Saturday, August 23, 2008

"VEEPSTAKES" Biden and who?

Here we are at a turning point in the presidential race as Joe Biden is picked for Obama's Vice Presidential running mate. The question is whether this choice will help or hurt Obama in the race for the Presidency. There are positive and negative connotations to this choice for all you Liberals out there. On a positive note; Joe Biden is a respected leader in the senate, and very well spoken. He also will present a formidable apponent for the Republican choice for Vice President in the up coming VP debates. He presents himself on camera and with the press quite well, and will (as any good politician will) spin things he has said and done in the past to defuse the negativity of them.

On the negative side; Joe Biden was the one who said in the primary debates that the presidency was no place to get experience, or on the job training, (Obama). He has had 2 aneurisms in the past and that is something that could flare up any time from stress if I'm not mistaken. Not to mention that he is almost as left as Obama on taxes and national defense. He did however support the Iraq war, along with the democratic congress. This I believe will come back to hurt Obama, since he says he didn't support the war in Iraq...I know, he wasn't in the senate when they voted on I'm confused here as well...Was not the fact that Obama was for changing government as usual. I mean wasn't that the whole primary campaign theme for Obama? CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE!! "We need to change the way government works and I have not been part of that system forever like my oponents" (Obama's comment in a debate, paraphrased). Well Biden has been involved in politics as usual since 1972, so that kind of shoots that campaign slogan down doesn't it?

So...was it a good choice for Obama? Time will tell, but I believe if John McCain picks someone like Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota that Biden will eat him up in the VP debates. On the other hand, if McCain picks someone like Mitt Romney, I believe that he would stand a better chance against Biden in the VP debates. So at this point it really depends on McCains choice for VP to determine whether Joe Biden will be a good choice or not. There are people who say that the VP choice doesn't matter in a Presidential election. I believe that history has argued for both sides, but in this case especially I believe that the VP could make all the difference in the world. People are so dis-infranchised with the twoPresidential candidates that they may make their decision this fall on the VP choice...sad as that sounds. Now there have been rantings that McCain could possibly consider Joe Lieberman as his running mate. This would be a huge mistake in my opinion because of LIebermans pro-choice stance mainly, as well as his endorsement of global warming, etc. This would all but kill McCains chances to grab some of the conservatives who may be on the fence, so to speak. At this point I believe that Mitt Romney is the best choice for McCain for VP, but I believe that McCain doesn't care about conservatives in the least. So who do I think McCain will pick? I believe it will be Tim Pawlenty because he is on board with the global warming hoax, and pretty much falls right in liine with everything McCain believes.

Either way it's going to be a dismal election for conservatives and I hope that they don't keep sitting around doing nothing. I would love to see conservatives wake up, smell the coffee and start becoming involved in their local political races. Unfortunately, this will prbably take longer than we now have to try and save this great country of ours from socialism/marxism. Wake up conservatives and begin to speak up in your local school boards, City Councils and Mayoral races. Do it now before it's too damn late!!