Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have to apologize to everyone who reads my blog I am engrossed in a campaign for Governor. I will be taking a vacation from blogging to take care of my responsibilities as Chair of SD48, Head of the Truth Tour Committee, and working on the campaign of Mike Jungbauer for Governor. I will resume when things begin to thin out for me just a bit!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I have to apologize for not posting last weekend, but things have been busy for me lately. Unless you haven't heard yet, I have been asked to be Senator Mike Jungbauers campaign manager on his run for Governor...and I accepted! That being said, I will weigh in on the latest issues pressing our Country this week. First let's talk about the cap-n-trade debacle...I mean bill, that the House has already passed and sent limping to the Senate for approval. We all know that if this bill is passed by the Senate, that it will ruin Capitalism and small business in this Country. Now there are many of people out there asking the question...How can the Administration believe that this will be good for the economy? Well, like I have been saying for months, it's never been about helping the economy and never has been! So now listen up and listen good...this is about POWER and CONTROL and it has always been a part of the agenda of the left. So please stop crying and whining about what is happening, because elections have consequences and we are experiencing this now first hand. What can we do to stop it you ask, well I am afraid that beyond calling your Senators and Congress Reps., there isn't much you can do now. You know, this is a good example of what happens when people don't research and listen to the facts.

I don't want to rant on about something I have already devoted many blogs to already with regards to Climate Change and Global Warming. I would like to talk about this sham of a health care system that Obama is trying to shove down our throats now, without anyone reading the damn thing again. There is a provision on page 16 of this bill which will make it illegal to purchase your own health care program, after the Obama Care has been ratified. They talk about how you can keep your own health care plan if you want to, but then make it near impossible for a business to be able to pay the taxes and fees associated with a plan other than the Governments. You see, here is why this will put other health care plans out of business...The Government doesn't have to worry about making a profit to stay in business, where private health care systems do. Some of you would say that this is why we need to reform the health care system, and you are both right and wrong. It is true we need to reform the system, but more with TORT reform, not through Government control. If we could impose TORT reform and begin to lower the costs of the care we now receive, because doctors liability costs go down, and lower the cost of medicines at the same time. By doing this we keep a capitalistic system that improves and feeds off competition. Do you think the Government had anything to do with inventing the polio vaccine, or the MRI machine, or arthritis medicines, or the stethoscope...I think you get my drift. Again, just like with every other program that the left has tried to force feed us recently, this has nothing to do with better or cheaper health care, and everything to do with power and control of the citizenry of this great nation. The left elite would like nothing more than to create a form of dictatorship that gives them complete power and control over the Country, and quite honestly I believe some think they should rule the Earth. So if you as a citizen do not speak up and get involved in throwing these idiots out on there ear, then the rest of us who are researching and speaking for you are not going to be able to make enough noise.
For those of you who would like to say that capitalism is what got us in this mess in the first place, because of greedy drug companies and greedy doctors, you couldn't be more wrong. I believe inherently that doctors are for the most part good people who want to be able to help people and work towards a healthy America. Why do you think heads of state from other countries come here for their health care? Socialism doesn't work and never has, in medicine or Government. If you have doubts, just look up some documentaries on the Canadian and British health care systems...they flat don't work. People are dying that would have been saved because of the long waits in emergency rooms and lack of doctors. The government system rations care and decides based on individual worth to their own agenda who gets care and who doesn't. Obama has come out publicly and said that if you are old and at the hospice level of care, maybe you should evaluate your situation and embrace your demise, rather than extend the pain and burden on your family. I am pretty sure this isn't something he will do with his Mother-in-law or his own relation when they get to that point. But then again his half brother still lives in a 10'x10' box with no sanitary living conditions. Pay attention to what we may be leaving our children everyone! We have increasingly less freedoms and rights than we did just 30 years ago, and they are disappearing more and more at an alarming rate! I personally do not want to leave my daughter and grandchildren a Fascist dictatorship that steals from it's hard working citizens and rapes the wealth of the nation without remorse or reproach. It's time to rise up and be heard everyone, not just by your neighbor, but by your local, State and Federal Government! I pray that more of you will soon decide that it is more important to save our freedoms than to go fishing or hunting or just lying around watching TV.

God bless those who would save this country!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Okay, I have heard all I want to hear about Michael Jackson for the past week and a half. The guy has been dead over a week and still has not been buried! Now his family is trying to cash in on his death by announcing they will be doing a Jackson Four tour, with video of Michael of course. I think I am going to puke over this, all over my HDTV. I literally have been avoiding watching the news this past week simply because all I was hearing about was Michael Jackson. I'm sorry, but wasn't the Cap-N-Tax Bill passed in the House of Representatives while this was going on? Hasn't Congress been discussing the health care bill that Obama wants to slam down our throats? Didn't North Korea just shoot a crap load of missiles in the past week, including 7 yesterday (4th of July)? Didn't Manuel Zaleya just throw Honduras Constitution in to the fire, and appoint himself President for another term? My point is that there were far more important issues to discuss than the death of Michael Jackson, so that being said...I am done talking about it!

On to the Minnesota Senator race that has finally been decided, just the way I predicted it would be decided in November of last year. Al Franken and the Democrats, and ACORN, stole the election, exactly as I said they would. Now please don't get me wrong, I don't think the seat in the Senate is as important as some would make it out to be. Remember that Norm Coleman bought in to the Bush Energy bill in 2007, (one of 6 Rinos to do so). And I am not all that convinced that he would not have fallen in line with the Cap-N-Tax and the Health Care Bill that are being bounced around. So really, except for his pride, Norm spent millions fighting what the left was never going to lose in the first place, and wound up with nothing. Many local people gave hours of service, volunteering with recounts and so-on, when there really was no way that their efforts would be vindicated in the end. Since I have weighed in on this extensively over the last 6 months, I need not go any further with this. Although I do believe that Coleman may throw his hat in the Gubernatorial race in 2010...should know about that, one way or another, soon!

