Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is America safe anymore?

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Is the United States safe anymore from extreme terrorist attacks? I for one am worried that if Barack Obama wins the Presidency that we will be quite vulnerable. In fact the running mate of Barack Obama even said today, that within 6 months of Obama taking office , that he will be challenged by a large world event. Honestly, every week Biden says something else to hurt their efforts...it's actually quite hilarious I think. Biden has got to be one of the most ignorant individuals to ever run for a major office in my lifetime. And if Obama loses this election I believe it will be linked to Biden and all the controversial statements he has made, both in the primary and the general. Personally I do not think that it will take as long as Biden says to have a major international incident. I believe that Israel is watching what happens in this election very closely. Because they know that if Obama gets in that they will have lost the United States as a peacekeeping force in the region there. So it is my belief that, if Obama wins the White House, Israel will attack Iran before Bush leaves office on January 20Th. If they do, they at least will have some support until the current administration leaves office. Either way I believe that Obama is dangerous for this country because he believes himself to be, (as Rush Limbaugh puts it), the Messiah, the anointed one. He believes that thug dictators will embrace him and listen to what he has to say with regards to their own countries needs, wants and desires! Obama believes he is above the law, which most in congress believe as well by the way. It scares me to think about what kind of country my daughter will have to grow up in, and how many rights will be ripped from her before she has the opportunity to experience them. Obama with a super majority in the house and senate will destroy gun rights for the individual in this country, which in turn will facilitate an increase in murder and serious crimes by 300% at least in major cities. Nanci Palosi is already coming out and stating that she will make sure the fairness doctrine will be re-established, which will be the end of our freedom of speech and talk radio as we know it. Barney Frank has come out and said that we need to start spending more money, and raising taxes to give Congress more money to be able to spend on socialistic programs. I am very worried that before too long they will be asking me to turn in my guns, which of course I will not do. I am also worried that from henceforth I will be punished for working hard and making more money and being successful, which goes against everything that I was raised to believe and endear myself to this country for as a child. I am so afraid a civil war is looming on our horizon, and I am scared that it will eventually be the end of what I have grown to love...the greatest Country in the world!!

Now I need to address "Joe the plumber" and I know we have all heard about as much as we want to hear about Joe. But what I am going to say is somewhat significant here! It amazes me that the very Congress and media that were so against the FISA bill because they said that the Government should not be able to invade peoples privacy. Yet when Joe the plumber gets a comment out of Obama that he thinks that spreading wealth around is a good thing, the very people that were against invading the privacy of the average citizen have now gone after a regular citizen and dug in to his past exposing everything they possibly could. They have ruined his ability to find work and basically destroyed his life. The hypocritical method to their undeniable madness for what they believe, is absolutely astounding to me. To expand on whether our economy is safe anymore I would like to address the same cures for our economy that I brought up about a month ago when the debacle started. It's quite easy really, if we reduce Capital gains taxes, lower corperate taxes and begin drilling for oil where we have it accessible, (ANWR, within 50 Miles of our coastlines). If we would just do this and allow the market to correct itself, then by next spring our economy would be strongly on it's way back to prosperity. Unfortunately I believe that we will have a left democratic majority in the house and senate, which will include a 60 seat majority in the senate, and I believe that even if McCain is elected we will have more deficit spending and more taxation as Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi have come out publicly and promised. Yet Lanny Watkins (former Clinton Staffer) comes on Fox News and says Obama is a fiscal conservative. I am telling you these people are all in the tank with an ideology that they believe is too strong to be reversed and are literally scared to say anything truthful for fear they will be tagged and left out of the family. What we have in Washington right now is a Mob family that is planning on strong arming people and keeping them down so they have wealth and power. This power hungry Mob needs to be attacked, overthrown, and those responsible for the anarchy against America replaced!!

Now let's talk about something that scares the heck out of me...our educational propaganda system put in place back in 2000. But I need to preface this with a little history if you will indulge me the space to do so. After WWI the bitterness and dissension of Germany and it's allies was great. Hitler (who was an evil genius in my opinion) knew that to facilitate the nationalistic plan he had to take over Europe, and eventually the rest of the world I believe, he needed to convince his population to back his ideology for Germany. He was able to accomplish this by manipulating the school system, burning any books that were contrary to his plans, and began to indoctrinate the youth for generations in to believing the radical cause. Fast forward to today and what we are seeing with the population of young voters backing Obama for President. In 2000 the Democratic party was livid over loosing the election to George W. Bush, and a plan which was conceived years prior was ramped up severely in the school systems around the nation. Prior to the 2000 election we had seen the pledge of allegiance and prayer disappear from the schools around the country. But since then the NEA (National Education Association) has stepped up efforts to indoctrinate our children in public schools everywhere with their own left wing ideology. We have seen schools implement history books that have chapters praising Barack Obama and his Marxist views of equalization of society. We have seen them eliminate in some school systems the teaching of capitalism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have seen an implementation in schools that rewards people for not trying and where everyone wins. They have taken the desire to be better out of our children, because there is no incentive to be better at something than everyone else. We have seen "No Tolerance" policies that suspend kids for having a box cutter in their trunk because they have a job at a grocery store that they have to go to right after school. They are taught that Government should take care of all of your needs and that you should not strive to become more successful than your classmates, or co-workers! Now I know that this is not true everywhere and that we have a few brave teachers that do not subscribe to this ideology. They are soldiers in a grossly undermanned force in our school system around the Country. I sincerely believe that the socialistic/Marxist individuals that have taken over the Democratic party have implemented the strategies used by Hitler in his time, in order to achieve their desire for marginalizing and socializing our great Country and killing Capitalism forever!

So to answer my own question, (in my humble opinion) "Is America safe anymore?" the answer is No! Politically we are not safe from a Congress that has irresponsibly taxed and spent us in to what some say will be a 30 trillion dollar debt for our children if it continues the way it is now. And a Congress that would severely disable our military to the point that we would be almost defenseless against any major attack on our country in the near future. Our school system is in my opinion slowly becoming a factory that turns out zombies who do whatever the left wing side of government tells them, because of the idiology forced upon them. So unless we infuse conservative capitalistic views back in to the school system NOW, and counter the radical views with another option for our children and let them decide for themselves, socially we are doomed as well! We must work harder in our BPOU's and in our own districts to get people with our conservative values in to the city councils and school boards so we have an apposing voice for our children. It will definately be an historical election either way you look at it and it's time we stop expecting the government to do what is right for us, because they are a runaway train with no breaks, and we need to find a way to stop that train before it crashes. When Barney Frank says blatently on national tv that it's time to put the worries about deficit spending on the back burner and spend even more on social programs. They believe that there are alot of hard working successful Americans that can be taxed even more to pay for this. We are just about beyond return my compatriots, and we had better wake up and get invloved or we will lose this country as we want it...free!!

God Bless America!!

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