Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Audasity of Hope? NOT

Why is it that States have decided that they do not have to be fiscally responsible for their own budgets anymore? I can tell you why...because the 2008 bail-out mania that we have experienced has given them a big pot of money that they can dig their hands in to and not have to worry about being responsible. I'm telling you if we do not get back to being responsible for ourselves, we will be giving up every freedom or right we have left...and that is exactly what is on top of the left wing agenda. We are seeing the left wing machine in overdrive and cruising, unimpeded down the fascist road to ruin. They have not even begun to receive funds to support the $850 billion bail-out, and they're looking to slap us with another almost $1 trillion bailout for states infrastructure and pet projects all over the Country. So people of Minnesota will be paying for new sewer systems in Akron Ohio, and people in Los Angeles will be paying for new park trails and roads in upstate New York. It's bad enough that 41 of the 50 states are operating on deficits, but now it's every ones responsibility to bail them out? This is getting out of hand fast, and it stands to get worse before it gets better everyone! And in case some of you don't know by now, Iran funds and supplies Ha ma's and Hezbollah, the two terrorist organizations that surround Israel and threaten democracy in the Middle East. So how long do you think it will be before Israel strikes Iran and begins the destruction of Iran's Nuclear program? As some of you will remember, I predicted this months ago, even before Obama was selected our new President. I bring this up not to put myself on a pedestal, but rather to point out that if someone as simple and normal as me can see this coming, then what does that tell you about the rest of society who voted for Obama and believe he can stop it. The idea that anyone, to be fair to Obama, can sit down and through diplomatic conversation end a war that has been going on for centuries is absurd. Even more absurd is that half this countries population believe that Obama can do this, and are blind to the bitter truth. I am not all that certain, if you follow history, that this is not going to lead to WWIII. Russia is poised off the coast of California and Florida, and with the turmoil in the Middle East one thing is for sure! If something does happen, the United States can not afford to deploy troops to the Middle East while exposing our borders to the Russians, Cubans and Venezuelans, or risk an attack.

I have been hearing alot about farming subsidies going to people who are not even close to farmers, and that people making over 2.5 million dollars a year are recieving monies from this program. Now what I don't understand is the shock that people in the press are showing over this. This has been going on since before the Carter Administration, and even though President Bush tried to lower the financial requirements to $225,000, he was blocked from doing so by the Democratic Congress (shock shock). Listen this is just another program that buys votes for the Left, either directly or indirectly and is not much different than the money dumped in to the NEA (National Education Association). Now for those of you who think turning this Country around and getting rid of corruption in our lifetime, I have bad news for you...It's not going to happen!! But that doesn't mean we should stop laying the foundation for generations to come after us to be able to later on.

Ok, now that gas prices have lowered back to around $1.50 a gallon the government, as predicted, is complaining that it has lost millions in tax revenue from percentages gas tax revenue. So, as predicted, it is considering raising the gas taxes to try and recover these revenues. I predict that by this coming summer we will be at about $3 to $3.50 a gallon again, even though the price of oil is at about $45 a barrel, because the left wing fascists can't function without massive amounts of money to spend. They're like the most fiscally irresponsible person you know who has been appointed by force to take your money, then spend all of it on things that do absolutely nothing positive for you at all. But they would rather bury you and move on than to find a balance and just let success and prosperity increase the tax revenue for the Government. It's an immediate gratification society that has been created, and it surely has become the death of capitalism and free enterprise as we have known it for over 200 years.
Now with regards to the Senate race here in Minnesota I can't spend al ot of time elaborating on this because I have spent enough time on it in previous blogs. But I do remember telling all of you that the Left would figure out a way to steal the election for Franken, and as I had predicted the results are mysteriously turning in Frankens favor. Believe you me Coleman won that Election, but when you have a Leftist MN. Secretary of State, two leftists lawyers (as if there are any other kind...lol) and only two Representatives from the Coleman Camp. Listen people...the left have their claws deep in to our Country and they have never made any bones about the fact that they want to destroy Capitalism and make a Fascist/Socialistic style of Government. So to think they would not do whatever they could to secure as close to a 60 seat majority as they possibly can, without causing a revolution) then you should have your head examined.
For those of you who check my blog regularly and are constituents of SD48 in Minnesota I would like to inform you that we will be having a special meeting, after our regular meeting on the 8Th, to discuss our future plans to change the way we do things in our district. So hopefully you are at the full committee meeting on the 8Th, but if not we will do our best to get in touch with you about the meeting after the meeting.
God Bless America...and Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Get ready, cause here it comes!!

I hate to say I told you so, but i told you so...lol. As predicted, Israel is making it's military move against Ha'mas and believe me it will not be long before they strike Iran as well. But really is this a surprise to anyone who follows foreign affairs and pays attention? Apparently Obama is so tied up filling the cast of his upcoming 4 year theatrical display for the world, that he has forgotten there is another world beyond his own out there. You know it's funny, I played a game with Sheila and her girls last night called "Apples to Apples". Now for those who do not know about the game and how it is played let me explain. You have a green card with an adjective/adverb on it such as ridiculous and you have 7 red apple cards with nouns and pronouns that you have to choose which one in your hand best describes or goes with the green card. Anyway, in just about 60% of all the green cards played the young girls were playfully and verbally saying Obama...LOL. Words such as idiotic, uninformed, etc. were of the essence and I thought I would split my side laughing. I'm talking about children ages 5, 9 and 11 were saying this without being probed to do so, and it made me realize that all is not lost in the future of this Country and Freedom. It is rather hilarious to sit and watch Obama parade his chosen disciples on a weekly almost daily basis, and tell us all from the podium of the "Office of the President Elect". Honest to God it's like watching a VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) President act out as a rogue dictator as a young adult, like it's a game they are playing. I have never seen more posturing and acting out as I have with that ignoramus Obama. We all know that he and Rahm Emanuel are neck deep in the Blogojevich scandal, and that is the very reason it was exposed too early to really do anything to the man. It was all orchestrated by Obama and Emanuel so as to reduce the collateral damage to his disciples and himself.

I want to revisit something I talked about a few weeks ago now...The fact that I believe within the next couple years Obama will make political moves that will allow him to rewrite the Constitution and Bill of Rights to give him dictator like power. This will lead to him and the left officially ending Presidential elections in the United States of America. Also he will manipulate and work to have anyone in Congress and the Senate,that have any ideology other than centrist or left to far left values, eliminated from office and replaced with hand picked people of his choice. I believe he, and others on the left, have studied the operations and detailed agenda that helped Both Hitler and Mussolini rise to dictatorial power. It is so scary to read the details of history and relate them to our Countries current situation that I am quite fearful for the future.

Well I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and let's all get out there and work hard to get the conservative views and values heard around your city or town. Get involved and let's change this Countries direction back to the Free Enterprise, Capitalistic society that it was developed to be and should be again.

God Bless America!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Always Remember...Never Forget!

OK, now I am a tolerant person I believe, and I believe that the reason we went in to Iraq was to free the citizens of Iraq from a tyrannical Government, and establish a free democracy. So naturally I believe that people should have the right to express themselves over there because of it. But I draw the line with what I am seeing on the tv from Iraq now, with the shoe throwing incident but more so with the burning of the American flag in the streets of Iraq demanding the mans release. If it hadn't been for The USA these people would still be on their way to mass graves and still under the tyrannical thumb of a ruthless dictator, and certainly not free! So maybe it is time to leave, pull completely out and allow those uneducated, self absorbed morons to be taken over by another dictator from Iran. Then when they cry out to the US for help just say sorry, you didn't want us in there so screw you, you're on your own and good luck. I am so sick and tired of these leaches wanting to take what they want from us, not pay for it and then berate us when we try to help them...they deserve whatever they get from here on out...we should leave!