Now I want to talk about the birthday of this Great Country a bit, and try to shed some light on what I believe is the possible slow death of her. We are watching the most intense level of hypocrisy and dishonesty to ever grace the oval office. The left continually degrades the integrity of this Country and her people, and without reproach. It just escapes me that the citizens in this Country can be duped so easily by a liar and a thief, and vote for him. I think it is unbelievable that so many people made a vote based on the promises that Obama made during his campaign for President. The left have always run on Conservative principles, since Reagan anyway, because they understand that this country is more than 60% Conservative/right. So they run on Conservative principles, and once elected, they do what Fascists do and spend and do just the opposite of what they ran on. By the way...Bush 43 did the same thing, just not as bad or as up front and in your face as Obama. We definitely need to have someone rise up within the Republican Party and they better do it soon! I do not believe that Sarah Palin is the person we are looking for, even though I respect and defend her to the end. I believe she would be a great President, and has the Countries best interest at heart. But I just think the left has brilliantly gone after her politically and in the media, since the election. And even the maggot Republicans that are part of the McCain campaign are going after her, for some odd reason. I see no way that attacking Sarah Palin benefits the McCain Campaign, except that I continually get campaign e-mails from McCain for President in 2012, and I think they are afraid she will run against the head maggot and win in a primary. Don't think McCain isn't behind what is going on with Sarah Palin and his staffers! McCain is a mean individual, make no mistake about it, as many have found out in Washington. What is so laughable is that without Sarah Palin on the ticket in 2008, Obama would have won by a landslide. So how McCain thinks that by destroying Palin is to his benefit, really raises questions in my mind as to his coherency!

Somehow I digressed when I was going to talk about this Country and what I believe is the last real birthday of a quasi free Country. It humbles me to think of all the men and women who have given their lives, over the past 230+ years, to keep the freedoms that our forefathers originally fought to give us. I tear up every time I watch the current Administration strip what freedoms we have left from my daughter and her eventual children's lives. All that aside I would like to wish the Country a happy birthday, and I will never take for granted what it has meant to it's citizens, and others around the world, for 230+ years.

"We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are created equal, that they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!"

God Bless those who would save this great Country!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well...apparently the people we have elected to represent our interest in Washington have all but decided that they really don't care what we think. The Obama energy bill passed the House by the slimmest of margins, and may have a hard time passing the Senate. Just the idea that the Congressional switchboard just about melted down from all the phone calls from the grass roots, telling their representatives not to vote for the energy bill, should have been enough. But it wasn't, so same ole Washington again, not caring at all about their constituents. I will have lost total faith in my Country, and it's citizens, if all of these representatives are not thrown out on their asses in 2010. If, for some odd reason, the bill passes the will absolutely kill the agriculture industry in this Country, your fuel costs will at minimum double and we will be living in a state of total ambiguity with regards to how the average citizen will be able to survive. It will kill the coal and oil industry in this Country, which will put millions out of work and reduce the tax base even more. Now of course the left will say that we will have to increase taxes, and then blame it on capitalism, but the administration has totally tanked. Let's be clear now everyone, I have been stating for months that nothing the administration does has anything to do with helping the economy of this Country. He needs you and me desperate for our needs, to keep himself and the left in power. By the time he is through, just about nothing short of a rebellion will do anything to preserve our freedoms. So you might want to call your Senator and remind them you will campaign against them to get them thrown out of office if they vote for this energy bill, and we will see what happens from there!

Now let's discuss the fawning over the passing of Michael Jackson last week. I will say that in the early years, MJ probably did more to make POP what it is today than any one artist in history. That being said, I am appalled at the press (including FOX) making this out to be as if the President of the United States had fallen dead of a heart attack. MJ was, in my opinion, a pedophile who had some deviant behaviors that we would all but put him to death if he were anyone else. The man had some serious emotional problems, as well as a problem with prescription drugs that ultimately killed him. I believe the Energy Bill and the single payer health care system that Obama and Congress wants to shove down our already parched throats, is a bit more important to the Country as a whole than the passing of Michael Jackson. Please don't misunderstand me, I think it is sad to family and friends when anyone passes away. But to give Michael Jackson's memory more coverage than anyone else who passes, is in my opinion done for nothing more than ratings numbers.

Moving along now I would like to talk to the health care plan that appears to be poised to be shoved down our proverbial throats now as well. This, if it passes, will be a the nail in the coffin of not only the American economy but of the Obama Administration and Barack Obama's political career. You know I have been preaching for a long time that all the Congress will listen to is the grass roots; the people who vote. But I am beginning to wonder now, with this Cap-N-Trade bill, just how worried they are. As I stated before, the congressional switchboard just about melted with phone calls from people calling to advise their congress representative NOT to vote for this plan, but they did anyway! I believe that this will play out again when the health care bill is presented to Congress. It won't be read by anyone, no one will be able to tell you what the bill says, or what it specifically does to help American citizens, but it will pass under the pressure of the Administration. It should be no surprise to anyone here that the Government no longer works for the governed, and clearly believes that the governed should give up freedom and prosperity so that the government can control the wealth and you! They really do believe that they are so much smarter than those who are not part of the elite, that they must use their superior intellect to take care of the downtrodden. But there are many intelligent individuals, with common sense no less, who are about ready to revolt against these elitists. This will unfortunately not be a pretty sight, nor will it be conducive to keeping any sort of order in our governmental system...however, it might be necessary! As most of you who know me, know, I believe that we need to try to change this one seat at a time in the upcoming election. But that being said, I believe we are getting closer and closer to this point in time and hope that we can start the process of removing and rebuilding the base of the Government, while axing thousands of jobs that are just not needed to run Government. Government reform would be one of the first orders of business for me, were I ever elected President. It has just gotten too large and too out of control, and we should be ashamed of ourselves that we have paid such little attention over the years to what was going on right under our noses.

Recently, myself and some prominent conservative politicians here in Minnesota, have started what we are naming the Truth Tour Youth Conference. This is a project aimed at teaching the middle school and High School youth of this State and hopefully countrywide one day, about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and how it effects them and their freedoms moving forward at this point in time for them. It also teaches them about facts regarding climate change that they most likely are not getting in school and how decisions, that are being made in the name of global warming, are going to effect their lives and the lives of their children in the future. It is getting massive moral and some financial support, and as of now we are still putting together the curriculum and refining our program. We will have a website associated with this program, where you can go to to read the latest news and information about the tour, or donate if you wish to. So please stay in touch here on the blog and please let me know if you would like to be a part of this movement.

