Sunday, March 15, 2009

As I write this entry I am listening to people complain and holler about all the money in bonuses that AIG is saying they have to pay out, or run the risk of lawsuits because of contractual obligations. Look, I don't agree that these people should be paying out that kind of money in bailouts, but! Do we understand that the time is now here where we are overseeing how companies operate and spend their money. We should never handed out money to these companies in the first place. We are in serious danger of turning this Country in to Great Britain, the very Country our ancestors fled from for the very reasons we are bitching about right now!

Any way I digress...I really want to talk about what is happening in Mexico and the southern border states here in the US. I watch, almost daily, people fighting about whether or not our youth (or anyone for that matter) should be going to Mexico for any reason; because of the war that is going on between drug lords in that region. The kidnapping rate in Phoenix AZ has quadrupled in the last 5 years as a result of this. San Antonio Texas has ramped up their border patrols by 3 times, in manpower and financial resources. Lets look at this for what it is and how it came to be shall we? The main reason the drug lords have all but taken over in Tijuana and Mexico City and other strategic area's near the US border, is three fold.

1. The government of Mexico, although Democracy, is about as corrupt as the drug lords themselves.

2. Our consumption of the drugs produced and imported to this Country has facilitated what we are witnessing.

3. Our lack of diligence to secure our borders for political expediency (huge voter base for the left) has allowed a massive migration of criminals from Mexico to set up bases in US border cities unchecked, for the most part.

Dealing with number one is not something we should be spending a bunch of time on simply because that is something that the citizens of Mexico have to rise up and deal with. Unfortunately a bunch of innocent people will die as a result of letting the current situation perpetuate itself to the state it has risen to. Numbers two and three, however, are problems that we can deal with directly. The problem is, unfortunately, that the left wing Fascist/Socialists in our current Government will do everything they can to continue to allow these individuals in to this Country. They can't afford to lose these people and their affiliated family members because the left would lose a huge percentage of their precious voter's that simple! They talk all the time about bi-partisanship in Congress and working to protect the interest of the middle class citizens of this Nation, but in reality they couldn't care less about the actual citizens of this Nation. They care more about the Illegals than they do about the actual taxpaying citizens that are actually the ones effected by this travesty. They pass legislation at the Federal level and at the State level (i.e. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc.) that are favorable to giving sanctuary to these Illegals and literally house them, clothe them, feed them and basically provide for their every need. All this while they corrupt our own youth, sell their drugs to us, kidnap our children and try to run rough shot over our own local law enforcement organizations. All this while our own citizens are being grossly overtaxed to help pay for the continuance of these programs, and are under represented on their own protection rights that our very Constitution provides for. We need to implement huge immigration reform in this Country at both the Federal and State level so that we have some semblance of Sovereignty in our Country and we can look at what to do once that is achieved. It seems pointless to bail out the boat with a coffee can, when we have water entering at the rate of 5 coffee cans a second...while it's pouring on us at the same time! At the same time we need to begin to crack down on drug usage in this Country, or just legalize it and be done with it. Honestly it would cost the American people less to just legalize it and move on. But that would open up a whole new set of problems for the people caught up in the middle of the cities that would harbor the majority of the dealers. This issue is so broad that I can't even begin to discuss the changes that would need to be made for it to work...starting with a fair tax, which would eliminate the ability for the drug dealers to avoid paying their fair share! On the other hand, to expect the American taxpayer (only 40% of the legal population) to fund new programs targeting illegal drugs and our Border problems after we have been force fed over $3 trillion in new taxes, is gonna be difficult. We are dangerously getting out of control, and allowing our Government to socialize this country, one day at a time. We are being boiled slowly like a frog we just keep changing our body temperature, and are oblivious to the fact that we will eventually boil to death.

In conclusion...I guess I would say stay home for spring break kids, at least until we can get some reasonable level of safety in the vacation areas of Mexico. The only way I would go there today is if I could bring my own personal arsenal with me...LOL. We have to take care of our own citizens first, and unfortunately until we throw out the left wing pundits in office now, it won't happen!!

God Bless those who would save this Country!!