Now let me talk about this Madoff character for a minute, because I think Congress finally found their scape goat for the financial crisis. I predict that somehow this Bernard Madoff will be held mostly responsible for the current financial crisis that we are now experiencing in America today. Regardless of the fact that it's not a whole lot different from what Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Barack Obama orchistrated with the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle, but they won't ever pay rephorations for what they did because they were put in charge of fixing it!! This Ponzi scheme by Madoff is just large enough (50 billion +) to become enough of a factor to actually be labeled as a major factor in what helped cause the recent declines in the Dow futures. What they won't bring up is how much the Congress has manipulated and extorted the American taxpayer because of what they themselves have screwed up. We as a collective body just sat back and said yes to all of this crap because the majority don't understand economics. I have already been through all of this in detail in other blog postings so I will not bore my readers with it anymore, just remember that I predicted that Madoff would be labeled as the guy who ruined Wall Street...to take the pressure of responsibility off the shoulders of Congress!

I would like to rant some about Caroline Kennedy being chosen as the person to fill Hilloree Clintons Senatorial seat. Is there a written or unwritten law that says if there is a Kennedy trust fund baby wandering around out there somewhere doing nothing meaningful (kind of a normailty I know) then they should own a political seat somewhere. Caroline Kennedy has absolutely zero political experience, but because she is the daughter of a past President Obama and others somehow believe that she should get the seat. I for one believe in a run=off election system for all seats vacated bexause of appointments elsewhere. I believe that the whole pick and choose process is so left wing entitlement bound that it aught to be thrown out. It's not democratic, or any resemblence to being fair to the constituents of that district, but then since when has the left really cared about what is right? Anyway, it really makes no difference because she will just be another puppet in the thug New York political machine. She will make decisions that the DFL tells her to make and will be revered as a leader of her party...lol.
I would like to take a minute to tell everyone that I am greatful for the opportunity I have had to live in a free Country most of my life. I appreciate all who have served this Countries military, and those who fought and died for the freedoms I was afforded! God Bless them all!! And to wish all a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!
God Bless America!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Without Reproach they plod along!

Somehow Santa has brought Xmas early to all of us who have said all along to watch and just look on in amazement as the left wing tear eaxh other up. These people can't get alonmg with anyone, even themselves, unless thy are striving to win an election. The problem is that they all think they are the one who should be in charge of everyone else and everything. They all believe that they are above the law, and should just be indemnified from any responsibility for any wrong doing. Take Rod Blogojevich, Governor of Illinois, for instance...give the man power and it went straight to his head. He tries to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama for his own personal gain, and thinks he can get away with it, are you kidding me? These people are without reproach for anything they do, because they have no respect for the laws they themselves hold others to. And now we have turned the housing crisis, the credit crisis and the Automakers bailout in the hands of the people who destroyed them all in the first place. We have, as a nation of a majority of idiots, turned this country over to a bunch of post menapausal women with an axe to grind, and a bunch of men with constant midlife crisis syndrome. And they all have a real bad habit of spending OUR money like drunken sailors. Then they have the audasity to tell Neil Cavuto that it's not our money...get a rope!! Another example would be these sitcoms (as Rush Limbaugh puts it) on Capital Hill this week. A special committee is spending tax dollars questioning Kranklin Raines and Jim Johnson about the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. That's like one fox acting mad at the other foxes for raiding the chicken coupe, while he is picking the chicken from between his teeth and unbuckling his belt at the table. It's all a show, because nothing is going to happen to these guys! They funneled too much money to the left wing political machine, so to think that they would be held responsible for their actions is fantasy. There are two sets of laws and rules in this country...one set for Washington politicians, (do whatever you want with everyones money and you will not be held accountable) and the other set of laws and rules, (do anything wrong and go to jail). A thinning of the Washington herd is a must in the next 2 years...period!

Now, anyone who believes that Barack Obama's people didn't know anything about this should really pull their head out. I'm not saying that Obama did or didn't do anything wrong, I'm just saying he knows a whole lot more than he is leading us to believe. This is really just Chicago politics as usual, as 5 of the last 9 Governors of the state of Illinois are serving time in prison for one thing or another...lol.

I am encouraged a bit this morning to the fact that the Senate shot down the Auto bail-out on the first vote anyway. However I am a realist and I know that the 850 billion dollar bail-out failed the first time too! I am just so damn tired of people screaming, and the media reporting, that if they don't get billions now that the world will blow up. Stop the euphoric dillusional syndrome people. Why is it that we as a society have bought in to the notion that our lives should be euphoric by default, just because we live in the USSA? What ever happened to earning what you get? UAW workers making up to 78.00 per hour, plus benefits that go on for eternity, should take stock in what they have had handed to them over the years. Capitalism couldn't support that gross indulgence by the UAW, and the people who belong to it, forever. But when it comes to the reality that Government and the UAW have totally screwed the American Auto Industry up, instead of sucking it up and trimming back, they cry and whine like the spoiled brats they are. We have got to get back to the mentality that if you can't pay cash for it...you don't need it! I can see buying a home and maybe a vehicle on credit, but c'mon people stop with the charge card mentality. The majority of people out there are thinking that shoot, I'll charge everything and make minimum payments because I can always file bankruptcy ans start over if I can't pay the tab. Just remember everyone that when someone gets something for nothing...someone else is getting nothing for something! The idea that are personal worth is determined by our credit score is bullcrap, and society needs to wise up. However, when you have a President Elect that's telling you that you deserve to get everything for nothing (except forced community service as determined by his administration) it's gunna be hard to ween yourself off that nipple so to speak.
Anyway, I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, but mostly I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
God Bless America!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to the USSA everyone!!

Well I have to apologize to everyone for not posting my entry Sunday morning, but my hard drive crashed with a Trojan virus and I spent the weekend reconfiguring. But that aside I have a few comments about Obama's appointments to his cabinet, and honest to God it reads like 1992 Clinton cabinet. I don't even know what to say other than I knew Obama had no new ideas for his NEW CHANGE ideas. Honestly I believe that it really doesn't matter, because as I have stated before he is on pace to replace a capitalistic Government with his home-spun Fascist/Marxist Government. I believe he will try and re-write the constitution and Bill of Rights and eliminate presidential elections by 2012.