God Bless those who would save this Country!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am going to take a few lines here to discuss the new leadership in the Minnesota GOP. This past Saturday Minnesota had it's State Central Committee meeting to choose our new leadership for the next 2 years. I was a delegate, as well as part of the Chair Caucus, which met in what I would call full force. Now from the hospitality suites and the parties the night before, as well as campaign workers seeking those all important endorsements. To the actual buzz in the air surrounding the Earle Brown Heritage Center the morning of all the actual festivities. All in all it was a successful meeting, and I congratulate our new Executive Council, who are as follows...Chairman-Tony Sutton, Vice Chair-Michael Brodkorb, and Secretary/Treasurer-David Sturrock.
The only blemish on the day was again the Libertarians who decided they wanted to make the day in to a Party Constitution rebuilding day. In the last 2 years at just about every major Conference, Convention or meeting of the powers that be...they filibuster and try to create chaos within the ranks. Listen, I agree with much of what the Libertarian Party Activists promote. And to be honest, if they really looked at it hard, they would see that they are not so far removed in their beliefs as the Conservative core of Republicans that wish to rebuild their base one Representative at a time. I have been on record and taken much heat for rallying around the premise that the Republican Party is nothing more than a conduit to restore this Nation back to it's free, Republic, Capitalistic, God loving, small Government, strong Military (and foreign policy), Conservative majority that attracted LEGAL immigrants from all over the world and allowed them to pursue their dreams of success and freedom. I am convinced that if these Libertarian Activists do not get on board and come to some common ground soon, that we will not have the successful 2010 house cleaning that we desperately need in order to reverse the Fascist agenda being shoved down our throats right now. Look, I don't agree with everything we have done as a party over the last 15 years, but again I reiterate that the only way we as a core group of citizens for smaller Government are going to be successful is to come together and discuss the changes, and not by anarchy in major events.

Now I want to talk a bit again about Governments taking over of the auto industry and what is happening as a result. First, let's be clear that this was nothing more than a blow to capitalism and free enterprise by the far left, and Obama's need to scratch the back of the huge union voting block that helped elect him to his dictatorship in 2008. But when our President comes on TV ranting about saving jobs and turning our economy around, then closing dealerships that are profitable, because they have been supporters of Republican candidates in the past, is obviously outrageous. We all know that Obama has become a habitual liar, and has a unique ability to get the indoctrinated dolts that voted for him to believe what he says, while he destroys them behind their back. I have a dealership within my district that is one of these being shut down for political reasons..."Main Motors", in Anoka Minnesota. Now for those of you who do not watch FOX News I will enlighten you to the fact that the Fox and Friends Anchor, Gretchin Carlson, is the daughter of the owners of this dealership. I am in the process of doing everything legislatively and legally to reverse this decision to shut Main Motors down. Their will be some things coming down the road that I can't discuss because I don't know the exact details, but we will be making some noise locally and nationally on this matter! There is a petition that I would like to have all of my readers sign, so we can get 50,000+ signatures to take to Washington and have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann present it to Congress and the Administration. We want them to know that we're damn mad about this style of tyranny within our lives and we are not going to take it lying down anymore. So click on the link at the bottom of the page and sign our petition when you get there so we can get this accomplished, and please pass it along to everyone you know who believes in Freedom!

With regards to the elections in Iran, and the nuclear tests in North Korea...and you may ask why i would lump them together? Well it's because the two are tied together in that North Korea has technology that Iran wants, and Iran has oil reserves that North Korea wants. Both nations detest the west, and all it stands for, and will do whatever they can to help each other to defeat and destroy the United States. I do believe that if we are not careful here, with the blockades on the ports of North Korea, we could be in a full blown war with Korea. Now pay attention to the fact that North Korea is run by China (make no mistake) and China owns the majority of our debt. The economy in the US is in a recession and I do not see a light anywhere at the end of the tunnel. So to have to try and fund another war, in our already dilapidated economic state, China would make sure the war lasted long enough to bankrupt our Country, similar to the fall of the USSR in the 80's. We can't sustain and fight a war with all the spending Obama has earmarked over the next 2 years, so it would be devastating to say the least. So what should we do you ask? Well I am not a military strategist, but I believe we should be blowing North Korea's missiles up right on the pad and call their bluff about war. The idea that we are going to wait until they have perfected the technology to send WMD's in to and over the US, before we do anything about it, is self destructive. Alas, however, this is probably exactly what Obama wants to happen, as he believes that if he allows the US to be defeated by the Islamic Nation, that he will be revered as the king of the world of Islam. He already believes that he is the second coming of Christ, and has been likened to God by the State run media to empower the idea throughout the rest of the Nation. Anyway, if we do not stop N. Korea now, we are in grave danger! Iran sits back and focuses itself on destroying Israel first, before they decide to try and destroy the United States; and believe me they are negotiating with N. Korea right now to get nuclear technology for warfare purposes. Keep Watching Israel, because as I predicted a long time ago...they will be striking Iran soon!

God Bless those who would save this Country!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, well, well...look at those unemployment numbers! Look everyone, I told you months ago that this nations unemployment rate and inflation rate were going to reach these levels. In fact I predicted that we would be in double digits in both unemployment and inflation. The Obama administration will come out and defend itself by saying that because the number of new unemployment claims means that his stimulus is working because they have saved jobs. Look, let's call a spade a spade here, (not talking about Obama so calm down), when you are of the belief that to take on more debt to pay off old debt, and expect the working class of this country to pick up the slack to pay for that lavish spending, is ridiculous. We are just starting to see the inflation rate rise as some of the printed money from the treasury begins to flood the market, in the public sector of course. Need I say more, with regards to the economy anyway, I believe that we are just seeing the beginning of this I am afraid. Look back in to history and see what happened when Jimmy Carter basically did the same thing Obama is doing...only on a much smaller scale. Inflation rates at 21%, unemployment as much as 12%, and long lines at gas stations around the Country. And let's be clear everyone, Obama has outspent Carter by the trillions, so multiply and divide all that out. I believe, and i have said this before, we will see inflation at about 20-25%, and unemployment at or around 25% as well...numbers we have not seen since the late 1920's and early 1930's. Combine this with the fact that China believes they literally own us, because they hold our debt. In fact when tax cheat Geithner was recently in China speaking to post graduate students, telling them that the US economy is sound and in good shape, they all started laughing at him out loud! Let's take a look at how the Administration distributes funds and follows laws for a bit shall we? Just take the Chrysler debacle, for instance; Originally Congress said no to an auto bailout, but then turned around and decided to use part of the TARP funds to bail out the UAW and assist in a form of chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the investors in Chrysler, (Indiana teachers, firefighters and law enforcement pension plans), were told that they had to take a .71 cent per dollar cut in their investment. First of all, it was illegal to use the TARP funds on anything but Toxic Assets in the banking industry. Second, it is unconstitutional to force guaranteed investments to be devalued, before giving the Unions .56 cents on the dollar for their investments. It clearly is stealing retirement money from people who invested in Chrysler, to appease the voter base known as the UAW, and the company will wind up going under soon anyway...regardless! But not before Obama comes up for re-election in 2012! Trust me he will subsidize Chrysler to keep the UAW in his back pocket all the through to the 2012 election, and beyond if he is re-elected.

