing theocracy as I read letters to the Editor in my local paper, as well as the daily Mpls. Star Tribune. These people clearly have no desire to own up to their party's mistakes and illegal activities, which are out front and exposed on a daily basis. Let's talk about Acorn and the Voter registration fraud all over this country this past week. Democrats refuse to tie Barack Obama to this organization, regardless of the fact that he was the top legal representative of the organization, trained people on how to register homeless people, illegal aliens and convicts who are not legal to vote. Not to mention that Obama donated $800,000.00 to the program! But yet the Democrats say he has no affiliation with Acorn, just like he has no affiliation with William Ayers the known Terrorist, and after sitting in the church of Rev. Wrights for 20+ years and claiming he never knew that Wright was such an anti-semitic, and hater of this great country. It's getting laughable that this idiot could possibly become our next President. I recently viewed a picture of Barack Obama as he was getting off his Jet to attend a rally. In his hand was a book that he was reading with the title of "The Post American World". This book is a Muslims view of the fall and collapse of the United States. The book was written by Fareed Zakaria, an international editor for snoozeweek magazine (Newsweek for all you liberals out there!), and I would encourage all of you to google the title of the book and watch the you tube videos regarding this self proclaimed Americans views on America. The video by the BBC is probably my favorite, but they all point to the fact that there is a movement in this country by people who by definition are Americans, but who no more care about our sovereignty than they care about what the names of the 72 virgins are that they will some day be showered with. I'm telling you that we better wake up and take this country back over or we will lose her to extremists that want to tear her down and make us all subjects instead of free citizens of a United States of America!!

God Bless America!!