Now let me rant a bit about the recount here in my home state of Minnesota. I had told many people that the Democrats would do everything in their power to steal the senate seat await from Norm Coleman. Now it could still turn out that Norm Coleman will hold the seat, but there is already talk now, since Saxby Chambliss won the run-off election in Georgia on Tuesday, of the Senate majority leader Harry Reid saying that they will challenge the recount. The reason for the challenge will be something along the line of "it wasn't a legal recount" or something along those lines. Some people I have talked to have gotten angry when I tell them this and say how can they do that? Well make no mistake about it everyone, the Senate enforces policy. With Palosi having a majority and the Senate having a majority, they can do whatever they want to do and there is really nothing we can do about it. If you don't believe me look at the fact that they are allowing the same people that caused the housing crisis not only to walk away without any legal recourse, but also are allowing these same people to "fix the problem" that they created in the first place. Trust me I don't want to be right about this, but sadly as each day goes by it looks more and more like I will be. As I write this the Coleman camp says they are ahead by 311 votes, and the Franken camp says that they are up by 22 votes! Apparently the two camps are using different abacuses to add their votes up. The Franken camp just keeps mysteriously finding more votes out of thin air, and no one in the DBC is raising any questions about it for some reason...lol. It all reminds me of a bunch of adolescents turned loose in a padded room and asked to come up with a winner, and it is all making me sick to my stomach.

well, so much for the bailout saving our economy and saving jobs, as unemployment goes up more than any time in the last 35 years. It is becoming apparent to all of the idiots who voted for CHANGE that they screwed up and now they must pay the price. All it really does however is put these folks in the place that Congress wants them. What do I mean?, well anyone who has read my blog regularly will know what I mean. The general idiot out there is nothing more than a lamb being led to slaughter, and has been conditioned to accept and like it. This has never been about the economy and I continually have to remind people I talk to about that. It has been about power and control and that is all. Again I remind you all that when Government owns everything (Loan companies, credit insurance companies, auto industry, etc...) they tell you what to do. The fact that Congress has been forcing CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards and other restrictions on the American Auto Industry, for the past 30 years, and the fact that they want control over what cars they will make and completely control the Auto industry, if they bail them out for 37 Billion, should enlighten some of you. I can't be more specific when I say that we are becoming a fascist/Socialistic dominant society. The United States of America will never be the safe haven for people who wish to escape oppression from a dictatorship. It's no longer a capitalistic, free enterprise economy that allows us to chase and achieve the American dream. It's soon to be a nation that will not have land ownership rights, will not allow gun ownership rights and will not allow you to make more than a certain amount of money. As of January 20 you may indoctrinate your peers to the sad fact that we will then become, as I have said before, the United Socialist States of America (USSA)...period!

Now I want to say that I hope all the American viewers of this blog had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to all others I hope you have a great Holiday season, whatever that Holiday may be.

I encourage and plead with everyone to copy and paste, then click on the link below and watch a short video on a gun control hearing in Washington. Pay special attention to the last statement made by the woman speaking to the committee!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Please remember those who fought and died for the right to be able to elect a man and cabinet that practices and worships Marxist/Socialist values and policies. It's not their fault, and I thank them and God for the 232 years of Freedom they provided us.

You know, just once in awhile it hurts me to be so right! As I watch the story unfold, with regards to the big 3 automakers, it is like watching a move in a chess game that you predicted 4 moves earlier. I know some of you are saying "what?" to yourselves, but some of you are smiling and frowning all at once. Just as I had predicted, and few others seem to have the guts to say it, or just don't see it...I'm not sure, but another piece to the Marxist puzzle is being cemented in to place by Palosi, Reid and the esteemed Obama team. As predicted they want to bail out the Auto companies, who are lying on the floor screaming and stomping and hitting the floor with their fists, with the understanding that they will only make the cars that the Marxists tell them to. When all that needs to be done is to get Government out of control, eliminate the Unions and pay a fair wage for time spent on labor. Getting rid of the Unions and their ridiculous retirement packages of executives and former employees would free up more than enough money to stay in business and be competitive. But we know that won't be allowed to happen by Palosi and her bandits, so we are seeing the demise of the American Auto industry as we know it. Don't get me wrong here, I think that the people who work for the automakers should have the same resources available for retirement accounts as the average worker in this Country. I'm saying that part of the reason that the automakers are hurting is because the unions have negotiated deals that are not conducive to staying in business and being productive. The greedy union bosses have swindled the auto companies with their outrageous contracts, the Congress has put imposing restrictions on them with the Global Climate Scam..."Go Green" push has placed on them. And the trade tariffs that make it more desirable for foreign auto makers like Toyota to invade the market. Handing over 25 Billion to the big 3 would do nothing more than delay the inevitable demise, they're drowning in a tub that they have been filling up for years and want the people they have been swindling for years to bail them out again and again and again! Now the average auto worker is being paid $78 per hour, with benefits and retirement better than Congresses. Now they are crying to the average citizen who works 3 times harder to make 4 times less money, to dig in our pockets and give them what they have been squandering for years. I am tired of giving my hard earned money to greedy union workers who have been sucked in to the vortex they created for themselves.

It's Wednesday the 19Th of November and the Automakers are off their private jets, then rode in their limousines to the capital to sit there and beg Congress for a bailout again. Henry Paulsen was given complete control over where the 750 billion dollars was going to go. Originally the bailout money was for purchasing toxic debt and the mortgage backed securities. But anyone that is shocked about the statement today that Henry Paulsen said he is not in favor of bailing out personal mortgages or the big 3 auto makers with what's left of the bailout money, should not be shocked, because it is typical indecision of the liberal left. When the bailout was first discussed, it had to be done immediately or the Country would explode, so to speak. Well after a week of no decision, and voting down he first bill, the Country was still up and running and paying too much for gas still. Liberals in the public sectors bought the crap that their "Leaders" fed them, hook...line...and sinker, now they are scratching their heads. You just can't expect Liberals to look beyond their own nose to find the right answer for anything, because it's always about them and their right even if they know their wrong...period!

I would like to address the appointment of Hillory Clinton as Obama's Secretary of State. There are several schools of thought about this appointment, but I will tell you the one that is true and applies, so bear with me. First I must say that I predicted this the Friday before I went deer hunting on the 7Th of November, and it was discounted by my father, whom I have always looked up to politically. But I argued with him that I thought it would happen and then I tried to explain why. Now for those who know my father, you can attest to the fact that it is hard to get him to waiver from his beliefs in an argument...lol. As I had the discussion with my father he professed to tell me that Bill Clinton had too many financial skeletons in the closet and that Hillory would never take a pay-cut to be Sec. of State. I then had to remind him that it has never been about the money with Hillory, but more always about power. I predict that I will look like a genius when this all plays out in the end, but I believe that she knows that before Obama is done as President he will have had the Constitution and Bill of Rights re-written to not allow a Presidential election again. This is why those who are confused about why she would take the position, because it would eliminate her running in 2012, but this is just another piece in the liberal puzzle friends! Mark my words, this was planned and talked about during the primaries, and is part of a bigger plan. I believe Hillory Clinton wants to be as much a part of this dictatorship as she possibly could be, because she will have a power job for life until the day the dictatorship is overthrown...and that is a risk she is willing to take!

I must admit that I know very little about the man Obama has named as Treasury Secretary...Tim Geitner. The only things I know is that he served in the Clinton Administration (as have about 80% of Obama's appointees...so much for CHANGE) and from what I have read and heard so far is about as bi-partisan as a liberal can get. The market reacted well to his appointment, or so the pundits would have you believe anyway. We'll see if it has the stamina to bring the 3000 points back that the DOW has lost since the election, but I really doubt it! In fact unless Obama comes out and says he will postpone raising taxes, or agree to continue the Bush tax cuts or both, come Monday we will see the market fall again. It's not that Americans don't trust that Obama knows what the hell he is doing economically, but rather that most of the wealthy investors in this Economy are capitalists. When Capitalists see Marxist/Socialist agenda coming down the pipe, they will pull their money and analyze the market and futures before proceeding. I would like to say I feel sorry for those who voted for Obama's change and are going to suffer the same fate as the ones who didn't. But I don't feel sorry for them and in fact think they deserve what they voted for! When they have no more savings to live on in retirement and are begging for bread in line along with everyone else maybe they will remember they had a chance to keep it from happening. Unfortunately liberals have a tendency to argue they did the right thing right up to their own beheading, and that is a sad state of affairs in this society today.

God bless America!!!