Now Obama is pushing the health care bill and nobody involved in the bill ,as it sits now, has no idea what's even in the bill. I believe the figure I heard was that it is going to be somewhere around 2.7 Trillion dollars over a period of time. The imbecile just can't help it, he has to keep spending and destroying this Country. If this health care plan goes through, our economy will be destroyed in short order, and the attrition rate of citizens in this nation will reach epidemic proportions...mark my words!

Let's be clear about what needs to happen here...we need to rise up as a Nation and throw the current Congress and all their assistants and their assistants and their assistants, out on their asses. Once back in power with conservative representatives, we need to rescind the ridiculous laws that Obama is signing to appease the left and not only destroying our economy but making our own borders vulnerable to attack. I do believe that China believes it could invade us right now and become the supreme power in the world. I mean when you look at what's happening in Israel and the Middle East, not to mention what North Korea is doing with rockets and setting off underground bombs. We are coming to a point that I had hoped I would not see in my lifetime, but it appears unless I die soon, that I will be here to see it. I really hope the American people pull their heads out of the sand and see what is going on here. Now trust me there are many people in this Country who hate it, and would rather see us in full blown European Socialism, because they want to sit on their asses and do nothing, while the labor in this Country pays for it. This will not happen without a fight! I have news for anyone that thinks we can just transition in to Socialism in this Country, because there are many many people who would rather fight and die than to live under a Fascist/Socialist Dictatorship.

Look, you all need to save your money...regardless of the fact it will be worthless before too long if Obama is not held in check. Teach your kids at home, even if you have to do this in parallel with public schooling. And get ready for hyper-inflation, because it is going to happen. The best days are both behind and hopefully ahead of us, but this will be determined in the next 2 elections.

God bless those who would save this Country!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Well everyone I hope you're ready for the 2010 Census, because it's coming, and it is just another piece in the, Fascist left, Administrations plans to control the citizenry of this country. Now let us get this in to the proper perspective shall we? We knew from the beginning of the Obama Administration that the job of counting for the census would be ripped from the Census dept. and controlled by the White House. This is why Representative Judd Gregg eventually refused to accept Obama's invitation to head up the Census department for the Obama Admn. And as it sits right now there are approximately 13 different ACORN agencies being investigated for voter registration Freud, and there has been indictments already, not sure how many right now. Anyway, these people who can't even keep accurate count of the people it signs up to vote, are now going to be in charge of counting the citizens in the census. Now considering that ACORN is affiliated with the Fascist left, and that Obama used to represent the organization and also trained employees at one time, I am just a bit concerned that maybe there is a political agenda behind them covering the census. Call me crazy, but with the redistricting coming up in 2010 as well, do you think that maybe there could be a plan to change the districts to embolden the left and possibly take over historically conservative districts? I have said it several times and i will say it again...This is a man and a movement who know that they will have a short window of time to take complete control of this Country, and demolish the Constitution so that Obama remains for years to come. Our job and goal is to slow them down and hopefully stop them before the 2012 elections. This begins in 2010 with the Congressional and Senatorial race elections around the country. If we can gain several seats in both bodies of Congress we can then slow down the Fascist march of Obama and his Administration. But as each day goes by, Obama keeps placing pieces of a puzzle together that positions himself to a dictator appointment. When you look at his pick to replace David Souter, (Sonya Sotomayer), and you see that more than 60% of the decisions she has made in the 2ND circuit court of appeals have been overturned by the Supreme Court, you have to wonder. She is a bigot and a racist against anyone that is not black, latino or any other so-called minority. She makes decisions based on her emotions rather than on the law, which is pretty normal for a Fascist far left Liberal. Based on what I have seen recently I believe she will make it through the approval process with relative ease. The Representatives that stand for rights and stand for the Constitution should speak out vehemently against her appointment, but won't because they are afraid of being branded a racist themselves. You see when Liberals attack people of color politically they are branded as hero's, but any conservative minded, or even just Republican person speaks out against someone for their policies and history of decision making, they are labeled as racist and admonished. The double standard will never change, and quite honestly we need to look beyond that and go for the meat of the problem. Keep on eye on the Constitution Convention ruling when it comes down, because I have a feeling that we will have a completely brand new bill of rights that will be so far Left that your gun rights as well as freedom of speech will disappear! If you have never been scared about your Country's state of being before, you might want to become scared and active NOW, otherwise this Country will be lost. We may get to the point that the only way to get this Country back will be along the lines of what the Founding Fathers resorted to when detaching from King George and England in the late 1700's.

