Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, here we go again!

I know that I will be called a conspiracy theorist again, but the recent news of the "apparent" suicide of the CEO of Freddie Mac, I believe is just the beginning. As many people dropped like flies during the Clintons early years up through Bills Presidency, I believe that David Kellerman is simply the first of many unexplained deaths or suicides to come. Those of us who have a clue know that there is some real corrupt crap going on within Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and certain members of Congress and the Senate. The Congressional Mob works just the way that the Mob has operated for years and years, in that once you are forced in to their corrupt dealings, the only way out is death! I can pretty much with a clear consciousness say that Mr. Kellerman was distraught that he was part of a Ponzi scheme that is and has been raping the American people for about 15 years now. And unfortunately for him and his loved ones, the only way out without endangering his family was to commit suicide. As a lot of us have known for a long time now, the people in charge of "fixing" the problems with the housing industry and mortgage industry are covering up some very corrupt and shady practices. And anyone within the circle that wants out has only the option that Mr. Kellerman took...or risk the lives and well being of their loved ones, because that's the way the Chicago Mob Politics works!

Now as for the Obama Administration reversing it's position with regards to seeking criminal charges against Bush Administration officials for torture of prisoners of war. So let me see if I have this right...3 individuals who were prisoners of war were water boarded to get information about terrorist cells in this Country as well as plots on Los Angeles similar to the 9/11 attacks, and they are criminals for saving the lives of thousands of American citizens. How is it that Nancy Palosi can sit in Congressional meetings with the President and CIA and not just approve the interrogation tactics being offered to protect our Nation, but she approved enthusiastically along with everyone else. Now she lies blatantly to the American public about this fact and says, and I am paraphrasing..."Well Yeah they told me about these tactics, but I never thought they would actually use them!" This aught to scare the hell out of everyone, because this woman is 3rd in line to the Presidency for Gods Sake. I just wish people weren't so gullible, and bought in to the notion that Obama was going to govern as a centrist, and change Washington as usual. A few, like me, saw everything that is happening coming before he was ever elected. If people had payed attention to who Obama spent his previous days listening to and AGREEING to their philosophy and ideas with regards to this Country, or even read his book "Audacity of Hope", they would have been as informed as the ones who saw this all coming, but would most likely have kept him out of office! I encourage everyone to Google the Espionage Act of 1948 and read what it has to say in there, then apply it to this debacle going on with this whole torture witch hunt that the Fascist left has begun.

I have a news flash for all you people who believed that Obama was going to give 95% of Americans a tax break...Hope you know how much of a chump you have been! The amount of money being spent can not possibly be acquired from the top 5% of the income earners...even if they were taxed 100%! So where is the money going to come from you dolts? I'll tell you where it is coming from...everyone that makes between $40,000 and $250,000 a year, that's where! That $30 a month you are seeing on your paycheck (National Average) is being trumped by the increase in tobacco and alcohol taxes, which by the way, about 95% of the people that use alcohol and tobacco are below $250,000 a year in income! So tell me all you on the left, who is being taxed more again? You uneducated, book learned, self anointed intelligencia on the left are nothing more than sheep being led off a cliff to slaughter by the Obama Administration, and the sad part id that you still believe he wants nothing but good for you all!! Look, all you have to do is read the DHS report to know that Obama and the Fascist left want nothing more than to squash anyone who disagrees with them, in any way they have to. Anyone who disagrees with them is dangerous to them and their cause! They are afraid of all us right wing radicals that believe in the second amendment and God (religion) and they are convinced that we all have antipathy for anyone who doesn't believe what we believe. And they are right; they should be afraid of us, but not because we carry guns, but because we are energized and the Fascist left will be thrown out on their ears in 2010 and 2012. They are going so overboard that they may accomplish quite the opposite of what they want, (which is to crush capitalism and conservatism), and basically destroy themselves with their fervor and hatred for anyone who is not like them. I personally hope they all move to a Country where their beliefs are accepted! Janet Napolitano apologizes to the VFW for veterans being one of the groups singled out in the DHS report, but I promise you no matter how well she portrayed her regrets and apologized...she isn't sorry and she believes everything written in that report. Here's what the Fascist left doesn't seem to understand, they accomplished one thing for certain! I doubt very many law enforcement officials are going to take the DHS report seriously, and in fact will probably side with the very people it targets if it ever comes down to it.
it's just reprehensible that the Fascist left has gone as far as it has to this point, (less than 100 days in), and demonized it's own citizens, turned the security of this Country on it's head and exposed it to all enemies...mostly foreign. The level of treason, in my opinion, by this administration is beyond has set this Country's Intelligence community back 50 yrs. and left our citizens vulnerable to anyone who would want to kill us. The CIA is basically standing down because they are afraid to act on anything for fear they will one day be prosecuted for their actions by this administration. I am beginning to wonder who is actually the biggest threat to this Country; the Terrorists or our own Government! It may be too late by 2010 to reverse the damage this administration is doing to this country, but God help us all if we do not throw them all out on their ears America. At no time in our Countries brief history has an election been more important to the future of the Republic and Freedom!
God bless those who would save this Country!