Thursday, February 26, 2009


I would love to be able to feel sorry for everybody for what is going on, now that we have an elected Fascist in the Oval Office. But i can't feel sorry for anyone who voted for the idiot, and you do deserve to have every friggin dollar you make be required to be sent to him to distribute to the people who choose to do nothing. I am blue in the face talking to people who are bitching about the money Obama is spending at such an alarming rate (36 Million a day since taking office), and that doesn't include the latest $410 billion in spending that he is asking not 1 week after Congress approved the "Porkulous Bill". It has almost 9000 earmarks in it and is, again, a pay-off for votes and special interest. He knows that he won't be able to keep office if he doesn't pay these people off, because when the rest of America looks at the probable 20+ percent inflation and probably 12+ percent unemployment at the end of his first term, he would not otherwise get the support.
Here is what really bothers me about all this spending going on in Washington right now. The latest pay-off bill is loaded with earmarks and pay-offs for REPUBLICANS! I truly believe that the majority of current Senators, and members of Congress, are OK with the way things are in Washington right now. They get their retirement regardless of what they help destroy, don't respect their constituents or the Constitution, and think that they should be allowed to steal from us as long as they live...just like the Democrats. So I think it's time we cut these people off at the knees, clean house in this Country and start over with a fresh new set of patriots that respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Time to get people in there who are going to abide by a conservative Party Constitution and be fiscally responsible. Here's the deal everyone...there is no way on Gods green Earth that we can come up with the money that Obama professes we must pay. This will lead to a destruction of the Capitalistic / Free Market system and put turn the citizens of this great Nation in to subjects of a Fascist/Socialistic Country. Obama, and the left, want to be in total control of this Country and they will go as far as to kill to achieve what they are obsessed with obtaining. Yes you heard me correct...I said they will kill for it, just like Hitler did. If you follow history, and I do, the state of the masses in the world today is very similar to the emotional sentiment shared by many prior to WWII. We have anarchy in the streets in Europe, we have an economy that isn't near as bad as it's being made out to be here in America. But yet the masses believe the Propaganda machine known as the American press, that the world is going to explode economically. We are seeing Global panic over what they hear from those who would know in Washington (like Obama and Palosi) and they believe that the last stabilizing economic force left in this world (the capitalistic society of the US) is about to be destroyed. They have a right to be worried if we do allow this, as a people in this Country, to happen then in the minds of the people of the rest of the world they have no more hope anymore. Because those who believed in freedom saw the US as the last place on Earth they could come to and follow their dreams of financial and personal freedom.
The egotistical, condescending swagger that Obama has taken on as president is quite consistent with the way a dictator comes to power. He acts now like Hitler used to act when he first was elected in to his lofty position in the 1930"s, he is becoming maniacal almost and looks at people like they are expendable if they do not comply. Trust me there are many in the Senate and House who have seen this and personally experienced it. Not only does he rule with fear on the American citizens themselves, but also rules the House and Senate with the same fear tactics. He can do this because he has 2 people as maniacal as he is in key positions with him (Reid, Palosi). So he Can rule with an iron fist as long as he keeps a majority of maniacal wacko's in office with him. I promise you that a new Constitution is about to be written, and we are going to be told we have no choice except to obey the laws it speaks of. This will be ultimately, (I believe) what will be the final straw for Conservatives around this Country. I believe that one day, hopefully in my lifetime so I can be a part of it, we will have another Civil War. And it will be over which Constitution we will be abiding by ion this Country in the future. It may or may not be a revolution fought with guns, but I promise it will be one fought with the same guts and temerity as our forefathers had in 1776. The level of our resolve will be as such that we would rather die fighting for the freedoms we once had than to live in the dictatorship that promises to keep them from us!
God bless those who would save this great Country!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh how i long for the old days again!!

Well, we've spent the week listening to all the arguments from the left and the right on how the "stimulus/spending bill" will or won't work. Let's just get the facts straight. In no way, shape, or form will the propaganda machine, known as our beloved press, allow Obama to fail. No matter what happens with the economy in the next 3 years, the DBC will print and report that all is well. The Obama administration will fudge figures to say that the economy is getting better. They will say unemployment is down, when it isn't! They will say inflation is down, when it isn't! They will say that GDP is up at an alarming rate, when it isn't! Then the mainstream public will believe what they are being fed, and Obama will be re-elected as a result of the false information they have been told. Now I hope we will still have some resemblance of free radio to counter the left wing, fascist machine; but I fear that we will not have what we have today. So I predict that if we do not figure something out to counter the bad information, and figure out how to get people to listen to the facts instead of the propaganda, we are doomed to be the fascist nation that Obama wants us to be.

I have to point something out to all my readers, not because I want to pat my own chest, that months ago I pointed out that Obama was interested in changing the Constitution and re-writing it to eliminate Presidential elections. Now Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are touting the same information. I have been called radical, and a right wing extremist...but the truth is that I am a realist. I read the information, I listen to what's being said and read between the lines then I make a quality decision based on the information digested. I wish that more people would make their decisions this way, because facts are the only thing that matter. When I see people hear Obama say something, then they listen to the press and the left wing pundits say..."that's not what he said or meant!" and they believe the pundits and the press. That's because we have raised 3 generations of people who do not know how to make a decision, and have grown up being told that they are stupid and they need Government to protect them and tell them what to do. We are at a dangerous juncture in this Nations life! If we do not come together as a Nation and put an end to this juggernaut called the Obama administration, we are in deep deep trouble! How, you ask; well get involved in your local BPOU, and become part of a movement that is under way all over this country. We need people to serve on committees to get conservatives back in to the school boards and town/city councils and other local non-partisan offices. We need to get an apposing voice within our schools, so we can inform our kids about facts, not trumped up numbers that say we will be 300 degrees by June of 2009 for Gods sake! We need conservatives on city councils to make sure we do not spend money beyond our needs, and do things that require raising taxes in the name of Global Warming! Just because our President says it's OK to raise taxes to pay for his political payoffs, doesn't mean your local Government has the same right, because IT ISN"T A RIGHT! Your city council is there to make decisions based on how the people of the city feel and to raise taxes without letting the good citizens vote on it is just wrong. If you want to know why I am talking like this; there is a new piece of legislation that allows city councils and school districts to send bond referendums to the legislature for approval, even if the city/county they reside in has voted it down; that's Socialism people!

I had a busy weekend, and I have to take my truck to the shop for the day as well as get my daughter to school. So I apologize that this entry may be short, but trust me...I am working my butt off trying to change things in my own BPOU, and if you don't like what you see in our Government I suggest you do the same. It's no longer about our comfort and safety anymore people, rather it's about the comfort and safety of our children and grandchildren! So I implore all of you to get up, dust yourself off and do something about it in your own districts!

God Bless those who would save this Great Country!
Click on the link below and listen carefully everyone...Time to get involved!!