Saturday, March 28, 2009


I would like to discuss some of the goings-on in Washington this last week. Tim (tax cheat) Geithner addresses Congress on the Presidents so-called budget plan for this Country, which would apply an almost 10 Trillion dollar debt over the next 10 years...MINIMUM! I am reminded of a simpler time in the 1770's when we, as a citizenry, got so pissed off about taxation without representation that we revolted and said "no more". I am wondering when it will become too much in this new, diverse and tolerant, society? When are we going to rise up and revolt politically, before we are forced to rise up and revolt in the same way we did in the American Revolution. Now please don't mis-understand me everyone, I am not saying that we should take arms and rise up against the Government that disguises itself as a body for the people. But if they do not wise up and turn around to make this Country what it once was, rather than trying to make it what we Europe wants us to be, then I would rather take up arms than to allow this Country to become something other than a Free Nation for my daughter and grandkids to grow up in.

Tim Geithner sits there in front of Congress, in a condescending fashion, and actually asks for the power to take over and run any private business he feels is not running it's organization in a way he feels is satisfactory to what he says is the Governments stipulations. This is out and out Socialism and should never be allowed in a Free Enterprise, Capitalistic Nation. But yet few in Washington are asking the right questions, like Michele Bachmann of Minnesota who asked Tim Geithner where in the constitution does he read where it gives him the right to take over private business for whatever reasons he deems necessary...he couldn't answer the question, and do you know why? Because he is a direct product of our educational system in this country, who have not taught our kids to read and understand the Constitution as it was designed to be. This idiot had no idea what Rep. Bachmann was talking about, almost like he was confused as to what this thing she was talking about called a Constitution was! I would bet my lifes pay from this day forward that Geithner has never read the Constitution and has absolutely no respect for the morals and guidlines that it represents. As I read through my daughters history book I am amazed that there is a whole chapter and many pages I might add, on slavery and oppression of the minority in this Nations history. But yet there is only 2 pages on the revolutionary war and what it meant to the development of this great Country. They don't want our kids knowing what it takes to be free, they want them thinking that we should be diverse and tolerant and just let Government take care of it's people, as long as they pay! That is the same tytrannical idiology that the Mob used in Chicago back in the early 1900's. They would extort money from private business and offer protection to that business for a weekly payment. When businesses refused the service they were told that they really needed it because without it they would be beat severely, or worse; by the same people who promised to protect them!

This new administration of transparency, hope and the same dog and pony show that the left-wing Democrats have been sticking to the American people for generations. They lie to Congress and the American people with no regard for integrity and honesty. They grab for power and control as much as the people and the letter of the law will allow them to, and use fear mongering to the uneducated constituency through a propaganda machine called the Journalistic press to get the constituency to believe that bigger Governmant is the only way to go!

Here is what I hope has happened...Back on December 7, 1941 a day that will live in infamy, the Japanese Prime Minister said prophesetically, and I paraphrase this..."I fear that all we have done by this action of attack is awoken the sleeping giant!". I hope that what Obama and his group of thugs has done is to awake the Conservative giant that will rise up and save this Country before it is too late to turn it around. I am part of this revolution, and will fight until my dying day to try and reverse the damaging left-wing policies that are destroying our Country, and preserve our Constitution and the principles that our founding fathers wrote to protect us from this very thing we are experiencing. I encourage all who read this, who are fed up, to get involved in your local caucus, and school boards, and city councils and help those of us already in the trenches to fight back and take our Country back.

God bless those who would help save this Country!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Well...I wonder how many of the people that read this blog, or listen to Rush Limbaugh or just watch the damn news, are convinced of what many called me a conspiracy theorist in the past for. It's no secret, and for some of us hasn't been for about 2 years now, that Barack Obama cares nothing about fixing the economy. He is arrogant and self elevating about the fact that he is the President and whatever he wants he will get, and anyone who doesn't like it can just go cry on their 1040ez Form. Here is a man who has not even come close to finishing his appointments to his cabinet, and he's running around the Country at the taxpayers expense doing town hall meetings with people who are hand placed like a good dictator would do. He's going on talk shows, Campaigning against Conservative values, instead of concentrating on his budget for the Nation. His budget contains language that would allow tax cheat Tim Geithner (the Federal Govt.) to take over any business that he feels isn't complying to the rules set forth in the oversight language in the bill. Now if that isn't the precipice of Socialism I don't know what is. This president is causing every child under 18 now, and yet to be born for 2 more generations, to be in debt by over $20,000.00 before they even are part of the workforce or even born for gods sake. His budget will increase the national debt by 10 Trillion dollars over 10 years, and that my friends is absolutely not sustainable, and here's why:

When you grow Government as much as he has and is planning on doing, you create public sector jobs which produces nothing towards the wealth of this Nation. If you continue to over tax small business, which is the backbone of a capitalistic society, you reduce private sector jobs which are the jobs that produce for the Nation and add to the overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When you create the public sector jobs you can tout in the next election that you created blank amount of jobs, and it sounds good to the average idiot, but does not inform them that these jobs are paid for by our tax dollars. In order to continue these jobs in the future, after the funding runs out, the government must tax us more! The only thing Government should be taxing us for is to protect us, whether in foreign zones or by actually protecting our borders, and to help keep our infrastructure solid and up to date. Not to socialize our society, and gain complete control over the citizens of this Country. Obama's indignant attitude towards the private sector is absolutely right in line with a community organizer and it's what they do! This is what a small percentage of people, who were informed before the election, knew before he was elected. Now we have a bunch of people scratching their heads, and asking themselves where the man, who was running for President on the premise of change we can believe in, is? And I say to you people he's on the Jay Lenno show, he's in Iowa doing a town hall meeting, he's on 60 minutes laughing in the face of the American people because he's raping them and he knows they can do nothing about it!

I can tell all you Conservatives this much...there is going to be another political revolution that the left will not recover from in most likely another 20 years or so. They are destroying themselves with their greed and indignant arrogance in spite of their so called, self appointed intelligence. In reality, they are simply stealing as much as they can before the bottom falls out, and they couldn't care less about the little guy, that they continually convince they are working for and duping them to vote for the left candidate. I have talked to a bunch of union employees who are coo arsed to vote for the left candidate, and who have been duped in to supporting a candidate that is doing nothing to help them. The unions love the left because they get preferred consideration on Government projects, and millions under the table, which goes to the union leaders and not to the backbone of the unions...the workers. The revolution is coming in 2010, and will throw, I hope, several Representatives in prison for the extortion of the American people. Representatives like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Charley Rangel, tax ch eat Tim Geithner, Nancy Palosi, etc.

Since my last post I have been elected as my Senate Districts new Chair, and that responsibility I do not take lightly. The reason this posting is late is because of other priorities of that position, my job and my daughter taking up a lot of my free time. I will do my best to keep these postings coming each Sunday, but please be patient with me if they are a day or so late in the future!

God bless those who would save this Country!