Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Security Alert!!

As of Last week I am officially, according to Janet Napolitano, A domestic terrorist! This is somewhat confusing in this way...We no longer can refer to Osama Bin Laden or anyone of that persuasion as a terrorist, but we can print a report to be distributed to all law enforcement officials which calls Veterans, anti-abortionists, supporters of gun rights, and anyone who would publicly stand up against the Presidents policies as domestic terrorists. It isn't surprising in this manner...the new Fascist Regime, called the Obama administration, clearly is moving fast to seize control over the people of this Country to the point that it may be nearly impossible to reverse the trend. That's why they are passing legislation in record time, without allowing anyone to read the legislation and debate it. This is the clear and present danger that we have before us as a Nation now. More than ever it is imperative that we throw these political dolts out on their empty heads and replace them with people who respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am providing a link to the DHS report at the end of this blog entry do that those of you who haven't seen it, will have a chance to read it's content.

Now I would like to say a few things about the mainstream press coverage of the tea parties that took place all around the lower 48 states on the 15Th of April. I have to preface my comments with this...the only thing that exceeds the left wings lack of integrity and honesty is their absolute arrogant stupidity. The idea that because regular mainstream Americans don't agree with the policies of the current administration and their huge tax and spend policies, that are bankrupting our children and grandchildren, that we are racist, redneck, tea-bagging radicals. Yet because Norm Coleman wants due process in his Senate race with Al Franken, his house is egged and defaced with threatening comments by a Franken Supporter. Yet that isn't something you will see on CNN or MSNBC. The left have always been a movement of double standards, and quite frankly if you disagree with their views, you should be shot and buried in their minds. Apparently now the CNN reporter that was so belligerent to a man and his 2 yr. old son on National TV, (which very few people saw initially!), has been granted a leave of absence from her job. The fact that FOX News, the only network to really cover the tea parties correctly, had more viewers that night than CNN, MSNBC, and 3 other networks combined; clearly states the sentiment in America today. I have said it before and I will say it again...the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine used to achieve the agenda of the political radical left, of which Obama is the leader of at present!

In conclusion I will say that in recent weeks I have received more thumbs up and clapping hands, in approval for the stickers I display on my pick up topper, than I have ever received in recent months. Even though the local law enforcement have probably put me on their local domestic terrorist list because of them. I have my American flag bug deflector with a bald eagle, as well as my support veterans license plates and I rarely get the bird thrown at me anymore, like I did last year during the campaigns before the election. I actually have noticed that most people who I run in to that supported Obama, are now embarrassed for their ignorance as to what they neglected to see in him before they voted for him. The exception to this would be the ones who are rabid in their support, simply because they are so arrogant they cannot admit they made a mistake.

God bless those who would save this Country!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, since the last entry Not a whole bunch has happened that warrants a rant, except maybe that it took way too long for us to act on the Captain Phillips situation. I for one think we did the right thing and sent the right message to those who would try and board our ships with hostile intentions, and extortion in mind. Some would say the Somali's have a good business model, and then in the next breath condemn terrorist activity in Iraq and figure it out! The real question now is whether or not we, as a Nation are planning on doing anything to curb future piracy acts on our ships and ships from other Nations. The fact that Obama has targeted our military, with about a 25% reduction in spending, doesn't bode well for that endeavor! Obama is flying by the seat of his pants, he knows it and the rest of the Country is beginning to find this fact out. Now don't get me wrong, i don't expect Obama to know everything there is to know about running a country. History shows that Presidents that were weak in Foreign Policy tried to surround themselves with very knowledgeable individuals in their Cabinet to make up for their lack of knowledge. If you are weak on economic pick knowledgeable people to help you with the economy. Here's the you (who have followed this blog) know by now, I believe Obama was orchestrated by the Socialistic/Fascistic Left to be their puppet. He is a political drone who can't creatively speak without a teleprompter. The reason he can't is because if he talked based on his beliefs and his convictions, people would never have elected him. I believe that reading at least 1 of his books (Audacity of hope) will open any ones eyes as to his beliefs and convictions...and believe you me they are not conducive to a continuing Capitalistic economy, or a prosperous Nation...either economically or Militarily! It is worth saying again and again...the 2010 election is probably the most important and monumental election of my lifetime anyway, and I would argue in the history of this great Nation. If we do not shovel the dung out of Washington in the 2010 election and take back control of the House and Senate, I fear that this Country will be doomed to never return to the free Nation it was and is a ghost of what used to be now!

Now about North Korea and what is going on as a result of the missile test they proceeded with last weekend. As I predicted...nothing happened to them, except bloviation by the Obama Admn. and the Secretary of State Clinton. The United Nations is about as worthless in the world today as the League of Nations was back in the 30's after WWI. Here is the danger in doing nothing, as Obama and the United Nations are guilty of. North Korea is as I write this selling and shipping enriched Uranium to Iran as well as selling the technology of long range missiles to carry Nuclear Warheads. That is already happening, and the State department knows about it. Israel, is about ready to perform a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facility, (as I had predicted over a year ago would happen), if the United States does not Step up and shut it down. Again I point to Nevile Chamberlain in the 30's and his attempt at diplomacy with Germany and Italy. Hitler and Mussolini laughed at Chamberlain behind closed doors and called him an easily manipulated idiot! Well, fast forward to Obama today and his verbal commitment to deal with Iran, and others, by diplomatic means. He really has no clue what he's doing and is putting his Nation in the most dangerous position that it has ever been in. He is more concerned about his own popularity in the world, not in his own Country, that he would throw us under the bus to get adulation around the world.

Lastly, I need to talk about this dog that the Obama's now have. Once again, Obama lied to the American people when he said that the dog had to be a shelter dog. Of course they went with a pedigree animal, and once again Obama lies incredulously without any feeling of accountability to anyone, except his ego! I for one couldn't care less about what type of dog he gets, or where they got it. But I do care that He has continually lied to the American public since the 2008 primaries, and has been coddled and protected by the main stream media (DBC). This again, can be directly paralleled with the propaganda system that Hitler had in Germany in the 30's. Too many coincidences to just blow them off...unless you're a Leftist/Marxist/fascist proponent! This man needs to be shut down in 2010, and As Americans with Conservative values (60% to 40%), we must take back Congress or watch our Country destroyed along with our rights and freedoms.

God Bless those who would save this Nation!!