Monday, January 12, 2009

Out with the old...In with the really old!

It amazes me these days that We have a new incoming fascist administration taking over, spending over a trillion dollars in debt to try and fix other bad debt (which doesn't and never has worked). Yet Obama can afford to throw 3 huge shindigs for McCain, Biden and some other schmuck at millions of dollars a dinner to the American taxpayers. Then has the audacity to berate AIG's CEO's for spending bail-out money on trips to spa's. Sounds pretty damn hypocritical to me, but then how dare we question the anointed one...right? And have you seen the monument they are erecting in front of the nations capital building for the anointed ones inauguration? I can't wait to find out what that monstrosity cost the American taxpayer! I guess we all need to cut back and suck it up for the good of the Country's economic well being...right? Oh wait, I forgot, that's just for anyone but the Government...that's right, sorry I forgot they have an open credit card with the American citizen there to back it up with higher and higher taxes! We are watching President Bush exit the White house and a newer version of Carl Marx moving in, so hang on to your personal wealth as long as you can, because the tax man cometh!!

Now let's talk about some of these appointments for Obama's cabinet, or shall we say the SS. Tim Geithner being nominated for Treasury Secretary...Here is a man who says he did not know he had to pay his self employment taxes and was told in 2006 that he owed these taxes. He then pays them only when it appears that it could derail his appointment in 2009? If this had been you and me, we would have had our personal property and bank accounts seized to pay the debt, or possibly served jail time. The double standard put in place for politicians is grossly inappropriate, and should be exposed for the hypocrisy it embraces! And how about Hillary Clintons appointment...11 republicans didn't even show up for this one, because they knew that she would be ushered through regardless of any inproprieties from her past. For instance the money donated to Bill Clintons political career from foreign entity's, which is illegal as hell but the fascists just wave their wand and it all disappears and is deemed OK...unbelievable! By the way I just found out that Obama's Inauguration is topping $150 Million, the most expensive Inauguration in the history of this nation. Funny that in the worst economic climate in generations we are going to spend $150 Million to have Obama take less than 3 minutes to speak his oath (which means absolutely nothing to him by the way!).

You know, as I sit here and watch that Citigroup is now insolvent, I can only wonder how many more will be announcing the same thing in the near future. I thought the bail-out was suppose to take care of this and keep this very thing from happening? Now, because Government has set the precedent that companies can be to big to fail, hard working Americans are going to be asked again to shell out massive debt to keep them solvent. But again I say can't keep trying to fix bad debt by throwing more bad debt on it! Let the banks that are insolvent FAIL, and let the auto companies FAIL, and let whatever company has not been using proper business principals FAIL and let the market correct itself for Gods sake! But nope, we have a Fascist/Socialist Government now and it is going to hold up the working public again at gun point and demand that we pay more and more and more and MORE! We are at the point where our Government is no longer afraid of the people that empower it, because it is too large and is running amuck, drunk on it's own fiscal moonshine!

I have a dilemma in that I really have no desire to waste my valuable time watching Obama spew his rhetoric and programmed statements upon the people of this great nation. But at the same time I am curious what kind of lies and empty promises the empty suit is going to verbally perpetrate on the public, and I believe I cannot comment on the inauguration speech if I do not listen to it. I know that since the current administration released the last $350 billion to Congress, when Obama asked for it, they have decided to start a Government bank that will be used to fund and control the free bank system and players suck as Citibank, Countrywide, etc. So again the Fascists take another small step to owning the commerce of this Country and move just a bit closer to controlling this Country's free people. Trust me everyone the removal of guns from the citizens of this Country will not be far away, because that is the looming threat to their plan. It will ultimately come down to an effort of the Fascist Obama Regime to crush the remaining resistance of the people who would rather die than to be oppressed and dictated over.

God Bless America!!