Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Always Remember...Never Forget!

OK, now I am a tolerant person I believe, and I believe that the reason we went in to Iraq was to free the citizens of Iraq from a tyrannical Government, and establish a free democracy. So naturally I believe that people should have the right to express themselves over there because of it. But I draw the line with what I am seeing on the tv from Iraq now, with the shoe throwing incident but more so with the burning of the American flag in the streets of Iraq demanding the mans release. If it hadn't been for The USA these people would still be on their way to mass graves and still under the tyrannical thumb of a ruthless dictator, and certainly not free! So maybe it is time to leave, pull completely out and allow those uneducated, self absorbed morons to be taken over by another dictator from Iran. Then when they cry out to the US for help just say sorry, you didn't want us in there so screw you, you're on your own and good luck. I am so sick and tired of these leaches wanting to take what they want from us, not pay for it and then berate us when we try to help them...they deserve whatever they get from here on out...we should leave!

Now let me talk about this Madoff character for a minute, because I think Congress finally found their scape goat for the financial crisis. I predict that somehow this Bernard Madoff will be held mostly responsible for the current financial crisis that we are now experiencing in America today. Regardless of the fact that it's not a whole lot different from what Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Barack Obama orchistrated with the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle, but they won't ever pay rephorations for what they did because they were put in charge of fixing it!! This Ponzi scheme by Madoff is just large enough (50 billion +) to become enough of a factor to actually be labeled as a major factor in what helped cause the recent declines in the Dow futures. What they won't bring up is how much the Congress has manipulated and extorted the American taxpayer because of what they themselves have screwed up. We as a collective body just sat back and said yes to all of this crap because the majority don't understand economics. I have already been through all of this in detail in other blog postings so I will not bore my readers with it anymore, just remember that I predicted that Madoff would be labeled as the guy who ruined Wall Street...to take the pressure of responsibility off the shoulders of Congress!

I would like to rant some about Caroline Kennedy being chosen as the person to fill Hilloree Clintons Senatorial seat. Is there a written or unwritten law that says if there is a Kennedy trust fund baby wandering around out there somewhere doing nothing meaningful (kind of a normailty I know) then they should own a political seat somewhere. Caroline Kennedy has absolutely zero political experience, but because she is the daughter of a past President Obama and others somehow believe that she should get the seat. I for one believe in a run=off election system for all seats vacated bexause of appointments elsewhere. I believe that the whole pick and choose process is so left wing entitlement bound that it aught to be thrown out. It's not democratic, or any resemblence to being fair to the constituents of that district, but then since when has the left really cared about what is right? Anyway, it really makes no difference because she will just be another puppet in the thug New York political machine. She will make decisions that the DFL tells her to make and will be revered as a leader of her party...lol.
I would like to take a minute to tell everyone that I am greatful for the opportunity I have had to live in a free Country most of my life. I appreciate all who have served this Countries military, and those who fought and died for the freedoms I was afforded! God Bless them all!! And to wish all a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!
God Bless America!