On to Korea now...and it's not a pretty picture being painted there! In North Korea we have a stumpy little piece of crap, (Kim Jong Il), who cares nothing for anyone but himself (Adolf Hitler?). He is flexing the tiny little muscles he has, and making threats against S. Korea and the U.S. again. In the recent week or so they have launched several missiles and detonated a Hiroshima sized nuclear bomb underground. They have declared war against S. Korea again, and the U.S. forces stationed on the border are on high alert. Not sure we have the manpower to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and we might want to get ready to pull out of one or two of those places and take a good look at where we need to place our troops. Korea poses a huge threat to Japan and the United States and I believe this could be just a second leg to the 3rd world war, Iran/Israel being the first leg. We are coming to the point where Obama will have to make a decision as to how we are going to protect our own shores in the war that is imminently coming. I don't think he is capable of making that tough decision, and quite honestly I believe he thinks he is playing a game of stratego or something. Here is the question that I have regarding this whole dilemma...Why have we decided to dismantle the BMDS (Ballistic Missile Defense Systems) program? As soon as Obama came out publicly beating his chest, and showboating by cutting defense spending by 25% his first 30 days in office, the radicals of the world began their tantrums. Obama has absolutely no idea how to be a player on the world stage, because he was not, and is not, knowledgeable on foreign affairs. He spent way too many years as an Acorn activist and lived within the bubble of a community activist community, shut out from the happenings of the world which effect us all. Now Some could say that he has surrounded himself with people that are experts at this and he, therefore, doesn't have to be. But I say that he is the President of the United States and needs to be able to make executive decisions with regards to the safety of this Nation and it's citizens; Obama is clearly lost on this, and here is why! If you take over as President of the United States, and you have the rights and well being of the citizens at heart, then your decisions with regards to their safety and sovereignty are simple in their context! But when your goals and aspirations are to gain complete power and control over the Country, in a fascist manner, or Statist manner, you care little about what's going on around the world except wherein you are liked. Korea's threats need to be stomped on forcefully, but they won't be, because Obama isn't concerned about anyone but himself. He is going to ruin this country, cause it to be vulnerable to foreign attack AGAIN, and compromise the safety and very sovereignty of the Nation he professes to want to dictate. It is a scary scenario, and the next 2 elections will tell us whether or not he will succeed in his quest or be crushed like a bug. So the need for you to become involved in your local BPOU's is huge, because we need to find our next leader within our own Conservative base. We have no leader inside the system, that I know, who is capable of breaking free from the good-ole-boy organization that is in place right now, that will side with smaller Government (WAY SMALLER), and stronger on defense than we have ever had to be within our own borders. So I am looking forward to that leader stepping forward and basically giving up their own personal life to serve this Country and it's citizens in the best interest of said Citizens!

God Bless those who would save this Country!!

Milton Friedman -vs- Phil Donahue

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was unaware that Arnold was part of the Nazi party!! Hmmmmm??

The topic this week is what I would consider the next step in anti-Federalism being demonstrated by the Obama Administration. California, where my Mother lives and has lived her whole life, and where I grew up to the age of 14. A quasi Republican by the name of Arnold Schwartzenegger (pro-life Democrat) is going to help Obama in his quest, by throwing the citizens of not just California but the whole Country, under the bus. Schwartzenegger spent some time in Washington last week plotting with the President to have California bailed out by the rest of the Country, because the California Government is nothing more then a left wing, out of control spending, joke! Now I know what they are saying on TV, that Schwartzenegger's visit had nothing to do with that, but as some of you heard from Rush this past week, that is exactly the reason for Arnold's visit. We will keep hearing that he was there to be lifted up on a pedestal on the new CAFE standards that Heir Obama has now placed on the Government Automobile Association. But the fact that the citizens of California voted down the proposed new taxes that the California Government says would balance their budget, because they know it will just be squandered and pissed away like all the money that they have squandered previously. Unfortunately I feel that the damage is too far done at this point and unless they clean house in the California Legislature, Senate and Governor and elect people that have conservative values. It doesn't matter if they have a D or an R behind their name anymore, as we all know, just try and become more knowledgeable about the candidates before you go vote. Schwartzenegger isn't the only RINO that we have elected in this nation recently, and probably won't be the last. The days of having someone with integrity run for public office are few and far between. It is the nature of most politicians to do whatever they have to do to get elected, and that includes lying to the American people about how they stand on issues. To know what they stand for you need to look at the candidates voting record not just listen to what they say they stand for. The only way we are going to be able to take our Country back is to throw the dolts in office out on their heads, like I have stated many many times before. So I feel bad for Californians, but at the same time they are getting what they voted for when they voted for the Terminator for Governor. There are some on the Fascist left that say California's vote against more taxes means nothing, because only 27% of the registered voters turned out to vote on the proposal. But truthfully, that is probably a large majority of the people in California who actually pay taxes!!

Now let's address the new CAFE standards that have been imposed on the Automobile companies now. You know I have to say something here about Obama that just occurred to me. Obama is legislating like a special forces operative, in that he is making legislation that won't really take effect on this Country until his, presumed, second term is over. So he like goes in strikes and then gets out! Back to the CAFE standards here, I am sorry I digressed. Once again the political agenda called Global Climate Change/Global Warming is being used to shove outrageous mandates down the throats of the American people. This will serve to do nothing to clean up the air in the world, but will succeed in destroying the Auto industry in the USSA, and possibly the whole economy. The auto related deaths will be going up as these new "roller scates with engines", as Rush Limbaugh calls them, are mandated to our streets. So now our kids and their kids will be forced to drive little death traps to get back and forth instead of comfortable safe vehicles made to protect the lives of it's occupants. Let's not forget that none of this is being done to help the environment, but rather to eventually have total control over the citizens of this great Nation. Plus, can anyone explain to me why we are pledging to help the United Arab Emirate's/Dubai to build and utilize nuclear power plants for their energy needs, but here in America we are banning any new construction of Nuclear plants? Instead we are bastardizing the coal industry and the fossil fuel community and going to Batteries, wind, solar panels and ethanol, all of which are subsidized and do not work!!!

