Friday, May 29, 2009


Well everyone I hope you're ready for the 2010 Census, because it's coming, and it is just another piece in the, Fascist left, Administrations plans to control the citizenry of this country. Now let us get this in to the proper perspective shall we? We knew from the beginning of the Obama Administration that the job of counting for the census would be ripped from the Census dept. and controlled by the White House. This is why Representative Judd Gregg eventually refused to accept Obama's invitation to head up the Census department for the Obama Admn. And as it sits right now there are approximately 13 different ACORN agencies being investigated for voter registration Freud, and there has been indictments already, not sure how many right now. Anyway, these people who can't even keep accurate count of the people it signs up to vote, are now going to be in charge of counting the citizens in the census. Now considering that ACORN is affiliated with the Fascist left, and that Obama used to represent the organization and also trained employees at one time, I am just a bit concerned that maybe there is a political agenda behind them covering the census. Call me crazy, but with the redistricting coming up in 2010 as well, do you think that maybe there could be a plan to change the districts to embolden the left and possibly take over historically conservative districts? I have said it several times and i will say it again...This is a man and a movement who know that they will have a short window of time to take complete control of this Country, and demolish the Constitution so that Obama remains for years to come. Our job and goal is to slow them down and hopefully stop them before the 2012 elections. This begins in 2010 with the Congressional and Senatorial race elections around the country. If we can gain several seats in both bodies of Congress we can then slow down the Fascist march of Obama and his Administration. But as each day goes by, Obama keeps placing pieces of a puzzle together that positions himself to a dictator appointment. When you look at his pick to replace David Souter, (Sonya Sotomayer), and you see that more than 60% of the decisions she has made in the 2ND circuit court of appeals have been overturned by the Supreme Court, you have to wonder. She is a bigot and a racist against anyone that is not black, latino or any other so-called minority. She makes decisions based on her emotions rather than on the law, which is pretty normal for a Fascist far left Liberal. Based on what I have seen recently I believe she will make it through the approval process with relative ease. The Representatives that stand for rights and stand for the Constitution should speak out vehemently against her appointment, but won't because they are afraid of being branded a racist themselves. You see when Liberals attack people of color politically they are branded as hero's, but any conservative minded, or even just Republican person speaks out against someone for their policies and history of decision making, they are labeled as racist and admonished. The double standard will never change, and quite honestly we need to look beyond that and go for the meat of the problem. Keep on eye on the Constitution Convention ruling when it comes down, because I have a feeling that we will have a completely brand new bill of rights that will be so far Left that your gun rights as well as freedom of speech will disappear! If you have never been scared about your Country's state of being before, you might want to become scared and active NOW, otherwise this Country will be lost. We may get to the point that the only way to get this Country back will be along the lines of what the Founding Fathers resorted to when detaching from King George and England in the late 1700's.

On to Korea now...and it's not a pretty picture being painted there! In North Korea we have a stumpy little piece of crap, (Kim Jong Il), who cares nothing for anyone but himself (Adolf Hitler?). He is flexing the tiny little muscles he has, and making threats against S. Korea and the U.S. again. In the recent week or so they have launched several missiles and detonated a Hiroshima sized nuclear bomb underground. They have declared war against S. Korea again, and the U.S. forces stationed on the border are on high alert. Not sure we have the manpower to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and we might want to get ready to pull out of one or two of those places and take a good look at where we need to place our troops. Korea poses a huge threat to Japan and the United States and I believe this could be just a second leg to the 3rd world war, Iran/Israel being the first leg. We are coming to the point where Obama will have to make a decision as to how we are going to protect our own shores in the war that is imminently coming. I don't think he is capable of making that tough decision, and quite honestly I believe he thinks he is playing a game of stratego or something. Here is the question that I have regarding this whole dilemma...Why have we decided to dismantle the BMDS (Ballistic Missile Defense Systems) program? As soon as Obama came out publicly beating his chest, and showboating by cutting defense spending by 25% his first 30 days in office, the radicals of the world began their tantrums. Obama has absolutely no idea how to be a player on the world stage, because he was not, and is not, knowledgeable on foreign affairs. He spent way too many years as an Acorn activist and lived within the bubble of a community activist community, shut out from the happenings of the world which effect us all. Now Some could say that he has surrounded himself with people that are experts at this and he, therefore, doesn't have to be. But I say that he is the President of the United States and needs to be able to make executive decisions with regards to the safety of this Nation and it's citizens; Obama is clearly lost on this, and here is why! If you take over as President of the United States, and you have the rights and well being of the citizens at heart, then your decisions with regards to their safety and sovereignty are simple in their context! But when your goals and aspirations are to gain complete power and control over the Country, in a fascist manner, or Statist manner, you care little about what's going on around the world except wherein you are liked. Korea's threats need to be stomped on forcefully, but they won't be, because Obama isn't concerned about anyone but himself. He is going to ruin this country, cause it to be vulnerable to foreign attack AGAIN, and compromise the safety and very sovereignty of the Nation he professes to want to dictate. It is a scary scenario, and the next 2 elections will tell us whether or not he will succeed in his quest or be crushed like a bug. So the need for you to become involved in your local BPOU's is huge, because we need to find our next leader within our own Conservative base. We have no leader inside the system, that I know, who is capable of breaking free from the good-ole-boy organization that is in place right now, that will side with smaller Government (WAY SMALLER), and stronger on defense than we have ever had to be within our own borders. So I am looking forward to that leader stepping forward and basically giving up their own personal life to serve this Country and it's citizens in the best interest of said Citizens!

God Bless those who would save this Country!!

Milton Friedman -vs- Phil Donahue