I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to go look up the rise of the Marxist party in Italy post WWI pre WWII, and look at the erie similarities to what's going on in this country right now. Pay special attention to what Mousolini did within the cabinet to the non-Fascists. Also pay attention to what he did to the press when he finally came in to power fully by 1926, because within a year we are going to see a thinned down version of the same damn thing with the fairness doctrine. For some reason the American public has gotten lazy and has forgotten history and what has happened to get our nation to this point. It's going to take unselfish individuals within the Conservative base to step up and work their butts off to turn this thing around. We have been riding the freedom wave for the last 25 years, and now we need to step up and turn this around before it's too late; so our kids can live in a free Country as we have had the privelage to do. Barack Obama is steadfast in his desire to turn our Country in to a Marxist society and have total and complete control over it's subjects! Look, over the next 4 years the Obama administration and Liberal majority Congress are going to blame everything on George Bush, and the idiots that voted for Obama will be saying YEAH...YEAH its' Bush's fault, so that the libs do not have to take any responsibility for anything wrong that happens. The reality is that this whole financial mess can be traced back to the Democrats all the way back to 2003, and anything George Bush and the Conservative Republicans have tried to do to help the economy has been met with resistance and fillabuster from the Left. If people are too dumb to see this for what it is, (and I don't think even the majority of FOX News anchors and guest pundits get it), then we will have a Marxist dictatorship within 2 years.

Make sure you view the video at the link listed below, and thank you Todd for sending this at this time of year!! God bless everyone, especially the soldiers and their families who serve our freedom every day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here we go, just as I predicted weeks ago when the Government was talking about bailing out the mortgage and lending industry. Everyone is getting in line and whining about the fact that they can't make it and they need help. The big 3 have met with Palosi and have convinced her (like she needed to be convinced) that they need to be bailed out so that jobs aren't lost and they can continue to live the lavish lives they have become acustomed to over the last 30 years. So Palosi says they should get part of the $850 billion mortgage bailout which of course just opens the door to what I said would happen a month ago, and cause the Congress to put a gun in the face of the American people and demand even more. That's right, I am again saying that we will have another huge bail-out added to the one that has already been shoved down our throats. But I guess in the USSA this is the way we do business now! We are beginning to see, already, how the new Marxist regime will dictating. Before the election was over we saw Obama shut down and shut up people who asked the wrong questions, and believe me the fairness doctrine will be among the first bills on the table in the next session of Congress, if not in a special session. We are going to see taxes in the realm of the Carter years within the first year of an Obama Presidency, up around 70% for people who work hard and earn their own way. We will see double digit inflation and unemployment in the private secter. They will create a ton of social programs with our tax dollars and pay people to do the worthless jobs involved and call that employment. Unfortunately, when you undrstand economics in a capitalistic society you understand that unless you create jobs that are part of creating wealth you have accomplished nothing for our economy. The majority of the people who voted for Obama could not care a thing about that as long as they can dole off their responsibility on the backs of hard working Americans and have their big screen tv's, cell phones, house payments, heating and utilities paid for by these hard working people. The good news is that it won't take long for the bottom to fall out, and when business leaves the country and stops paying these outrageous taxes, the Government won't have the money to bail anyone else out and this economy will implode on itself. I just hope that there is enough infrastructure left in our economy that it can be resurrected and brought back to life when Obama and the Dems. do their best to destroy it.

Now I find out that Congress is not even going to use the bailout money for what they originally said they were stealing it for in the first place...what a shock!! I believe I predicted this in past blogs as well, but it is sad that an average citizen like me so easily can predict what the Congress is going to do. They think they are playing a shell game and that the American people don't know which shell the nut is under, when in fact they can't even remember which shell it's under themselves for Gods sake! Mark my words, another bailout is in the near future, because they didn't steal enough the first time and because everyone is getting in line to get their share. Add American Express to this list, and soon I'm sure Mastercard and Visa are next...and let's not forget Discover card. Come on America, wake the hell up and realize what's going on right under your damn nose! All I can say is watch the news, because before January 20, 2009 we are going to be on the brink of a global crisis to end all global crisis. China is positioning themselves to declare war and take over this Country, both physically and economically, and unless we recognize this we will have no choice but to allow it or get obliterated. I don't want to be negative, and I do believe that the US has a core of people that are tenacious and quite feisty to say the least. But it seems, based on the election results, that a majority of Americans are nanny-state, give me what I want without my working for it, kind of worthless idiots who think that freedom is free. Well I have to say that those people will be the first to go when we are invaded, similar to the ones in the movie "Independence Day" when the "diverse and tolerant" people stood on the roof of the skyscraper and got vaporized!

Well now...just as I predicted over a month ago, now everyone is holding their hands out looking for a piece of the pie. Hey everyone, the pie has not even made it to the oven for Christ's sake so back up and be responsible for your own damn shortfalls. Now it has come to the mayors of cities in the US that have overspent, just like Governors of states that have overspent, just like companies that have overspent, an their looking for a bailout. This will vindicate my belief that Congress will increase the amount of the bailout and maybe even make it an open credit card for handing out money it doesn't have to people who should be allowed to fail. But in the spirit of Diversity and Change we must continue to give money to idiots that can't figure out how to balance their own check books. If we continue at the rate we are presently then I predict we as a nation will be in a depression that will make 1929 look silly. You can'not continue to print money and point a gun at the working public and say they have to pay for it to give to irresponsible companies and individuals. If this continues we may very well see a rebellion, because you will be pushing too hard too fast and people will revolt! I have a word for all the companies, States and Cities with their hand out looking for my money...NO! And if I hear another youngster say that Barack Obama just "gets it!" I am gunna slap them in to a corner! When you ask them what it is they can't tell you, they just know he gets it! Let me address this in a language that these illiterate youth understand...OMG!

God Bless America!!

I encourage everyone to visit this website and watch the video that is available. Then maybe some of you liberals will understand how you wound up winning this election.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the USSA (United Socialist States of America)

Take a good look at the man that America has just elected as their president. This is the imbecile that is going to be running our country, along with Palosi and Reid.

As I sit here on my couch, watching the election results beginning to come in, I am reminded that the media in this nation hasn't got a clue what's going on. Either that, or they are just ignorant to the facts that are right before their eyes, or they just are in denial...not sure which one it is. But they are already talking about how the Republican Party has nowhere to go from here but up. They are already throwing Obama his crown and conceding defeat at 6:00 pm, election night. Let's get something straight once and for all here...If Obama wins, and Reid and Palosi get what they want in the house and senate, it is not about Democrats -vs- Republicans here people! It is about this great country of ours being destroyed as a capitalistic/Free Enterprise society, and becoming the Marxist/Socialistic society that the far left has been looking for since the beginning of our democracy! The way the media, (even Fox News), nonchalantly talks about things that we can change it again in 4 years if we aren't happy, will not be available to change. I would not be surprised to see an Obama Administration try to change the Constitution to read that we will no longer vote for President of the United States in the future. This would insure that Obama stays in power for as long as the left wants him to be there, and continue this country down the road to it's certain destruction.