I have listened to the latest speech by Barack Obama, (seem to be daily now) on the plan for placing the Club GITMO detainees, and what a shock...there is no plan! This man is absolutely the least informed, self absorbed, condescending and narcissistic President we have ever had in the history of this great nation. I wonder how many of you know that a Constitution Convention has been planned by the Obama Administration. Let me give you a little bit of history with regards to what this means. First of all the purpose of a Constitution Convention is to amend the Constitution and Bill of rights. Now my loyal readers will remember, from past postings, that I warned quite awhile ago that Obama and the fascist left have plans to re-write the Constitution, and if you think it can't happen here is some history for you and info that you may not know... The original documents for this Country were known as the "Articles of Confederation" which were written in 1781, post Revolutionary war. But when the States began to argue over the differences within the separate articles, our founding fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc.) decided to call a Convention to try and solve the differences. When they called the Convention, the representatives for each State were instructed that the Articles of Confederation were being thrown out, rescinded, abolished! And thus the Constitution of the United Sates of America was drafted signed by all and became the law in this nation. Now there were still differences between the States, but it wasn't something they could arbitrate themselves at that point. Thus as the Nation grew and changes needed to be made, the Bill of Rights was written, and amendments were made to the Constitution. The differences eventually led to our Civil War, and believe me when I say that part of the underlying reasons for our Civil War were dissension of the people who felt disenfranchised because the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and the Constitution Was constructed without there knowledge. If you doubt these facts you can look them up, but why do you think during the Civil War, the South's flag was a CONFEDERATE flag, and they were called the CONFEDERATE ARMY? S0 now I come back to the point I have made several times over the last 6 months or so, that Obama and the Fascist left wants to re-write the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When this happens and we have the Old Constitution and the Obama, New Constitution/Bill of Rights, we now have a split Country again. So how do we handle the Supreme Court? Which Constitution will the Supreme Court rule from? And when the new one is written and ratified by the Fascist left, we will not have a 2ND Amendment, and therefore people with guns will either turn them in or be hunted down and incarcerated or killed. Do not underestimate the the power these people posses, please!! I am amazed at the rate the Fascist left and Obama are getting their extreme agenda's in place. The average public is just going about their day, unaware of what is happening in Washington and listening to what the mainstream propaganda machine is feeding them nightly. I wonder how many of you out there know that the Administration has hired a speed reader to read bills before they are voted on. The reason of course is because Obama made that promise that Bills would not signed off on until they were read, or for 5 days after they were drafted...which we all know hasn't been the case on the almost $2 trillion in NEW spending that the new Administration has shoved down our throats over the last 3 1/2 months, like the $787 billion dollar stimulus package that hasn't stimulated anything except government agencies and Acorn. This is a complete mockery of the legislative process, and is right in line with Obama's plans to destroy this Country as we know it!
Also I need to send a shout out to one Liz Cheney this week for going on a couple hard left wing shows and body slamming the left wing dolts masquerading as reporters, on the subject of water boarding and the likes. Of course the mediators were rude and tried to be intimidating while discussing the topic or question asked. However Ms. Cheney kept her cool, spoke the truth (which the left has absolutely no answer for) and delivered the facts as they are. She was asked if her father was lying or if the President was lying and she replied that if Obama would just release the documentation which clearly states whether or not we obtained valuable information, from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or Abu Zabaida, that kept this Country safe for 8 years, then we would know who is lying. But of Course Obama will not release those documents, however he said he was going to release documents and pictures that showed the EIT's in progress, but thought better of it at the last minute. The long and the short of this is clearly that Obama will walk that line between truth and consequences very carefully and cultivate out anything that makes him look bad and include anything that makes him look good. This is a classic example of what a narcissist does to further his own popularity, and in the end always loses out to truth and integrity.
God bless those who would save this Country!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It used to be, in this Country, that the Congress and the President of the United States had the best interest of the Country first and foremost. But the day has come where that no longer is the case. Rather, their agenda politically and the need to stay in power by appeasing their corrupt mass of voters in the ACLU, UAW, SEIU, etc. has now taken the forefront of their priority list. Let us look at the past couple months and see what really has gone on with regards to the EIT (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) and the fact that Obama allowed the release of the transcripts of the process of interrogating prisoners of war at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, as per the request of the radical left and the ACLU. That was bad enough, but then Obama allows the ACLU to go after pictures of these interrogations, and to also publish them to the world! Now Obama suddenly reverses his position on the release of these photo's, stating what should have been obvious before he said he would allow it in the first place, that it would be detrimental to our troops and our effort abroad. But here is what I believe is the real truth behind this...I believe that Obama knew that when the decision originally came down and he made the pictures subject to a court ruling, (remember he is a lawyer) that he was also aware that even if he went on the record now (afterwards) saying that he would fight the release of them, that the court would have the ability to rule against him anyway. See if he fights the release of the photo's too much, after the court has already ruled that they should be published...he can be held in contempt of court! (anyone remember Watergate?). So before you get too close to jumping on Obama's bandwagon remember that he has spent the last 2 years running a dog and pony show on the American public and he is doing it here again. I firmly believe that this is simply something to get the American public's minds off of the economy and the fact that he is spending us in to an early grave, to the tune of $11 trillion! (For the record, Obama could stop the release of the photos regardless of the courts decision by issuing an executive order. However this would subject him to contempt if the Supreme Court decided he was out of order in doing so! Don't forget Watergate people!)

Then there's Nancy Palosi, the latest and greatest in left wing radical Socialists that feels as though she is beyond reproach for her lies. She continues to keep chirping a new lie every week to try and cover up the last lie, which covered up the previous lie, etc. I do believe that because of what she said on Thursday in her press conference, basically saying that the CIA lied to her about what was going on, will get her impeached and eventually least that is my hope. Now I am not a genius but i don't think, no matter who I was, I would call the CIA a bunch of lying individuals! Nancy Palosi is a very dangerous woman to this Country, no matter how you look at her. But in her defense, the American people and Congress have allowed her to run rampant in Washington for years, and she believes sincerely that she is beyond reproach for anything she does. I really do believe she actually believes what she is saying when she is saying it, as do most pathological lyers. Legally, she is not in a bunch of trouble over this...however I do believe she is in a bunch of political trouble. But the way she is going, who knows what next week will bring as I do not put it past her to do something to make her legally susceptible to breaking the law. For instance, the fact that she tells us that when she was no longer the high ranking official, that her assistant was at a meeting where a letter was sent to the CIA from the briefings? I am not a lawyer, but I do believe that if she was not supposed to be there because she was no longer a high ranking official, then why did she send an assistant to it, and what was he/she doing telling Ms. Palosi what happened in a confidential meeting? Hmmm, might be some legal malcontent there! On Thursday Nancy (botox) Palosi goes on record in a press conference and accuses the CIA of lying to her and to Congress. I honestly thing this woman is mentally retarded, and she is 3RD in line for the Presidency for Gods sake. Like I have been saying time and time again...leftists/Fascists have to cover up lies with lies with lies and eventually they forget what it was they originally lied about and wind up coming full circle and catching themselves up in their own web. But this woman is beyond the norm here, because as I said she believes that she is beyond reproach, and feels that she is untouchable. But she just digs the hole deeper and deeper everytime she opens that mouth of hers. I hope that something along the lines of stripping her of all power in Congress and having her step down from her speaker position of course. She is backpedeling like crazy, grasping at straws by asking for an investigation in to the CIA and just what she was told back in 2002-03 and forward to 2008. Unfortunately for her she has already pissed off the CIA and these people will release and disclose whatever information they see fit. That does not bode well for her, as she has made an enemy of them with her comments, and her attempt to spin what she is taped saying clearly in to something that redirects it to the Bush administration is, I am afraid, too damn late for her!

