Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am going to take a few lines here to discuss the new leadership in the Minnesota GOP. This past Saturday Minnesota had it's State Central Committee meeting to choose our new leadership for the next 2 years. I was a delegate, as well as part of the Chair Caucus, which met in what I would call full force. Now from the hospitality suites and the parties the night before, as well as campaign workers seeking those all important endorsements. To the actual buzz in the air surrounding the Earle Brown Heritage Center the morning of all the actual festivities. All in all it was a successful meeting, and I congratulate our new Executive Council, who are as follows...Chairman-Tony Sutton, Vice Chair-Michael Brodkorb, and Secretary/Treasurer-David Sturrock.
The only blemish on the day was again the Libertarians who decided they wanted to make the day in to a Party Constitution rebuilding day. In the last 2 years at just about every major Conference, Convention or meeting of the powers that be...they filibuster and try to create chaos within the ranks. Listen, I agree with much of what the Libertarian Party Activists promote. And to be honest, if they really looked at it hard, they would see that they are not so far removed in their beliefs as the Conservative core of Republicans that wish to rebuild their base one Representative at a time. I have been on record and taken much heat for rallying around the premise that the Republican Party is nothing more than a conduit to restore this Nation back to it's free, Republic, Capitalistic, God loving, small Government, strong Military (and foreign policy), Conservative majority that attracted LEGAL immigrants from all over the world and allowed them to pursue their dreams of success and freedom. I am convinced that if these Libertarian Activists do not get on board and come to some common ground soon, that we will not have the successful 2010 house cleaning that we desperately need in order to reverse the Fascist agenda being shoved down our throats right now. Look, I don't agree with everything we have done as a party over the last 15 years, but again I reiterate that the only way we as a core group of citizens for smaller Government are going to be successful is to come together and discuss the changes, and not by anarchy in major events.

Now I want to talk a bit again about Governments taking over of the auto industry and what is happening as a result. First, let's be clear that this was nothing more than a blow to capitalism and free enterprise by the far left, and Obama's need to scratch the back of the huge union voting block that helped elect him to his dictatorship in 2008. But when our President comes on TV ranting about saving jobs and turning our economy around, then closing dealerships that are profitable, because they have been supporters of Republican candidates in the past, is obviously outrageous. We all know that Obama has become a habitual liar, and has a unique ability to get the indoctrinated dolts that voted for him to believe what he says, while he destroys them behind their back. I have a dealership within my district that is one of these being shut down for political reasons..."Main Motors", in Anoka Minnesota. Now for those of you who do not watch FOX News I will enlighten you to the fact that the Fox and Friends Anchor, Gretchin Carlson, is the daughter of the owners of this dealership. I am in the process of doing everything legislatively and legally to reverse this decision to shut Main Motors down. Their will be some things coming down the road that I can't discuss because I don't know the exact details, but we will be making some noise locally and nationally on this matter! There is a petition that I would like to have all of my readers sign, so we can get 50,000+ signatures to take to Washington and have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann present it to Congress and the Administration. We want them to know that we're damn mad about this style of tyranny within our lives and we are not going to take it lying down anymore. So click on the link at the bottom of the page and sign our petition when you get there so we can get this accomplished, and please pass it along to everyone you know who believes in Freedom!

With regards to the elections in Iran, and the nuclear tests in North Korea...and you may ask why i would lump them together? Well it's because the two are tied together in that North Korea has technology that Iran wants, and Iran has oil reserves that North Korea wants. Both nations detest the west, and all it stands for, and will do whatever they can to help each other to defeat and destroy the United States. I do believe that if we are not careful here, with the blockades on the ports of North Korea, we could be in a full blown war with Korea. Now pay attention to the fact that North Korea is run by China (make no mistake) and China owns the majority of our debt. The economy in the US is in a recession and I do not see a light anywhere at the end of the tunnel. So to have to try and fund another war, in our already dilapidated economic state, China would make sure the war lasted long enough to bankrupt our Country, similar to the fall of the USSR in the 80's. We can't sustain and fight a war with all the spending Obama has earmarked over the next 2 years, so it would be devastating to say the least. So what should we do you ask? Well I am not a military strategist, but I believe we should be blowing North Korea's missiles up right on the pad and call their bluff about war. The idea that we are going to wait until they have perfected the technology to send WMD's in to and over the US, before we do anything about it, is self destructive. Alas, however, this is probably exactly what Obama wants to happen, as he believes that if he allows the US to be defeated by the Islamic Nation, that he will be revered as the king of the world of Islam. He already believes that he is the second coming of Christ, and has been likened to God by the State run media to empower the idea throughout the rest of the Nation. Anyway, if we do not stop N. Korea now, we are in grave danger! Iran sits back and focuses itself on destroying Israel first, before they decide to try and destroy the United States; and believe me they are negotiating with N. Korea right now to get nuclear technology for warfare purposes. Keep Watching Israel, because as I predicted a long time ago...they will be striking Iran soon!

God Bless those who would save this Country!