Monday, September 22, 2008

Will the taxpayer be held responsible?

I really am sorry, but I just can't get away from th financial debacle that is the Paulsen Proposal to bail out the banks and insurance companies. Now it appears that the Dems. want to add riders on to the bail out bill and fill it with pork for their respective states, with regards to failed mortgages for their constituents. They just can't help it, because they are like Piranha feeding on a freshly dead carcass. I am quite sure that before it is over we will be over a trillion dollars with this proposal. And if that isn't bad enough, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Marxist left, want to be the ones to regulate and oversee the reform. What should be happening here is that Dodd, Frank, Johnson, Raines, Obama and the rest aught to be forced to resign and be on their way to jail. The corruption that has been entrenched within the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac institutions, by the Democratic party, is something that should be investigated. But because their are no Conservatives involved in this corruption, there will never be an investigation. By the way...the correlation between Obama's fleecing of the Chicago housing development program with Tony Rezco, and the current Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac scandal is quite interesting. How Rezco was given millions in financial aide and tax breaks to finance housing projects that have been boarded up because they were never maintained, and how 100's of thousands of dollars found their way in to Barack Obamas bank accounts in political contributions, is quite interesting. But because there is a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, we will never see any investigations and will never hear about these things in the DBC (Democratic Broadcasting Companies). I say that because I was informed by a cousin of mine that using the term "Drive-by Media" may be plagiarism because Rush Limbaugh has actually invented the phrase. So even though I do not think this is the case, I will use a term that I have come up with. I believe that the media is all in the tank together and are out of the closet as Obama supporters no matter what they say. So they all might as well be affiliated together! That is why I call them the Democratic Broadcasting Companies. Henceforth when I talk about the media as a whole, (except for FOX News Channel) I will refer to them as the DBC. I think it is hilarious that Obama says that there needs to be change in Washington, yet if that actually happened he would lose a lot of contributions and basically would lose his support from the unaccountable leftists that are running all of this stuff right now. He really is, as LImbaugh says, an empty suit. The man can't see past his own blindness of anything beyond what he has read or been spoon fed in his life.

Now Paulsen and the Dems. are screaming that we need to BAIL the financial institutions and Aig out now, or the economy will go in to a recession. Notice the bold letters in the last sentence please...because that's all it is, a bail out. There is nothing in the bill that talks about never doing this again and keeping these greedy idiots in Congress (Dodd, Obama, Frank) from stealing from the American people again. So I am going to reverse my support for the bail out, and swing to the side of "LET IT BE". As far as I am concerned...I believe we, as the hard working American public, stand to lose less if we just let these institutions fail and move on, than if we hand over a trillion dollars to crooked individuals who stole from us in the first place. Let's look at the plan as of Thursday the 24Th of September. It does nothing to pay back the taxpayer for this bail-out, and in reality holds the taxpayer responsible for the whole amount (to exceed 1 trillion before it's over I'm afraid). Plus the idea that Chris Dodd is part of the drafting the plan, is like sending the fox in to take care of the chickens for Gods Sake. Especially when the left are running around with blood and feathers all over their faces. As far as John McCain suspending his campaign to go to Washington and be a part of the "solution" regarding the bail-out. It was Not necessary of course, and although 80% of America think he did it because he is a patriot, I tend to think it was purely a political move. Now that's just my opinion, but let's examine the possibilities here for a moment. Obama was the first to call McCain and suggest the suspension of their campaigns respectively. However, according to Obama they were supposed to announce it together in a bi-partisan statement. McCain came out early with his statement (says Obama) and Obama decided that he would not postpone his appearance at the debate for Friday the 26Th of September, after McCain announced that he would not attend and wanted the debates rescheduled. Now I believe there are a lot of politics being played on both sides here, but Obama has dug himself another whole with this latest debacle I have to say. The American public feels that going back to Washington, rolling your sleeves up and doing your Senatorial job, is more important than having a debate on foreign policy. So I believe that if McCain shows that he is interested in reforming the current bail-out plan so that it doesn't add any more pork, and pays back the American taxpayer, then I believe it will help him. But let's not forget who is in charge in Washington right now people!! The Democrats have the majority and Reid, Palosi and Dodd are the ones that are going to twist this whole situation around to look like it was Bush's administration that was responsible for it all. Even though the majority of the informed people in America know it clearly was the fault of the left wing Marxists in Washington known as the Democratic Party!

I would like to address the Leftist attempt to demean Sarah Palins Quality as a VP pick recently. I have seen a bunch of editorial cartoons referring to her as simply a graduate of the University of Idaho, talking to President Uribe. I am well aware of the hatred the left has for anyone who backs a strong military, strong Economy, smaller Government, fiscal responsibility and capitalism, but for some reason their memories have gone south. She is a seated Governor of Alaska and has sponsored major reforms and ousted members of her own party because of their inappropriate behavior regarding fiscal responsibility. The only thing that precedes the DBC's arrogance and lack of responsibility, is their inability to be objective journalists because of their own selfish wants and desires. I agree with Sean Hannity that journalism in 2008 is dead, but it has been dead for years. Our school system is in the same tank unfortunately, but I will let Sheila rant about that subject.

Now I want to talk about the debate from Friday night: I thought for the most part I would give John McCain a slight advantage over Barack Obama overall. I think Obama spoke in platitudes again, and went back to the well again on the "failed Bush administration" too many times again. People on both sides are tired of hearing about the past, and want to hear about what the candidate is going to do in the future for our country. I believe that Obama was on his heels more than McCain and just did not know near enough about the subjects they were talking about. That being said I don't believe that McCain slam dunked him either and here's an example. McCain had the opportunity 3 separate times to slam Obama and expose his lack of knowledge and experience. Obama talked about giving 95% of Americans a tax break, and again as I have stated previously, only 60% of Americans even pay taxes! So McCain should have used this bomb and asked him if he was capable of adding and subtracting simple 5th grade problems. I don't know who is running McCains campaign, but they need to throw this at Obama the next time he spouts off about giving 95% of Americans a tax break. There was alot of talk about McCain ending wasteful spending in Congress which sounded great, and with Palin on the ticket I believe that may be the case, but who really knows anymore? For the most part Obama spoke in socialistic/Marxist fashion and quite frankly I expected nothing less. He talked about a broken health care system, which he would like to see socialized. Everything he talked about on the economy was leaning on the Marxist side of things and yet he kept trying to link McCain to it by saying "Well..John's right, but". So I will reserve myself to saying it was probably a draw, but the poll on Hannity and Colmes afterwards said that 85% of Americans that watched the debate on FOX thought McCain won. So it's wait and see time again in American politics. I am very excited about the VP debate on the 2nd of October because I have a feeling that Biden is going to have another moment and say something so obviously wrong and stupid that he may very well be removed from the ticket (as Rush Limbaugh has suggested is possible).

Tip of the week...Google this (Community Reinvestment Act) if you want to see the main reason the U.S. is in the financial situation it is in.

God Bless America!