Now I would like to take a minute to address the constitutional amendment in the state of Minnesota that we have apparently passed by a large margin. Why is it that the state needs to pay millions to the public radio system and the urban parks and trails department, not to mention to the arts itself. If the damn self entitled, Obama supporting, turtle neck wearing society needs money for their upturned nose projects, then why in the hell don't they get the money from Barack Obama's social programs, or fund it themselves! I am so sick and tired of giving hard working citizens money to entitlement, trust fund, babies who won't spend their own money to get what they want. These people believe that the world owes them something, and by God they will spend as much of your money as they have to spend to get it! But as Minnesota goes, so goes the country from here on out I guess. I predict that Talk radio as we know it today has between 6 months to maybe a year tops before it will be ostensibly shut down by the Left in Congress. I would expect to start seeing lawsuits shortly after January 20Th 2009, and legislation that shuts Rush Limbaugh and others like him down. This will be viewed and billed as a bi-partisan move to be fair, diverse and tolerant...lol. So unless we figure out a way to broadcast underground, or pass a law that says if you have to pay for satellite radio, then you have the right to listen to anything you want! Also, as I have stated in previous blogs, I believe we will see a pre-emptive strike on Iran by Israel, as a result of this election, before Obama takes office in January. I hope I am wrong, but I do not believe I am and it is sad that I know others in Washington know and believe this but say and do nothing.

It's funny to a degree that Al Franken refuses to acknowledge his defeat in the Senate race against incumbent Norm Coleman. This has all the makings of the dispute between Al Gore and George W Bush in 2000, but on a more local level. I personally have had to deal with Franken supporters for over a year now and I can tell you this about the ones I have dealt with. They are mean spirited, angry, spiteful, hateful people who would just as soon kill anyone that doesn't agree with them as look at them. I have had more than one try to run me off the road in the past 6 months, as well as many just flipping me off as they pass by my truck, because of my political bumper stickers supporting the 2ND amendment and freedom. Working as a security guard for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, when she was in parades this last summer, I had a situation at the end of a parade where a Franken supporter tried to physically attack her while she talked to constituents. Only when I bared my weapon, and instructed him to leave NOW!, did he back down and separate from the crowd. They are vial indiscriminate hate mongers who should be locked up in cages until they can learn to discuss their points without violence.

I received a phone call from my 11 year old daughter this morning before she went to daycare with her little brother (I requested she did not go to school in case Obama lost and riots broke out). She was very concerned that she had heard Obama won, and wanted me to verify that he indeed had won. I could not help but tear up as I realized that she had a better idea of what Obama wants to do to this country than the people who voted for Obama. I will spend the rest of my days fighting to try and reverse the Marxist/Socialistic legislation that Obama, Palosi and Reid shove down our throats. The reason I will be doing this is because of my daughter and her generation! If we sit back and do nothing, as we have done for almost 20 years, then we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for losing our country! Now 2 days after the election the big three auto makers are in Washington with their hands out, as I had predicted a long time ago when we set the precedent by bailing out the banks and housing industry. The sad thing is that Congress created this whole mess because they didn't reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2003 or 2005. Then they didn't allow the market to correct itself, (knowing fully well that it would), when they bought out the banks and finance insurance companies as well as bailed out the housing industry. You see it has all been planned this way by Palosi, Reid and the left wing Party of this country, as I have stated before. It's not about our economy here folks, wake up and smell the swine here, it's about control and power. Now the Government is going to own the Auto industry along with the credit and banking industry, and it's just another step in having total control over us as citizens. They are asking for 50 Billion dollars to bail out themselves, and that is just unbelievable...where is the Congress going to get this money for Gods sake? The unions will get their way on the secret ballot issue and make secret ballots no longer available to anyone in a union from now forward. My grandfathers fears are coming true 23 years after his death! He was so scared of the union thugs at the IBEW that he always voted as he was told, and never had the temerity to vote the way he wanted to. I remember him having tears in his eyes when he knew he was going to have to vote for Jimmy Carter in 1980 rather than Ronald Reagan, because he knew that Carter was bad for our Country.

Today the other shoe begins to fall, as Obama begins picking his cabinet! Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff is a surprising, but yet not surprising pick. Rahm Emanuel was part of the Clinton cabinet and about as far left as you can get (unless you're Obama). So that is not surprising to me at all in that respect...however, after the Muslim world endorsed and prayed for the election of Obama to see him pick a Jewish man to be his chief of staff is absolutely Hilarious. That has to have the Muslims absolutely fuming and blowing steam from their ears over there...LOL. As I write this I am all packed and ready to head off in to the woods to spend time with my family and friends deer hunting. I lost the desire to kill deer years ago, but do so love to spend quiet time in the woods thinking about life and what it holds in the future. Who will not be coming back next year that is there this year? What does politics hold in store for me in the next few years...all things that I will be reflecting on while I doze on the deer stand. I do so love spending time eating like I never eat again until the next year at deer camp, and not worrying about the things that daily life makes you worry about. I honestly can't remember the last time I paid $1.96 a gallon for gasoline however, and that has really made life easier and saved me hundreds of dollars in fuel over the last couple weeks or so.

I would like to say that we all need to just settle back and think a bit about what has happened and what is about to happen. Then get in the trench's and fight it like I plan to do the next few years, by organizing and getting back in to school boards, city councils and local government so we can change things around and get this Country back to the greatness it once was and can be again!

God Bless America!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marxism can be tied to the fairness doctrine!!

It's finally happened everyone, Barbara West, a member of the media in Florida, has questioned the Obama campaign on their smug, public despotism with regards to the American people. And they don't like it at all that the people are starting to see through the smoke screen and look at the Democratic ticket for what it is...a consorted effort to instill Marxism/Socialism Government, which would give majority of control to the Government. When asked about what Obama has believed in and written about when the statement "To each according to their ability, and to each according to their need" is brought up with regards to Obamas statements on redistribution of wealth. The Democratic party has refused any other interviews to the station in question. So insert the fairness doctrine in to television and you see what the future of fair and balanced means to the Leftist Democratic Party. That Quote by the way is from Carl Marx and is the basis for a Marxist Government. It will be interesting to see how far this goes before the election. The Dems want to shut down anyone in the press, or public (Joe the plumber), from asking direct questions that expose their real intentions for this Country. And quite honestly I'm not sure if it's because they are stupid and can't help it, or they are so self entitled feeling that they don't think anyone can do anything about it no matter what they say, or do, but I don't know how the majority of the voting public can listen to what's being said and not determine that today's Democratic Party wants to destroy their freedoms and turn them in to subjects of a Socialistic/Marxist Government. Barney frank has recently stated that he wants to push through legislation to cut military spending by 25% and apply that money to social programs, (of which he will no doubt skim millions to himself and other Democratic operatives), and pull that money from our peace keeping forces in the volatile Middle East. You can only pray for someone like this, my prayer is that he somehow disappears without a trace, or that he is replaced this election!! (God, I apologize for that right there...and God bless the Pigmy's in New Guinea). Barney Frank is a man who never quite got control of his hormones the right way, and seems to surf Washington these days looking for organizations, like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, to find gay lovers at the top of these organizations that can help him destroy the public investments in these organizations. Now I personally don't care who he's sleeping with literally, but I do care who he is in bed with figuratively when it comes to being a complete out of control socialist/Marxist with regards to this countries economic life! This is so reminiscent of 1976 and the SALTII treaty that Carter butchered and implemented with many changes from it's modest beginnings. He proposed scrapping the B-1 bomber program, which eventually was re-installed and was instrumental in the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Proof positive again that Democratic social programs here at home are more for the welfare state and has a platform that promotes weakened borders and socialistic values. We have been fighting it for years, but I am more afraid today than I have ever been that they may be close to achieving their goals!

I would like to discuss the possibility of the Democrats getting the 60 seat majority in the Senate again. This is a distinct possibility and would eliminate any filibuster possibilities by the minority. It means that they will be able to push through any social program that precipitates their Marxist goals. But the one thing they are discounting is the American people in this situation. If they do attain a 60 seat majority, we as Americans must become even more active in our own politics and continuously call our representatives to tell them if they vote for a bill we appose they will lose our support in the next election...period! We have to take back control of our country and that starts by ousting members of the House and Senate that want to increase the size of Government. I can't think of anything that scares me more than Obama appointing a judge to the Supreme Court that believes that our Constitution is a living, breathing document. This means that it is important to get rid of any majority in the House and Senate on the Democratic side, or suffer the demise of our great nation within just a few short years!

