Monday, February 2, 2009


I hope that enough people watch Obama talk about things like his stimulus package, when he goes on national TV and says that his plan has no earmarks. Does he really believe that free thinking people believe his lies, or is he just so arrogant that he doesn't care? I can promise you that when the final bill gets approved I will go through it line by line and pick out the earmarks, then I will list them in my blog for those of you who don't have the time to read the whole bill...or just don't want to! In any sense of it all, it is clear that Obama is performing politics as usual and has not changed anything in Washington. He swore to put an end to lobbyists and then appointed 2 lobbyists to his cabinet. He promised no more earmarks, and then allows Palosi's Democrats to draft up a "Stimulus Plan" that is 88% earmarks and political pay-offs. Now I learn that apparently anyone in California that has a tax refund coming this year will have to wait to receive it. The State of California is going to hold up it's citizens for their tax refunds, because the State overspent and misappropriated funds they had. A big part of the problem in California, New york, New Jersey and Illinois is that the States have entitlement programs for retired State employees. Meaning that they are being paid outrageous retirement benefits as well as health care benefits that is being paid by the taxpayers of those States. Being brought to light on all of this is that the California State Controller had $7 million worth of office furniture, and when confronted about it by a Ca. Senator about this he reduced it to $2 million and still wants another million...LOL. Liberals believe whole hearted that your money is their money, but their money is only theirs. This is verified when Liberals don't pay their taxes and don't give any money to charity. Let's examine the Obama appointments recently that have a history of not paying there taxes, until they were picked to hold position in Obama's administration. Tim Geithner for Secretary of Treasury, who didn't pay almost $40,000 in back taxes until he was called on it. But it's OK, it was an honest mistake and he is sorry, so go ahead and appoint him. Then there's Tom Daschle who was picked to run the socialized health care program for Obama, who failed to pay almost $150,000 in taxes. He didn't know he had to pay these taxes, and it was "AN HONEST MISTAKE", and again...he was very sorry! So go ahead and appoint him and confirm him so we can move on from here to appoint another tax evader for another position.

Back to the States hijacking their citizens tax refunds to pay-off debt. You know, I believe we are getting farther and farther away from a free Nation every day. The biggest part of the problem is that these states have entitlement programs for retired State employees who are being paid by the tax dollars of the people who are working every day and paying their taxes, not to mention the health care costs for these retirees also paid for with tax dollars. To a smaller extent the massive lay-offs in the past few months has been a result of a lower tax base due to lay-offs. But let's be clear about this, I am tired of sending my tax money to other States to pay off their lack of fiscal responsibility. And anyone who believes that this so called Stimulus plan is going to do anything to improve our nations economy, has got to move past MSNBC and their front door and open their eyes. Obama has mandated that all companies with bail-out money must cap their CEO bonuses to $500,000.00. That is socialism at it's finest and it's only just the beginning everyone and the longer we all sit around and do nothing the worse it's going to get until it is too far gone to turn around in 3 lifetimes.

It amazes me that the Senate has the audacity, after the Country has complained about the "Stimulus Bill", to not only refrain from stripping needless pay-offs out of the bill. But at the same time they say they are stripping needless spending from the bill, they have increased it to $925 Billion, or $1.5 Trillion with interest. We are being raped and stolen from right in broad daylight and we are doing nothing to stop it! Michele Bachmann who has apposed this calamity of a bill from the outset, is being attacked already by the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), 21 months from the next election, for speaking out against and being one of few voices in Washington that speaks to our well being. Obama talks about bi-partisan or Non-partisan politics in front of the camera. But believe me, behind closed doors he is systematically going to destroy any member of Congress that does not agree with anything he says or wishes to do. Seems to me another Dictator started out this way, now what was his name........HILTER! Those who do not read history and learn from it are doomed to relive it! By the way, how is it that Obama and his cronies yell at companies who have used bail-out money to go on lavish vacations, yet they just spent millions on a lavish weekend for Obama and hand picked members of Congress at a fancy resort in the northeast? The hypocrisy is out of hand and in our faces people, so wake up and prepare to have all you own ripped from your grasp and handed to people who would support our current Dictator!

Now I sit and listen to our great Dictator speak to his democratic colleagues at a fancy spa resort in Williams burg VA. about how he inherited this debt, and how he inherited this huge national debt as he walked in to the oval office and saw it wrapped in a big bow. So instead of seeing that we are in this because of Nancy Palosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Jim Jones, Franklin Raines and the rest of the Obama administration from the housing bubble burst and out of control spending of the last 3 years of Congress. Anyway, Obama is all upset now that the Republicans in Congress aren't bowing as he passes and saying "yes your dictatorship sir" as he threatens that we need to pass this stimulus bill now or the economy will never recover! I think we heard the same thing when the TARP bill was on the table. We are seeing first hand an unprecedented spending frenzy by the Left wing of this country like we have never ever seen in the history of this Country. They have no idea where they are going to get the money they are spending, but that never stops the left!

I have to say that Socialism, Fascism and Communism have never worked economically or socially, and they never will. It's time for the American people to rise up and eliminate the threat by cleaning out Congress, starting with the 2010 election. It's time to turn this once great Country back over to the people. This Country was created for the people to govern it themselves not have out of control Congress telling it's citizens how to live. Don't expect another Ronald Reagan to come along and fix everything, because it is going to take the American people along with a new Congress and President, that hold the Constitution near and dear to there heart and would Govern with it as a basis for their decisions, to turn this Country around again. "WE THE PEOPLE" have to go to the polls and toss the entitled idiots out on their heads or in prison, where some of them belong! All I know is that some of us in my Senate District, here in Minnesota, are fed up and starting to attempt to turn things around. We are not sitting on our butts waiting for someone else to do the work, we are taking control of our own destiny and trying to lead by example. I do hope that some of you out there reading this (in the USSA) will get as fed up and decide to do the same, or what we do will be for naught!

God bless those who would save the USA!