Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the USSA (United Socialist States of America)

Take a good look at the man that America has just elected as their president. This is the imbecile that is going to be running our country, along with Palosi and Reid.

As I sit here on my couch, watching the election results beginning to come in, I am reminded that the media in this nation hasn't got a clue what's going on. Either that, or they are just ignorant to the facts that are right before their eyes, or they just are in denial...not sure which one it is. But they are already talking about how the Republican Party has nowhere to go from here but up. They are already throwing Obama his crown and conceding defeat at 6:00 pm, election night. Let's get something straight once and for all here...If Obama wins, and Reid and Palosi get what they want in the house and senate, it is not about Democrats -vs- Republicans here people! It is about this great country of ours being destroyed as a capitalistic/Free Enterprise society, and becoming the Marxist/Socialistic society that the far left has been looking for since the beginning of our democracy! The way the media, (even Fox News), nonchalantly talks about things that we can change it again in 4 years if we aren't happy, will not be available to change. I would not be surprised to see an Obama Administration try to change the Constitution to read that we will no longer vote for President of the United States in the future. This would insure that Obama stays in power for as long as the left wants him to be there, and continue this country down the road to it's certain destruction.

Now I would like to take a minute to address the constitutional amendment in the state of Minnesota that we have apparently passed by a large margin. Why is it that the state needs to pay millions to the public radio system and the urban parks and trails department, not to mention to the arts itself. If the damn self entitled, Obama supporting, turtle neck wearing society needs money for their upturned nose projects, then why in the hell don't they get the money from Barack Obama's social programs, or fund it themselves! I am so sick and tired of giving hard working citizens money to entitlement, trust fund, babies who won't spend their own money to get what they want. These people believe that the world owes them something, and by God they will spend as much of your money as they have to spend to get it! But as Minnesota goes, so goes the country from here on out I guess. I predict that Talk radio as we know it today has between 6 months to maybe a year tops before it will be ostensibly shut down by the Left in Congress. I would expect to start seeing lawsuits shortly after January 20Th 2009, and legislation that shuts Rush Limbaugh and others like him down. This will be viewed and billed as a bi-partisan move to be fair, diverse and tolerant...lol. So unless we figure out a way to broadcast underground, or pass a law that says if you have to pay for satellite radio, then you have the right to listen to anything you want! Also, as I have stated in previous blogs, I believe we will see a pre-emptive strike on Iran by Israel, as a result of this election, before Obama takes office in January. I hope I am wrong, but I do not believe I am and it is sad that I know others in Washington know and believe this but say and do nothing.

It's funny to a degree that Al Franken refuses to acknowledge his defeat in the Senate race against incumbent Norm Coleman. This has all the makings of the dispute between Al Gore and George W Bush in 2000, but on a more local level. I personally have had to deal with Franken supporters for over a year now and I can tell you this about the ones I have dealt with. They are mean spirited, angry, spiteful, hateful people who would just as soon kill anyone that doesn't agree with them as look at them. I have had more than one try to run me off the road in the past 6 months, as well as many just flipping me off as they pass by my truck, because of my political bumper stickers supporting the 2ND amendment and freedom. Working as a security guard for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, when she was in parades this last summer, I had a situation at the end of a parade where a Franken supporter tried to physically attack her while she talked to constituents. Only when I bared my weapon, and instructed him to leave NOW!, did he back down and separate from the crowd. They are vial indiscriminate hate mongers who should be locked up in cages until they can learn to discuss their points without violence.

I received a phone call from my 11 year old daughter this morning before she went to daycare with her little brother (I requested she did not go to school in case Obama lost and riots broke out). She was very concerned that she had heard Obama won, and wanted me to verify that he indeed had won. I could not help but tear up as I realized that she had a better idea of what Obama wants to do to this country than the people who voted for Obama. I will spend the rest of my days fighting to try and reverse the Marxist/Socialistic legislation that Obama, Palosi and Reid shove down our throats. The reason I will be doing this is because of my daughter and her generation! If we sit back and do nothing, as we have done for almost 20 years, then we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for losing our country! Now 2 days after the election the big three auto makers are in Washington with their hands out, as I had predicted a long time ago when we set the precedent by bailing out the banks and housing industry. The sad thing is that Congress created this whole mess because they didn't reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2003 or 2005. Then they didn't allow the market to correct itself, (knowing fully well that it would), when they bought out the banks and finance insurance companies as well as bailed out the housing industry. You see it has all been planned this way by Palosi, Reid and the left wing Party of this country, as I have stated before. It's not about our economy here folks, wake up and smell the swine here, it's about control and power. Now the Government is going to own the Auto industry along with the credit and banking industry, and it's just another step in having total control over us as citizens. They are asking for 50 Billion dollars to bail out themselves, and that is just unbelievable...where is the Congress going to get this money for Gods sake? The unions will get their way on the secret ballot issue and make secret ballots no longer available to anyone in a union from now forward. My grandfathers fears are coming true 23 years after his death! He was so scared of the union thugs at the IBEW that he always voted as he was told, and never had the temerity to vote the way he wanted to. I remember him having tears in his eyes when he knew he was going to have to vote for Jimmy Carter in 1980 rather than Ronald Reagan, because he knew that Carter was bad for our Country.

Today the other shoe begins to fall, as Obama begins picking his cabinet! Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff is a surprising, but yet not surprising pick. Rahm Emanuel was part of the Clinton cabinet and about as far left as you can get (unless you're Obama). So that is not surprising to me at all in that respect...however, after the Muslim world endorsed and prayed for the election of Obama to see him pick a Jewish man to be his chief of staff is absolutely Hilarious. That has to have the Muslims absolutely fuming and blowing steam from their ears over there...LOL. As I write this I am all packed and ready to head off in to the woods to spend time with my family and friends deer hunting. I lost the desire to kill deer years ago, but do so love to spend quiet time in the woods thinking about life and what it holds in the future. Who will not be coming back next year that is there this year? What does politics hold in store for me in the next few years...all things that I will be reflecting on while I doze on the deer stand. I do so love spending time eating like I never eat again until the next year at deer camp, and not worrying about the things that daily life makes you worry about. I honestly can't remember the last time I paid $1.96 a gallon for gasoline however, and that has really made life easier and saved me hundreds of dollars in fuel over the last couple weeks or so.

I would like to say that we all need to just settle back and think a bit about what has happened and what is about to happen. Then get in the trench's and fight it like I plan to do the next few years, by organizing and getting back in to school boards, city councils and local government so we can change things around and get this Country back to the greatness it once was and can be again!

God Bless America!