Let's discuss the fact that over the course of the summer Obama's definition of "wealthy Americans" has gone from 1 million dollars a year to now, as Joe Biden recently said, $150,000.00 a year. Now anyone that believes they are void of being taxed if Obama is elected, is sadly mistaken and quite blind. With new recordings of Obama talking about the founding fathers not allowing for redistributive authority when writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now the Democrats are even saying in public that, with the help of Obama, they want to write a second Bill of Rights that will allow government to control us even more, and give the supreme court authority to make decisions about the redistribution of wealth. This is a scary notion, that we could watch our Constitution changed before our very eyes in the next 4 years...unbelievable! Personally I don't want to live in a country that isn't free, and I believe that the Marxist left of this country will eventually find out the hard way that there are a lot of citizens that also will not tolerate it very long...if they keep this up. Tell me what incentive there is to work hard and become successful if half of what you make is going to be given to those who sit on their asses and wait for Obama's Marxist's to send it to them. I honestly have no idea how someone is supposed to put their kids through college nowadays, with what it costs lately, if we are not allowed to save money to do so. Now they are toying already with the notion of stealing your 401k regardless of what you have in it, and giving everyone $600 as a retirement account that earns 3% interest over the course of your life. Then they will distribute it to you with your social security payments, but I know for a fact that social security is bankrupt and has been for years, so should we believe that they will do what they say after they stick a gun in your face and take your 401K's?

I would like to address a bill that people will be voting on this year as well, which would eliminate secret ballot voting for employees when voting to unionize or not. Now all I'm hearing from the supporters of this bill is that it doesn't take away the right to a secret vote, and that anyone who wants to vote privately can. But the truth is that the unions want to get back to the 1940's and 50's when employees were intimidated by their union bosses to vote for whomever they were told to vote for, regardless of their own feelings about the candidate. If they didn't vote as per the unions wishes they would be ostracised and sometimes beat severely for non-compliance. If this bill is passed it simply sets a precedent that would allow it to be shaped and added to in the future and freedoms would disappear at a greater rate than they currently are. Personally being a member of the IBEW I have been receiving literature for months now telling me how I should vote, and I have been appalled at the lies they were allowed to print with regards to candidates they were not endorsing. They disguise themselves now as "the alliance for a better America" now instead of owning their comments and responsibilities when it comes to their radio and tv commercials. Just come out and say you are the IBEW when you make statements that are blatantly and knowingly wrong and sally up you cowards! I can personally tell you that Barack Obama was the last candidate on the Unions lists to support for president. When the primaries started their were John Edwards signs up everywhere at the union offices, then when he fell out of the ship they quickly changed all he signs to Hillory Clinton posters, then when she was forced out of the race they begrudgingly changed all the posters to Obama...Good Lord people have the temerity to stand up for yourselves why don't you, and make a decision for yourselves! (hilarious that grown, tough, men are whipped and beaten down like puppies by their union leaders...while paying them to do it!) Now the Senate wants to regulate the NFL and force it to broadcast games as it sees fit, what is this Country coming to? LOL

God Bless America!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is America safe anymore?

I would like to let all my viewers know that there are ads and video's being placed in this blog without my permission. So if they upset you I apologize, however I do believe that getting apposing views of my opinions are good to expose in here, because it shows how idiotic the view from the left really is! But I encourage you to click on and check out ads that are posted in this blog.

Is the United States safe anymore from extreme terrorist attacks? I for one am worried that if Barack Obama wins the Presidency that we will be quite vulnerable. In fact the running mate of Barack Obama even said today, that within 6 months of Obama taking office , that he will be challenged by a large world event. Honestly, every week Biden says something else to hurt their efforts...it's actually quite hilarious I think. Biden has got to be one of the most ignorant individuals to ever run for a major office in my lifetime. And if Obama loses this election I believe it will be linked to Biden and all the controversial statements he has made, both in the primary and the general. Personally I do not think that it will take as long as Biden says to have a major international incident. I believe that Israel is watching what happens in this election very closely. Because they know that if Obama gets in that they will have lost the United States as a peacekeeping force in the region there. So it is my belief that, if Obama wins the White House, Israel will attack Iran before Bush leaves office on January 20Th. If they do, they at least will have some support until the current administration leaves office. Either way I believe that Obama is dangerous for this country because he believes himself to be, (as Rush Limbaugh puts it), the Messiah, the anointed one. He believes that thug dictators will embrace him and listen to what he has to say with regards to their own countries needs, wants and desires! Obama believes he is above the law, which most in congress believe as well by the way. It scares me to think about what kind of country my daughter will have to grow up in, and how many rights will be ripped from her before she has the opportunity to experience them. Obama with a super majority in the house and senate will destroy gun rights for the individual in this country, which in turn will facilitate an increase in murder and serious crimes by 300% at least in major cities. Nanci Palosi is already coming out and stating that she will make sure the fairness doctrine will be re-established, which will be the end of our freedom of speech and talk radio as we know it. Barney Frank has come out and said that we need to start spending more money, and raising taxes to give Congress more money to be able to spend on socialistic programs. I am very worried that before too long they will be asking me to turn in my guns, which of course I will not do. I am also worried that from henceforth I will be punished for working hard and making more money and being successful, which goes against everything that I was raised to believe and endear myself to this country for as a child. I am so afraid a civil war is looming on our horizon, and I am scared that it will eventually be the end of what I have grown to love...the greatest Country in the world!!

Now I need to address "Joe the plumber" and I know we have all heard about as much as we want to hear about Joe. But what I am going to say is somewhat significant here! It amazes me that the very Congress and media that were so against the FISA bill because they said that the Government should not be able to invade peoples privacy. Yet when Joe the plumber gets a comment out of Obama that he thinks that spreading wealth around is a good thing, the very people that were against invading the privacy of the average citizen have now gone after a regular citizen and dug in to his past exposing everything they possibly could. They have ruined his ability to find work and basically destroyed his life. The hypocritical method to their undeniable madness for what they believe, is absolutely astounding to me. To expand on whether our economy is safe anymore I would like to address the same cures for our economy that I brought up about a month ago when the debacle started. It's quite easy really, if we reduce Capital gains taxes, lower corperate taxes and begin drilling for oil where we have it accessible, (ANWR, within 50 Miles of our coastlines). If we would just do this and allow the market to correct itself, then by next spring our economy would be strongly on it's way back to prosperity. Unfortunately I believe that we will have a left democratic majority in the house and senate, which will include a 60 seat majority in the senate, and I believe that even if McCain is elected we will have more deficit spending and more taxation as Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi have come out publicly and promised. Yet Lanny Watkins (former Clinton Staffer) comes on Fox News and says Obama is a fiscal conservative. I am telling you these people are all in the tank with an ideology that they believe is too strong to be reversed and are literally scared to say anything truthful for fear they will be tagged and left out of the family. What we have in Washington right now is a Mob family that is planning on strong arming people and keeping them down so they have wealth and power. This power hungry Mob needs to be attacked, overthrown, and those responsible for the anarchy against America replaced!!

