Monday, March 30, 2009

Fascism, Marxism, Socialism...CHOSE ONE!!

Ok, so let me get this straight now...(actually I do have it straight) Because the Government pretty much forced GM and Chrysler in to taking bail-out money because of the CAFE standards and mandates from the environmental wackos and the Unions and their outrageous legacy costs...that gives the President the right now to fire anyway he wants to and blame them for things that the Government is responsible for. We have attorney generals in DC and Connecticut using their bully pulpits to go after the people from AIG that received LEGAL bonuses that were mandated and agreed to by Congress and the administration. Ok, so now that I really have you confused let me break this all down for you...

About 6 months ago, when it appeared that Obama was going to win the Leftist nomination for president of the United States, I was very outspoken that Obama had every intention of turning our capitalistic/free enterprise society in to a fascist/Marxist society, and I was admonished for it and told I was a conspiracy theorist. Now as I sit back and watch the Obama Administration mandate who can run a company, how much they can make for a salary, what kind of product they can produce, and what materials they can produce it from as well as who can purchase said product and at what price...well I'm sorry friends, that by definition is Fascism/Socialism/Marxism. I'm sorry if I am uninformed, but to the best of meek knowledge, it's the job of an attorney general to uphold the law in the state he/she is appointed to uphold. Not to go after people for receiving bonuses legally by contract. I have to say that when the unions and Acorn sent bus loads of people to harass these AIG execs and their families, and the Attorney General of Connecticut did nothing to stave these demonstrations off, it was clear that they did what they did for political gain and popularity in the fascist administration. Now GM will be turned over to the unions to run, and will get endless amounts of subsidies from the US taxpayer to support. The Administration will not allow the company to go away for one reason and one reason's too large a voter base for the Fascist Regime. Then there's Cris Dodd who received 100's of thousands of dollars for his re-election campaign, and done so because he was next in line to Chair the Senate Finance Committee and could control what they received from Government.

As all of this is going down here in the US, Obama gets ready to head to Europe for the sham called the G20 meeting. He is meeting with the 20 largest economies in the world to discuss how to repair the economies of the world...LOL. I hate to laugh, but Obama has no more clue as to how to accomplish this than a 10 year old boy that steals $5 from his mothers purse to buy candy. The majority of Europe is dumbfounded and irate at what Obama's administration is doing to what was considered the strongest economy in the world at one time. They are all saying STOP, when it comes to the printing of money and distributing it among all the special interest groups that supply the fascist Regime with votes every 2 and 4 years. Obama and England's PM Brown are asking the western European nations to spend more money on things like green energy programs, etc. and the other nations are saying flat out NO, we've spent enough money on that scam as it is. Since the decision to take over GM Obama is now mandating the elimination of trucks, big cars and SUV's. Of the 20 vehicles that GM makes that make a profit, 11 of them are SUV's, and these will be struck from the list. The move that makes me scratch my head is that he wants to get rid of the Chevy Volt (GM's electric car that Government mandated they research and develop years ago). Are any of you beginning to see the hypocrisy and disingenuous attitude that this administration has towards what is good for the American People? They complain about not moving ahead to electric cars to wean our Country off of foreign oil, and then they kill the project that is all but completed and ready for production and distribution, interesting isn't it?

Now let's discuss this North Korean Missile launch that is scheduled for around the date this will post. First, the only reason they are doing it now is because Obama is in office and they know he will do nothing more than bloviate about it on the national stage. We already have sanctions against North Korea, so if they were worried about this they wouldn't be doing this. Let's get something straight here first...North Korea does nothing that China doesn't allow or mandate that they do. N. Korea is dependent on China for just about everything from food to fuel and other needed imports, so China is the one flexing it's muscles here not N. Korea. They are salivating in China, because they see the opportunity to become the proverbial super power on the planet. The Chinese will stop at nothing to get what they want, and quite honestly we have a President with no balls who will sit back and let them do whatever the hell they want! China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt, which people warned years ago in the Carter Administration was going to happen. So they have a position of power over us with respect to that and with respect that Obama is counting on China to buy all the debt he is saddling our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with. But I have a feeling that they will get what they want which is a global currency rather than using the Dollar as the global standard, and Obama has all but insured that this will happen within the time frame of Obama's term in office. As of today (4/2/09) N. Korea is fueling the rocket on the launch pad, and they without a doubt will launch this rocket. And please don't get the purpose of this launch wrong people, they are not going to try and nuke Alaska. Their reason for this is to hopefully have a successful launch so that they can sell the technology to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. We are fastly moving to a point that some in the religious sector say is going to be the 2nd holocaust. I am not on board so much for this thought, but I am very very concerned for the safety of our Country and it's citizens. By the way, remember when I predicted a long time ago that Israel would make a move on Irans nuclear facility if we didn't? Well they came out today with a statement saying that exact thing!

Now I sit and listen to Obama stroke the French People and explain to them, in no uncertain terms, that the era of Americans being leaders and being the very thing that has saved Frances ass twice, is over. What he told them is that the era of Americans and American Capitalism is over and the American people now will be held down and suppressed like you in France have been since before WWI. The very thing that makes France wince and run at the first sign of a threat, is the very thing that Obama wishes to impose on Americans! When you are not free to be all you can be, you are suppressed and have a real dangerous tendency to not give a shit, and just say screw it I don't care anymore. When you rip away from free people what they have spent generations fighting and dying for, you take away their incentive to be great and be a leader. The reason Europe has hated America is because we all had what they didn't have the guts to fight for in their history...freedom! Freedom isn't free damn it, and they all sit there and hate America because they think we inherited this freedom we have. When they should read history and see that thousands of Americans have died for the freedoms we have. We also have died to preserve Countries like France and England and many others, but they feel that is just a price we should have to pay because of our good fortune. As far as I am concerned they and Obama can kiss my butt, because I need to apologize to no one for saving Frances ass in 2 world wars, and being a world power that has kept Europe from destroying itself for generations. Well Europe get ready, because those days are over, no matter what Obama blows up your ass...we will not be able to help you anymore because we are degrading our leadership. When the new leadership rises up, they will basically go back to a capitalistic society and you will be left to be the pathetic lost sheep you have always been...only without a shepherd!
Just an update, as this is being posted, that North Korea has indeed launched their missile and it fell harmlessly in to the Pacific Ocean. Now our supreme Socialistic leader, Obama, demands an international response to this act of aggression. It's funny that the man has no balls, and doesn't have the temerity to run a Country, let alone be the world leader he claims to want to be. Nothing will happen with this except maybe some weak sanctions on North Korea that China can overcome with ease. Soon the technology will make it's way to Iran, and that part of the world will be even more volatile than it already is. Now we all know that no satellite was released in to orbit from this rocket, and the launch and their holding to that story is such an "in your face" lie, and defiant act, that we should have plainly destroyed the missile as soon as it entered Japanese air space, but again...our "leader" is nothing other than a weak community organizer, not a President!!
God Bless those who would save this Country!!