Wednesday, August 13, 2008

World War III in the making? (Russia-vs-Georgia)

I know, I know...the title lends us to say to ourselves; What is he talking about, WWIII? Well let's examine this for a little bit. If you know history, or have at least studied history regarding the world wars, then you know these facts. WWI was the result of alliances between nations and was set off by the assassination of Archduke, "Franz Ferdinand", the Austro-Hungarian Heir to the throne.(a) Because of a series of declarations of war infused after retaliation against the kingdom of Serbia, the War was in full swing within 3 years...from 1913 to 1917 when the United States entered the conflict. WWII was the result of basically the same scenario as Hitlers Germany invaded Poland in1939, and because of alliances between the Allies, the war between the Allies and Axes began.(b)

So how do I tie the recent happenings of Russia's invasion, (and that's exactly what it was, make no mistake), of Georgia! When Hitler began his march across Western Europe and invaded country after small country, Europe's Allies just sat back and watched. Unfortunately Britain had a spineless Prime Minister in Neville Chamberlain, who believed that he could stop Hitler with diplomatic Rhetoric, (sound familiar Obama supporters?). Now if you want a history reading, go to Wikopedia, or Google, and look up the facts. My point is this...

As a result of the outcome of WWII and the 45 year cold war between the Soviet Union/(Russia) and the United States we have allowed ourselves to be lulled in to a false sense of security on a worldwide scale once again. Despite 9/11 and the war on terrorism, as a nation we have overlooked Russia as a country with an axe to grind and a country who won't make the same mistake they made with Reagan in the 70's and 80's again! We bankrupted the old Soviet Union with an Arms race that literally they could not keep up with. And now they supply roughly 25% of Europe's oil and have bolstered their bank account with some $300 billion in oil profits. Don't kid yourself, they will spend like there is no tomorrow to achieve their worldly goals. They are sore at the United States and her allies because of what happened when Communism stumbled in the Reagan era. I say stumble because it never really died in Russia. When Putin was put in Charge of the fake democratic style government, which was really a Communistic Government incognito. It was clear, to all of us with a clue, that Russia's intentions were to rebuild and re-establish it's dominance in the region. The recent invasion of the Georgian province is just the beginning my friends. Shall the NATO nations just sit back and say..."Oh well", or are we going to honor our alliance with these smaller independent republics like we're supposed to? The real question is whether England and France will do anything while our fighting forces are deployed and stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq. History has shown that the world looks to the US for guidance, regardless of their opinions and reactions to what we eventually do or say! So will they now look to a United States who's economy is struggling, and who's citizens are extremely divided politically, to be the leader and savior of that part of the world yet again? I for one am hoping that we do not need a 3rd World War to break out for this country to join together as one again, but I fear that it just might come down to that. I don't think we can just sit back and discount what the Russians have done here, and what their intentions clearly are for the near future. They intend to take back what they clearly feel was stolen from them, (by the United States), when countries declared their independence from the Soviet Union over 20 years ago.

"So what should we do then genius?", is no doubt what some of you are saying right now. And although I am not a military genius, or strategist, I do know that when it came to our own freedom from oppression a lot of people gave their lives to make this country a free one. And I don't think we can tout capitalism and free enterprise to other countries, and parade around in front of cameras being the spoiled people that most of Europe thinks we are, and do nothing. It's time to put up or shut up America, and western Europe!! Georgia has been helping the Nato/USA forces fight terrorism since the Iraqi war began, and they did so without being part of NATO, I might add! These brave people have given themselves to the world cause to fight this black entity and we are just going to sit back now, while their country is being blown to pieces, and say SORRY!! Listen...there are a lot of people more knowledgeable about this subject than me, such as Jason Lewis, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and others. But they all agree to a certain degree with my theory that we should not ask, but tell Russia they need to stop now with what they are doing. We need to negotiate with Georgia for them to give up the area that is being claimed to hold the rebel faction that supposedly is the reason for the conflict. And we must let Russia know that we will begin adopting countries such as Georgia in to NATO. This should be non-negotiable and we need to establish once again that free people will always win over a dictatorship. Now will we be able to do this if we Elect Neville Chamberlain...I mean, Barack Obama; I think not!! Now I'm not saying that John McCain and a democratic Congress will be much of a boost to our moral, but I believe the bleeding will be much less severe than if we elect a Fascist, Marxist like Barack Obama this fall.

There are strong stances to be made here, and I hope we (the allies) will make these stances and statements soon before this all gets out of hand. We sat back and let Hitler go too far, let's not make the same mistake again with Russia, despite the fact that they have a nuclear arsenal. Russia wants no more to have a nuclear war with the United States than AL QAEDA wants to become westernized, but it's the beginning of what may very well turn out to be the 2nd Cold War. I for one hope we don't allow free people to become conquered and oppressed once again because we didn't have the temerity to do what was right!

Now that I have stated what I believe is the right thing to do, I would like to say something with regards to what the current administration has not done. President Bush came out publicly and denounced the Russian invasion and demanded that Georgia's Sovereignty be respected. Well coming from a President who has, (with a democratic House and Senate), not been able to do anything positive for our own countries sovereignty. I just don't think his comments are exactly monumental nor comforting to the people of Georgia. And other than the solution I have stated previously in this blog. There is nothing short of going to war with Russia that we can do about this matter, because trust me...we will receive very little support from NATO countries if we do. The next 4 years are going to be a huge turning point in the future of freedom in this country and in the world. I just hope we as a people are ready again to fight for it as our forefathers have done! Now for those of you who are left of this issue and want to ask how Russia's actions are different than our actions in Iraq, let me school you just a bit...Our response was initiated by Iraq invading Kuwait (a sovereign nation), and when asked to subside from killing their million man army, which was retreating fast to Baghdad, we stopped. But the condition for the cease-fire was that Saddam Hussein and his army's comply with the cease-fire resolutions put forth by NATO, which they didn't! They stuck their noses up to every resolution and agreement made to them, funded known terrorists and committed genocide on its own citizens. And that's the main reason we invaded Iraq, so stop making the bubble headed comparison of that situation to this one please and recall history for a change!!

ps: I wonder if Russia is thinking about trying to do to the fragile American economy the same thing we did to them in the 80's? After all, if we are not allowed to drill for, extract, refine and transport our own oil reserves to be able to suppliment the world market they just might succeed!

I will be heading to Canada for a week and will do what I can to post my rantings for the 31st of August before I leave on the 28th. I have been recieving verbal requests and endorsements to run for a position in the District I am currently residing in, so I must consider my options as it applies to my personal life.

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