Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, as of today the Governor of Kansas (Kathleen Sebelius) will be the HHS secretary as soon as she is approved. I know I probably shouldn't say it, because I'm sure they vetted her well...he he, but I wonder if she paid her taxes the last 10 years? It just makes me shake my head to think that we are now a month and a half in to the current Administration and we still don't have a HHSS, or an approved commerce secretary or a viable person to fill Obama's former Senate seat. I could be wrong here, but in my lifetime, I do not ever remember any Administration taking this long to fill his cabinet; and yet Obama has spent almost 4 trillion dollars that he doesn't even have yet! I wonder how long it will take for even the Democrats in Congress (that have a conscience) to wise up and see just how fast Obama's movement towards Socialism is becoming. He of course has the backing of Reid and Palosi, because those two are a couple of Nazi idiots that believe almost as much as he does that Government should run everything.

Now if it wasn't for the fact that FOX news, and actually some of the Obama "drive by media", were starting to raise questions about our move towards Socialistic principles; the majority of the population would not even know what was going on out there. But that's what Hitler did with his propaganda machine wasn't it? The lefts response to this is to cause a controversy in the media between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele as to whom is the leader of the Republican Party. It's a joke really because Limbaugh does not align himself with the Republican Party, and unfortunately for Michael Steele (personally I like him) the Republican Party is in such a mess that there really is no clear leader in the Republican Party. But the fact that the left and their propaganda machine are trying to divert the public's attention away from what they are trying to shove through Congress underneath our noses. It's a classic left wing Dog and Pony show that they pull every time they want to push agenda that the masses would normally be vehemently apposed to.

Now when I watch the interviews with the so called economists on TV, and they talk about being so confused and they don't understand why Obama is passing these policies that are making the market so volatile, I have to laugh. They still don't get it and God bless them they are still trying to think positive about this whole situation. But let me say it again everyone, and I hope those of you who were on the fence about this before will pay attention...IT'S NOT ABOUT THE ECONOMY, IT'S ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE MASSES!! Obama and the left wants you downtrodden and broke. They want you dependent on Government for everything you need, that's a Socialistic agenda. So when people out there act so confused and surprised over the things that Obama is doing to this Country and our economy it's sad but laughable to a point. I hope the masses will soon wake up enough to clean house in the 2010 elections, so that we can begin the slow process of rebuilding the Country back in to the Capitalistic economic powerhouse that it was and can be again. Unfortunately I believe it's going to take another terroristic attack, of massive proportions, on our own soil again; to open the eyes of a lot of people just what a mistake they made in the 2008 elections. I believe this will happen, and in retrospect afterwards will prove to be a huge mistake by Al Qaeda and the Taliban, because it will have the same consequence as the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor had. Not only that, but it will all but destroy any credibility that the Left wing/Democratic Party for generations to come.

Now, you say, when and if that are we going to correct our economy and pay off the debt that is being forced upon our kids and grand kids? The answer is quite simple...we will have to have a President and Congress in 2013 that will rescind all economic policies that Obama and the left are going to put in place. We will have to turn back the Nationalized Health Care, the tax rate increases, turning the census back over to the dept. of Commerce where it belongs and every other ideological power grab policy that he tries to destroy this Country with. It's not going to be easy, and people will no doubt die in the process, because the left will stop at nothing to accomplish and preserve their policies. When they come for our guns, trust me, people will die! And believe me when I say this...they are coming for our guns! As I sit here writing this I am astounded that the last hour has gone by so fast and i have missed early service at church. I get so engrossed in this when I am writing it, because I feel so strongly about it, that I lose sight of time and things that are happening around me. So I will finish this up by saying that it will be a fun week to watch, as the Nationalized Health care and the latest Omnibus bill, to the tune of $410 billion, will be shoved through, while we are hearing about Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele...and just who is the leader of the Republican Party? C'mon people, please wake up and smell the genocide that is happening right under your noses!

God Bless those who would help save this Country!!