Now let me rant a bit about what is going on in the new GMC (Governmental Motors Corporation). Apparently now the UAW or Obama, the controlling interest in Chrysler and GM now, are contemplating shutting down auto dealerships around the Country. This is confusing to me, since the dealerships are privately owned and simply pedal the product that the Corporation manufacturers, so how can they just shut down a dealership? I can see maybe just telling them they can not purchase anymore product to sell, but not shut the dealership down. I think Ford Motor Company should move in and supply as many of these dealerships, that have been targeted, as possible. Since they were intelligent enough to not take any bail-out money in the first place. I do think however that Obama and his Fascist Regime will eventually shut Ford down in this Country, unless they cave in to the Governments regulations. I almost expect Obama to literally try to just shut FMC down completely, because they will be in direct competition with the cars that GM and Chrysler/Fiat will be trying to shove down our damn throats in the next few years. If left alone, Ford will flourish greatly, because they should be able to grossly outsell the competition by providing vehicles that people actually want to buy! It will be interesting to watch and see just how Obama goes about the whole plan he has!
Let's talk about the goings on yesterday at the University of Notre Dame, as well as the past couple of days. Now I hate to say I told you so, but i told you so! I predicted a long time ago that based on the readings of Barack Obama's memoirs and the correlations between his rise to power and Adolf Hitlers rise to power, I can now say that another phase of his dictatorship has begun. I say this, obviously, because people are now being arrested on the grounds of Notre Dame because they are protesting Obama being allowed to speak at the commencement of the University's graduating class. Not only that, but they are going to give him an honorary law degree...for his accomplishments. now let me educate anyone reading this who doesn't know that Notre Dame is a Catholic University, and over the years has had no tolerance for any theology that does not exactly parallel their own. Obama is the most pro-choice President in the history of this Country, bar none! And the hottest topic in the Catholic theology or religion over the history of this country has been the abortion issue. But the differences in theology aside, I want to address that people now are being arrested for speaking out against the allowance of Obama to speak there. Now before we get too out of is a private University, not Public, so the first amendment addressing free speech doesn't apply. And in fact it has been the University that arrested people for trespassing, not the President. But it is definitely something that Obama is revelling in I promise you! He is, behind closed doors, laughing in a deviant manner and telling himself and a close few that "we are well on our way to completely changing this Country in to what I want it to be!" He believes, as I and Rush and others have said many times before, that he is a messianic figure. This is just the beginning of the squashing of the opposite side by Obama. I am sure it will not be long before people like myself will be deemed a threat to national security, because of my writings and my beliefs, and wind up in prison for it. The leftist/fascist way is simply to crush your competition before they can become a threatening force to your goals, and believe me it is coming!
God Bless those who would save this Country!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I need to start this entry with an apology to all of you for misinforming you about the swine flu scare in 1976. I compared Obama's Administration to the Carter Administration with regards to the way it has been sensationalized. The apology is for saying that Carter was the one who had the emergency legislation passed to appropriate money to fight the so called pandemic. In fact it was Gerald R. Ford who had that legislation passed, and endorsed it. He also recommended that all americans get vaccinated as soon as possible, to head off the deaths of millions of Americans. I do not apologize for saying that is exactly what Obama and his Administration is doing by forcing $1.6 billion in legislation to a program that will most likely be kept to under 1/2 million. But we will never get the rest of the money back...believe me. So I apologize to all of you for this talking point mistake, and I will research my information even more next time.

I would like to talk this morning about Wanda Sykes, and her weak attempt at a funny speech at the correspondents dinner over the weekend for the White house. First let me say that with an economy in such Dire straights (as Obama and his Administration has been crying for 6 months), how do we have money to spend over $300,000 to take pictures of Air Force One over New York City, and have all these governmental retreats and dinners like the one over the weekend for news correspondents. Now on with my comments on Wanda Sykes and her comments over the weekend. I am really getting tired of hearing people like Eric Holder and others from the Administration, the press and Hollywood saying that all us white Conservatives are racist. Especially when you have a Black, self proclaimed, comedian saying things like Rush Limbaugh was the 20Th terrorist but was too high on Oxycontin to catch his flight. Also that with regards to Obama's policies Rush had said 'I hope he fails" and she says she hopes his kidneys fail! The racism in this Country is against the average white person anymore, not the black, Hispanics, Asian or Indian, etc. You know this idea that we as Americans (black, white, green, blue, yellow, doesn't matter) have been selfish and spoiled and not willing to share our toys with those who would blow us up and steal from our own houses because they are too lazy to earn it themselves. I have just about had it with this line of attitude, and I do believe that it is going to swell up a deep resentment of people in this Country against the entitlement lower class that get theirs for free from those who work...via Government!

Now I have just watched a story about landowners in Pittsburgh I believe (not sure yet) but the Government is just using eminent domain and claiming that they are going to just take the land they want, regardless of the fact that there has been no negotiations with land owners. There is an easement that could be negotiated and as long as the land owners still had an easement to their land on the other side of the memorial, that's all they are asking. Once again the Government uses it powers and oversteps it's bounds. If this continues, the good people of this Country will rise up and take it back by force, because the government is just stepping out of line and doing what the Constitution was designed to not allow Government to do. The news is in now from the IRS that the revenue received to taxes paid is down some $140 billion dollars this year. Now one would think that if Government had $140 billion less in the bank account, that they would re-evaluate their spending habits and cut back a bit on spending...right? Well guess what?, they are actually going to increase taxes on all Americans across the board, because as we all know...Government is a junkie with money and when they don't have what they think they need...they will just steal it to supply their fix! I happen to feel that a large number of people this year did what I did and just sent in form 4868 and extended the deadline to file taxes. They claim on the form that you must send in your estimated taxes with the form, but alas the easy way around that is of course that I haven't figured my taxes yet, so I have no clue if I am going to have to pay, or if I am going to get a refund. So of course i sent nothing but the extension in, and to be honest it's a way to rebel and delay against the massive overspending by this out of control Administration, and Congress!