Now let's talk about something that scares the heck out of me...our educational propaganda system put in place back in 2000. But I need to preface this with a little history if you will indulge me the space to do so. After WWI the bitterness and dissension of Germany and it's allies was great. Hitler (who was an evil genius in my opinion) knew that to facilitate the nationalistic plan he had to take over Europe, and eventually the rest of the world I believe, he needed to convince his population to back his ideology for Germany. He was able to accomplish this by manipulating the school system, burning any books that were contrary to his plans, and began to indoctrinate the youth for generations in to believing the radical cause. Fast forward to today and what we are seeing with the population of young voters backing Obama for President. In 2000 the Democratic party was livid over loosing the election to George W. Bush, and a plan which was conceived years prior was ramped up severely in the school systems around the nation. Prior to the 2000 election we had seen the pledge of allegiance and prayer disappear from the schools around the country. But since then the NEA (National Education Association) has stepped up efforts to indoctrinate our children in public schools everywhere with their own left wing ideology. We have seen schools implement history books that have chapters praising Barack Obama and his Marxist views of equalization of society. We have seen them eliminate in some school systems the teaching of capitalism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have seen an implementation in schools that rewards people for not trying and where everyone wins. They have taken the desire to be better out of our children, because there is no incentive to be better at something than everyone else. We have seen "No Tolerance" policies that suspend kids for having a box cutter in their trunk because they have a job at a grocery store that they have to go to right after school. They are taught that Government should take care of all of your needs and that you should not strive to become more successful than your classmates, or co-workers! Now I know that this is not true everywhere and that we have a few brave teachers that do not subscribe to this ideology. They are soldiers in a grossly undermanned force in our school system around the Country. I sincerely believe that the socialistic/Marxist individuals that have taken over the Democratic party have implemented the strategies used by Hitler in his time, in order to achieve their desire for marginalizing and socializing our great Country and killing Capitalism forever!

So to answer my own question, (in my humble opinion) "Is America safe anymore?" the answer is No! Politically we are not safe from a Congress that has irresponsibly taxed and spent us in to what some say will be a 30 trillion dollar debt for our children if it continues the way it is now. And a Congress that would severely disable our military to the point that we would be almost defenseless against any major attack on our country in the near future. Our school system is in my opinion slowly becoming a factory that turns out zombies who do whatever the left wing side of government tells them, because of the idiology forced upon them. So unless we infuse conservative capitalistic views back in to the school system NOW, and counter the radical views with another option for our children and let them decide for themselves, socially we are doomed as well! We must work harder in our BPOU's and in our own districts to get people with our conservative values in to the city councils and school boards so we have an apposing voice for our children. It will definately be an historical election either way you look at it and it's time we stop expecting the government to do what is right for us, because they are a runaway train with no breaks, and we need to find a way to stop that train before it crashes. When Barney Frank says blatently on national tv that it's time to put the worries about deficit spending on the back burner and spend even more on social programs. They believe that there are alot of hard working successful Americans that can be taxed even more to pay for this. We are just about beyond return my compatriots, and we had better wake up and get invloved or we will lose this country as we want it...free!!

God Bless America!!

I encourage all of you to click on the link I am providing and watch the short video there!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Has anybody seen the US Congress?

I would like to address several topics this week, none bigger or smaller than any other, or in any particular order. I would like to start with something that has puzzled me and something I have talked about in previous blogs. Why have we heard absolutely nothing about the Iraq war as it stands today, except for Barack Obama using it as a talking point in rally's and in the 2 debates as a failed policy of the Bush administration? I will tell you why...because the surge worked, we have reduced the amount that we are spending to establish commerce and a viable economy from 80% in 2007, to now 15% in 2008. And quite frankly because with all of the things that are happening positive about the Iraq war and the war against terrorism, it now serves no purpose in this election. So the DBC and the Democrats don't talk about it anymore. So when that stopped being a viable vehicle to use to further their political purpose, they brought out plan B which was manipulating the Housing and Credit markets to make it look like capitalism and free enterprise were the seeds of corruption, and somehow with the help of the DBC, made it out to be the failed policies of the Bush Administration. And of course as I have pointed out previous, the Bail-out failed to instill confidence and keep the market from acting spastic of sorts. As of right now, while I write this excerpt, the market is up 936 points, so as people have removed what money they had left out of the banking institutions, Aig and the failed housing market. Now they are redirecting their remaining assets in to other industries and companies. This coupled with the fact that the Fed put part of the bail-out money back in to the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae and now buying up the banking industry, the market is coming back. The problem is that when the Fed throws that money from the presses in to the economy that will eventually cause inflation and we have no way of knowing how bad that inflation will be yet. If Obama is elected I will predict inflation rates, within 2 years, that will rival and most likely surpass those rates of the Carter years. But that's ok because Congress will just pass more tax increases and then manipulate the business world again so they will eventually be in control of everything one day. Obama now is even coming out publicly and saying that redistributing wealth is a good thing to do, even though some of us are not surprised by this at all, at least now maybe some people who didn't believe it, have maybe opened their eyes.

Now I would like to point out a few points about our US Congress, and the strong democratic influence since 2006. I seem to remember a Congressional race in Florida back in 2006 where the Democrats in Congress just roasted Mark Foley, the Republican incumbent, for illicit text messages to a female intern. There were Congressional investigations, and peoples heads were gonna roll over it...and they did! Mark Foley lost to Democratic challenger Tim Mahoney, who ran on a campaign that touted integrity and keeping America accountable again. Now ironically at the same exact time in a political race as in 2006, and in the same district, Tim Mahoney has been exposed for having an affair with a young female that received a $50,000 a year job from Mahoney. Now she has been paid off and fired, with $120,000 worth of campaign funds as a severance package. So where is the DBC on this one, and where are all the investigations and all the hoopla surrounding the scandal and the illicit behavior involved at all levels? I don't even need an answer to this from anyone because the answer is as plain as the nose on my face. The Democratic majority and the brotherhood with Rino's in the Congress will not pursue this because it doesn't serve to forward the left wing political agenda that they strive to shove down our throats...that's why! Let's look at Voter Registration Fraud for a minute and make some comparisons there, shall we...

In the 2000 election the Democrats screamed bloody murder that votes were not counted because of the hanging chad debacle in Dade county Florida. The outrage was such that there were concerns of rioting in the streets, and a Candidate pouting and throwing a fit because they couldn't fraudulently win the election. It was a divisive point in our political history, and launched what I call the Democratic campaign to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to fund partisan organizations to further their crooked cause. The Acorn organization is under investigation for voter registration fraud now, but only because the American public raised such a cry of outrage at the pure indignant leaders are on tape, without a sense of conscience, speaking to acorn employees in a convention about how they are going to throw the Republicans out on their ass and get Barack Obama elected. They have been caught registering one person over 70 times with differences in residences with the intention of having that person vote each time for Obama. Not just physically voting, (because we don't have strict enough laws for voters to have to follow), but also their has been intent to also have some of these sent in on absentee ballots in order to flood the system with enough of the illegal votes to achieve their cause because they can't win unless they cheat! I actually have a simple answer to this problem that will no doubt get much thought when I bring it to the house floor in Minnesota during the next session. I plan to try and co-sponsor a law that will change our Social Security Cards to one similar to our drivers license. A plastic card with all our pertinent information including our picture, which you must have with you in order to vote. This card will have info that must be concurrent with information at polling places, monitored by election officials, and would make voter fraud all but impossible. But this will most likely never get any legs in Congress because it would take away the illegal advantage that the Democrats now have.

