Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Audasity of Hope? NOT

Why is it that States have decided that they do not have to be fiscally responsible for their own budgets anymore? I can tell you why...because the 2008 bail-out mania that we have experienced has given them a big pot of money that they can dig their hands in to and not have to worry about being responsible. I'm telling you if we do not get back to being responsible for ourselves, we will be giving up every freedom or right we have left...and that is exactly what is on top of the left wing agenda. We are seeing the left wing machine in overdrive and cruising, unimpeded down the fascist road to ruin. They have not even begun to receive funds to support the $850 billion bail-out, and they're looking to slap us with another almost $1 trillion bailout for states infrastructure and pet projects all over the Country. So people of Minnesota will be paying for new sewer systems in Akron Ohio, and people in Los Angeles will be paying for new park trails and roads in upstate New York. It's bad enough that 41 of the 50 states are operating on deficits, but now it's every ones responsibility to bail them out? This is getting out of hand fast, and it stands to get worse before it gets better everyone! And in case some of you don't know by now, Iran funds and supplies Ha ma's and Hezbollah, the two terrorist organizations that surround Israel and threaten democracy in the Middle East. So how long do you think it will be before Israel strikes Iran and begins the destruction of Iran's Nuclear program? As some of you will remember, I predicted this months ago, even before Obama was selected our new President. I bring this up not to put myself on a pedestal, but rather to point out that if someone as simple and normal as me can see this coming, then what does that tell you about the rest of society who voted for Obama and believe he can stop it. The idea that anyone, to be fair to Obama, can sit down and through diplomatic conversation end a war that has been going on for centuries is absurd. Even more absurd is that half this countries population believe that Obama can do this, and are blind to the bitter truth. I am not all that certain, if you follow history, that this is not going to lead to WWIII. Russia is poised off the coast of California and Florida, and with the turmoil in the Middle East one thing is for sure! If something does happen, the United States can not afford to deploy troops to the Middle East while exposing our borders to the Russians, Cubans and Venezuelans, or risk an attack.

I have been hearing alot about farming subsidies going to people who are not even close to farmers, and that people making over 2.5 million dollars a year are recieving monies from this program. Now what I don't understand is the shock that people in the press are showing over this. This has been going on since before the Carter Administration, and even though President Bush tried to lower the financial requirements to $225,000, he was blocked from doing so by the Democratic Congress (shock shock). Listen this is just another program that buys votes for the Left, either directly or indirectly and is not much different than the money dumped in to the NEA (National Education Association). Now for those of you who think turning this Country around and getting rid of corruption in our lifetime, I have bad news for you...It's not going to happen!! But that doesn't mean we should stop laying the foundation for generations to come after us to be able to later on.

Ok, now that gas prices have lowered back to around $1.50 a gallon the government, as predicted, is complaining that it has lost millions in tax revenue from percentages gas tax revenue. So, as predicted, it is considering raising the gas taxes to try and recover these revenues. I predict that by this coming summer we will be at about $3 to $3.50 a gallon again, even though the price of oil is at about $45 a barrel, because the left wing fascists can't function without massive amounts of money to spend. They're like the most fiscally irresponsible person you know who has been appointed by force to take your money, then spend all of it on things that do absolutely nothing positive for you at all. But they would rather bury you and move on than to find a balance and just let success and prosperity increase the tax revenue for the Government. It's an immediate gratification society that has been created, and it surely has become the death of capitalism and free enterprise as we have known it for over 200 years.
Now with regards to the Senate race here in Minnesota I can't spend al ot of time elaborating on this because I have spent enough time on it in previous blogs. But I do remember telling all of you that the Left would figure out a way to steal the election for Franken, and as I had predicted the results are mysteriously turning in Frankens favor. Believe you me Coleman won that Election, but when you have a Leftist MN. Secretary of State, two leftists lawyers (as if there are any other kind...lol) and only two Representatives from the Coleman Camp. Listen people...the left have their claws deep in to our Country and they have never made any bones about the fact that they want to destroy Capitalism and make a Fascist/Socialistic style of Government. So to think they would not do whatever they could to secure as close to a 60 seat majority as they possibly can, without causing a revolution) then you should have your head examined.
For those of you who check my blog regularly and are constituents of SD48 in Minnesota I would like to inform you that we will be having a special meeting, after our regular meeting on the 8Th, to discuss our future plans to change the way we do things in our district. So hopefully you are at the full committee meeting on the 8Th, but if not we will do our best to get in touch with you about the meeting after the meeting.
God Bless America...and Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Get ready, cause here it comes!!

I hate to say I told you so, but i told you so...lol. As predicted, Israel is making it's military move against Ha'mas and believe me it will not be long before they strike Iran as well. But really is this a surprise to anyone who follows foreign affairs and pays attention? Apparently Obama is so tied up filling the cast of his upcoming 4 year theatrical display for the world, that he has forgotten there is another world beyond his own out there. You know it's funny, I played a game with Sheila and her girls last night called "Apples to Apples". Now for those who do not know about the game and how it is played let me explain. You have a green card with an adjective/adverb on it such as ridiculous and you have 7 red apple cards with nouns and pronouns that you have to choose which one in your hand best describes or goes with the green card. Anyway, in just about 60% of all the green cards played the young girls were playfully and verbally saying Obama...LOL. Words such as idiotic, uninformed, etc. were of the essence and I thought I would split my side laughing. I'm talking about children ages 5, 9 and 11 were saying this without being probed to do so, and it made me realize that all is not lost in the future of this Country and Freedom. It is rather hilarious to sit and watch Obama parade his chosen disciples on a weekly almost daily basis, and tell us all from the podium of the "Office of the President Elect". Honest to God it's like watching a VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) President act out as a rogue dictator as a young adult, like it's a game they are playing. I have never seen more posturing and acting out as I have with that ignoramus Obama. We all know that he and Rahm Emanuel are neck deep in the Blogojevich scandal, and that is the very reason it was exposed too early to really do anything to the man. It was all orchestrated by Obama and Emanuel so as to reduce the collateral damage to his disciples and himself.

I want to revisit something I talked about a few weeks ago now...The fact that I believe within the next couple years Obama will make political moves that will allow him to rewrite the Constitution and Bill of Rights to give him dictator like power. This will lead to him and the left officially ending Presidential elections in the United States of America. Also he will manipulate and work to have anyone in Congress and the Senate,that have any ideology other than centrist or left to far left values, eliminated from office and replaced with hand picked people of his choice. I believe he, and others on the left, have studied the operations and detailed agenda that helped Both Hitler and Mussolini rise to dictatorial power. It is so scary to read the details of history and relate them to our Countries current situation that I am quite fearful for the future.

Well I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and let's all get out there and work hard to get the conservative views and values heard around your city or town. Get involved and let's change this Countries direction back to the Free Enterprise, Capitalistic society that it was developed to be and should be again.

God Bless America!!