Monday, October 13, 2008

Has anybody seen the US Congress?

I would like to address several topics this week, none bigger or smaller than any other, or in any particular order. I would like to start with something that has puzzled me and something I have talked about in previous blogs. Why have we heard absolutely nothing about the Iraq war as it stands today, except for Barack Obama using it as a talking point in rally's and in the 2 debates as a failed policy of the Bush administration? I will tell you why...because the surge worked, we have reduced the amount that we are spending to establish commerce and a viable economy from 80% in 2007, to now 15% in 2008. And quite frankly because with all of the things that are happening positive about the Iraq war and the war against terrorism, it now serves no purpose in this election. So the DBC and the Democrats don't talk about it anymore. So when that stopped being a viable vehicle to use to further their political purpose, they brought out plan B which was manipulating the Housing and Credit markets to make it look like capitalism and free enterprise were the seeds of corruption, and somehow with the help of the DBC, made it out to be the failed policies of the Bush Administration. And of course as I have pointed out previous, the Bail-out failed to instill confidence and keep the market from acting spastic of sorts. As of right now, while I write this excerpt, the market is up 936 points, so as people have removed what money they had left out of the banking institutions, Aig and the failed housing market. Now they are redirecting their remaining assets in to other industries and companies. This coupled with the fact that the Fed put part of the bail-out money back in to the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae and now buying up the banking industry, the market is coming back. The problem is that when the Fed throws that money from the presses in to the economy that will eventually cause inflation and we have no way of knowing how bad that inflation will be yet. If Obama is elected I will predict inflation rates, within 2 years, that will rival and most likely surpass those rates of the Carter years. But that's ok because Congress will just pass more tax increases and then manipulate the business world again so they will eventually be in control of everything one day. Obama now is even coming out publicly and saying that redistributing wealth is a good thing to do, even though some of us are not surprised by this at all, at least now maybe some people who didn't believe it, have maybe opened their eyes.

Now I would like to point out a few points about our US Congress, and the strong democratic influence since 2006. I seem to remember a Congressional race in Florida back in 2006 where the Democrats in Congress just roasted Mark Foley, the Republican incumbent, for illicit text messages to a female intern. There were Congressional investigations, and peoples heads were gonna roll over it...and they did! Mark Foley lost to Democratic challenger Tim Mahoney, who ran on a campaign that touted integrity and keeping America accountable again. Now ironically at the same exact time in a political race as in 2006, and in the same district, Tim Mahoney has been exposed for having an affair with a young female that received a $50,000 a year job from Mahoney. Now she has been paid off and fired, with $120,000 worth of campaign funds as a severance package. So where is the DBC on this one, and where are all the investigations and all the hoopla surrounding the scandal and the illicit behavior involved at all levels? I don't even need an answer to this from anyone because the answer is as plain as the nose on my face. The Democratic majority and the brotherhood with Rino's in the Congress will not pursue this because it doesn't serve to forward the left wing political agenda that they strive to shove down our throats...that's why! Let's look at Voter Registration Fraud for a minute and make some comparisons there, shall we...

In the 2000 election the Democrats screamed bloody murder that votes were not counted because of the hanging chad debacle in Dade county Florida. The outrage was such that there were concerns of rioting in the streets, and a Candidate pouting and throwing a fit because they couldn't fraudulently win the election. It was a divisive point in our political history, and launched what I call the Democratic campaign to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to fund partisan organizations to further their crooked cause. The Acorn organization is under investigation for voter registration fraud now, but only because the American public raised such a cry of outrage at the pure indignant leaders are on tape, without a sense of conscience, speaking to acorn employees in a convention about how they are going to throw the Republicans out on their ass and get Barack Obama elected. They have been caught registering one person over 70 times with differences in residences with the intention of having that person vote each time for Obama. Not just physically voting, (because we don't have strict enough laws for voters to have to follow), but also their has been intent to also have some of these sent in on absentee ballots in order to flood the system with enough of the illegal votes to achieve their cause because they can't win unless they cheat! I actually have a simple answer to this problem that will no doubt get much thought when I bring it to the house floor in Minnesota during the next session. I plan to try and co-sponsor a law that will change our Social Security Cards to one similar to our drivers license. A plastic card with all our pertinent information including our picture, which you must have with you in order to vote. This card will have info that must be concurrent with information at polling places, monitored by election officials, and would make voter fraud all but impossible. But this will most likely never get any legs in Congress because it would take away the illegal advantage that the Democrats now have.

I would like to address something that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is now being roasted in the press for saying on Hardball with Chris (in the tank for Obama) Mathews. She was asked a question, within an audio delay, whether she thought that Congress should be investigated. She never did say she thought Congress should be investigated, what she said was, and I am paraphrasing here, "I would like to see the press do an expose' on individual members of Congress and let the people of America decide if which members are anti-American and which ones are pro-American." She has since been questioned by the press and they have made statements to try and make viewers think that questioning Barack Obama's patriotism is somehow a breech of security or something. Listen...He has spent his political career working closely with a known Terrorist (William Ayers), he spent 20 years in a church with a bigot named Jeremiah Wright, who preaches hate America Rhetoric, he has associations with other radical America hating individuals such as Farekon and Father Phlaeger of Chicago's south side. So now in our political life we're now not supposed to judge the character of the men or women running for higher office? I think the fact that Obama has been associating himself with people like that says a lot about his outlook on America as a country. Let's face it, when you speak things that are pure statements of Fascism and Marxism, then you are clearly for something other than what this great country was founded on, such as Capitalism, Free Enterprise and a free nation for it's people and others who would come here LEGALLY!! So to question Mrs. Bachmann because she recognizes a Marxist When she hears one...did you catch that? I said when she HEARS one, not sees one! The press would have you believe that because of what she said about Obama, that she is judging him on his race or looks, and nothing could be further from the truth here. So I would encourage you all to write your congressman/woman and Senator and tell them you don't want a Marxist like Obama in the White house!

God Bless America!!

PS: I just found out that Colin Powell endorsed Obama for President, is that really a surprise to anyone? Colin Powell is doing nothing more than facilitating his own political career, as Obama had previously said that Powell would be part of his administration. (Rush Limbaugh pointed out how moderate Powell has been since leaving the Bush administration because of it's stance on Affirmative Action). No big loss here, so don't worry about it at all!!