I would like to address something that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is now being roasted in the press for saying on Hardball with Chris (in the tank for Obama) Mathews. She was asked a question, within an audio delay, whether she thought that Congress should be investigated. She never did say she thought Congress should be investigated, what she said was, and I am paraphrasing here, "I would like to see the press do an expose' on individual members of Congress and let the people of America decide if which members are anti-American and which ones are pro-American." She has since been questioned by the press and they have made statements to try and make viewers think that questioning Barack Obama's patriotism is somehow a breech of security or something. Listen...He has spent his political career working closely with a known Terrorist (William Ayers), he spent 20 years in a church with a bigot named Jeremiah Wright, who preaches hate America Rhetoric, he has associations with other radical America hating individuals such as Farekon and Father Phlaeger of Chicago's south side. So now in our political life we're now not supposed to judge the character of the men or women running for higher office? I think the fact that Obama has been associating himself with people like that says a lot about his outlook on America as a country. Let's face it, when you speak things that are pure statements of Fascism and Marxism, then you are clearly for something other than what this great country was founded on, such as Capitalism, Free Enterprise and a free nation for it's people and others who would come here LEGALLY!! So to question Mrs. Bachmann because she recognizes a Marxist When she hears one...did you catch that? I said when she HEARS one, not sees one! The press would have you believe that because of what she said about Obama, that she is judging him on his race or looks, and nothing could be further from the truth here. So I would encourage you all to write your congressman/woman and Senator and tell them you don't want a Marxist like Obama in the White house!

God Bless America!!

PS: I just found out that Colin Powell endorsed Obama for President, is that really a surprise to anyone? Colin Powell is doing nothing more than facilitating his own political career, as Obama had previously said that Powell would be part of his administration. (Rush Limbaugh pointed out how moderate Powell has been since leaving the Bush administration because of it's stance on Affirmative Action). No big loss here, so don't worry about it at all!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belmont Stakes in 08'

As I sit here and watch the debate between McCain and Obama it is obvious that McCain has absolutely no idea what the majority of the American people are looking for. He spent the first half hour of the debate talking about reaching across the isle, and McCain/Lieberman, McCain/Feingold and McCain Kennedy. Does he think that the conservatives out there don't know what he has voted for in the last 15 years? He has, as far as I am concerned, lost this Presidential race and given the conservative American public a stiff fist up the rear end. He went after the Democratic Congress with regards to the bail-out problem, and the reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Obama spoke very well and although he spoke in platitudes, not specific, he still blew smoke up the viewers butts and came off better in the first third of the debate. Obama was quite eloquent in letting the American people know that he plans on stealing from the hard working wealthy and give it to the lazy do nothing welfare recipients! But he does sell it well to the people that have no clue what Capitalism and free enterprise is all about. Obama again said he will give a tax cut to 95% of the American people, yet I say again for those of you who are new to my blog, only 60% of the American Public pays taxes. But I really doubt McCain will bring that up, because he had 3 opportunities to do it the last time they debated!

Now we're on the global warming issue, and McCain dove head first in to the debate with climate change legislation that he proposed. Why do we propose GREEN jobs when all it means is that we will have the government employ people to work these GREEN jobs. But what most people don't think about is that when you are working for the Government in this context you are producing nothing! You are doing nothing to generate products goods or services that could be used to increase our GDP (gross domestic product) which is what has made us an economic power for the last 100 yrs. Obama's answer to the health care crisis is to pool everyone who can't afford health insurance on the Government dole. Which means that the working American will be paying for the non-working individuals health care! Now he says it is a right not a responsibility for everyone to get health care. Socialism at its finest, which anyone who has paid attention over the last 2 years knows is the driving force behind the Marxist theology Obama subscribes to! Now Obama blames the loss of Osama Bin Laden on the fact that we went in to Iraq! Who gives this empty suit his talking points and information? Clinton had Osama Bin Laden offered up on a silver platter and passed it up! So maybe Obamas advisers should school him on the fact that it is the democrats who allowed Bin Laden to escape and plan the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11! Now on the issue of foreign policy it should come to no surprise that McCain won that battle hands down. Obama really showed a lack of knowledge and experience on this issue. Overall to this point I would give the debate an even split, with McCain getting a slight nudge in my opinion. Unfortunately that equates to a huge loss for the conservative base and America as a whole. I believe unless something monumental happens in the last debate, or in the time until then, I do believe that we will have our first Marxist President and our Country will basically be a ticking time bomb.

Now I would like to address the fact that 3 days post Bail-out the Dow is down 508 points. That is absolutely no surprise to anyone like myself who knew this was all a contrived crisis. Had they left the market alone, reformed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when it was discovered they were corrupt and let the market correct itself, we would have been better off. But because it WAS a contrived crisis to make the current administration look bad, for the lefts own political purpose, the market is going to take a long time to recover. In reality the market will recover based on how the American people trust or distrust our own Government. Believe me there will be people who have lost their life savings for retirement that are going to want to shoot and kill someone in Government over this. These self centered, egotistical politicians like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and others have basically spit in the face of the average hard working American in order to line their own pockets and bolster their own political party. This is a dangerous, dangerous time in our nations history, and I believe this is just the beginning of a very volatile 4 years for our great nation! Now as of this morning the Fed drops the interest rate another 1/2% point, to spur the market and make it look like the bail-out is working. You know when the Government starts treating the general public like they are stupid, they will learn real fast that bloggers and others who know whats going on will begin to educate the general public to exactly what is going on.

It's Thursday evening, October 9Th and the Dow Jones dropped out of sight today!! So where is the confidence that the $850 billion pork sandwich was supposed to cause to the credit and housing market? Well I'll tell you this everyone...this just backs up my theory that the bail-out was just a contrived crisis to steal an election for the Democratic party. But that being said I have to say that the American public clearly has no confidence in Congress to do the right thing with their money anymore. Now I am hearing today that the government wants to buy out all financial institutions and have oversight of all of them. This is just as I predicted weeks ago, (read past blogs), that this is just the first step in the Palosi/Reid Marxist Congressional plan to take over total control of this country in a socialistic/Marxist fashion. Still it amazes me the number of people who have bought in to the Left wing theocracy as I read letters to the Editor in my local paper, as well as the daily Mpls. Star Tribune. These people clearly have no desire to own up to their party's mistakes and illegal activities, which are out front and exposed on a daily basis. Let's talk about Acorn and the Voter registration fraud all over this country this past week. Democrats refuse to tie Barack Obama to this organization, regardless of the fact that he was the top legal representative of the organization, trained people on how to register homeless people, illegal aliens and convicts who are not legal to vote. Not to mention that Obama donated $800,000.00 to the program! But yet the Democrats say he has no affiliation with Acorn, just like he has no affiliation with William Ayers the known Terrorist, and after sitting in the church of Rev. Wrights for 20+ years and claiming he never knew that Wright was such an anti-semitic, and hater of this great country. It's getting laughable that this idiot could possibly become our next President. I recently viewed a picture of Barack Obama as he was getting off his Jet to attend a rally. In his hand was a book that he was reading with the title of "The Post American World". This book is a Muslims view of the fall and collapse of the United States. The book was written by Fareed Zakaria, an international editor for snoozeweek magazine (Newsweek for all you liberals out there!), and I would encourage all of you to google the title of the book and watch the you tube videos regarding this self proclaimed Americans views on America. The video by the BBC is probably my favorite, but they all point to the fact that there is a movement in this country by people who by definition are Americans, but who no more care about our sovereignty than they care about what the names of the 72 virgins are that they will some day be showered with. I'm telling you that we better wake up and take this country back over or we will lose her to extremists that want to tear her down and make us all subjects instead of free citizens of a United States of America!!

God Bless America!!