I have some good news and bad news about the held journalist Roxanne Saberi in Iranian prison. The good news is that they have stayed her sentence and she is now eligible to leave the Country. So it appears that this lovely young woman will be able to come back from Iran to this Country. The bad news is that she will be coming home to a Country that is fast moving the direction of Iran's Dictatorship Government, and soon people will be jailed here because they have a certain bumper sticker on their vehicle, or because they speak out against the Messiah on public and foreign policies, etc. Plus, you know that Obama will take credit for Saberi coming home, even though he and his idiotic Sec. of Defense (Clinton) had absolutely nothing to do with it. But you watch now, as the main stream press gives accolades to Obama because of his awesome diplomatic skills and how behind closed doors he orchestrated her release in these ways. I can't wait to start hearing this, because the press and Hollywood are just way too easy to anticipate.
I have to apologize for the short length of this entry, as I have been busy with other things that take priority in my life. I will work to try and keep up with current events for you all, but unlike the left wingers...I have priorities and I stick to them!
God Bless those who would save this Country!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


I guess it's time for the citizens of America and the world to be concerned and scared because of the swine flu. But let's take a moment here and recall some things that have happened in the past and see if we're really in grave danger. First let's start with the fact that Obama went to Mexico right before this 'Pandemic" was widely publicized by the world media. One of the men he met with, shook hands with, breathed the same air with, wound up dying the next day; supposedly of swine flu! But miraculously our hailed President did not even acquire a sniffle. Also let's be careful, because we have a history of overreacting on this kind of crap. Some of you may be too young to remember in 1976 when we had a similar scare, that we began screaming in the media to go get a vaccination right away or we will have another plague on our hands. So Americans went in droves to their local clinics and hospitals to get the vaccination. Now i want to give you a death count from the swine was a total of 1. Now the death count from the people who got vaccinated... the total was around 25, (due to an infected vaccine). The Government back then (Jimmy carter) handled that situation just as this Administration is handling this one...with emotion instead of using their heads. And Amazingly enough Obama comes up with $1.6 billion as a figure that we need to take from the Public to fight this. Many are asking, "where did he get this number?", well I will tell you. In 1976, it was projected by the media that the cost of the program to handle the 1976 "Pandemic" was $1.9 billion. However, in actuality the actual cost of the program was around $135 million, but the legislators put $1.765 billion worth of riders in the emergency bill for "Social Programs" before it passed. Sounding familiar at all to any of you by now? Soon we will be learning that the majority of this appropriated monies for this Pandemic today will be pulled to fund some Obama social Program through Acorn or some other Brown shirt organization that he needs to bolster his voter base for.
Now there are rumblings that Obama and his administration sat in a room and told Preferred share holders of the Chrysler Cooperation that they will go along with his plan for the company of taking over for re-sale and bankruptcy, OR ELSE! What you all need to know is that shareholders own the majority of the stock in the company in preferred stock, which should be paid off first in a bankruptcy. But Obama said their stock would be changed in to common stock which does not have a vote and is subject to being paid off last. Instead Obama tells Chrysler that the Unions (who paid nothing) are going to own 55% of the share in the company, which gives them a majority vote, and that the people with preferred stock will go along with this or else. Now I don't want to say I told you so, but all you liberal wackos that supported this ignoramus for President...I hope you all have stock in Chrysler! And welcome to the continuing metamorphosis of this Great Country from a Free Nation to a Fascist Dictatorship.
God Bless anyone who would save this Country!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE" Remember that statement by the tax cheat Tim Geithner? Well, as if prophetic, we now have another crisis to use as an excuse to steal more money from the American people. Obama demands $1.6 billion to battle this supposed pandemic of the Swine Flu that is making everyone crazy. If memory serves me correct, when the lasy outbreak of Swine Flu in 1976 hit, that crisis and the one from the early 1900's combined only cost us like $300 million. So again like a crack head that sees the opportunity to steal something valuable so he can sell it and spend the money on more crack...Obama does exactly what most Americans now, and some of us previously, know he is going to do...he is going to steal from us and our children at every possible chance and occasion. If they were that worried about it, don't you think they would have shut the border down to Mexico when they first found out about it? Of course not, because you can't stop commerce from know, allowing drugs and money back and forth between the two nations. This Administration is so innept at what is needed to keep this Country safe and run it's economy that we are in grave danger both domestically and internationally.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, here we go again!

I know that I will be called a conspiracy theorist again, but the recent news of the "apparent" suicide of the CEO of Freddie Mac, I believe is just the beginning. As many people dropped like flies during the Clintons early years up through Bills Presidency, I believe that David Kellerman is simply the first of many unexplained deaths or suicides to come. Those of us who have a clue know that there is some real corrupt crap going on within Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and certain members of Congress and the Senate. The Congressional Mob works just the way that the Mob has operated for years and years, in that once you are forced in to their corrupt dealings, the only way out is death! I can pretty much with a clear consciousness say that Mr. Kellerman was distraught that he was part of a Ponzi scheme that is and has been raping the American people for about 15 years now. And unfortunately for him and his loved ones, the only way out without endangering his family was to commit suicide. As a lot of us have known for a long time now, the people in charge of "fixing" the problems with the housing industry and mortgage industry are covering up some very corrupt and shady practices. And anyone within the circle that wants out has only the option that Mr. Kellerman took...or risk the lives and well being of their loved ones, because that's the way the Chicago Mob Politics works!

Now as for the Obama Administration reversing it's position with regards to seeking criminal charges against Bush Administration officials for torture of prisoners of war. So let me see if I have this right...3 individuals who were prisoners of war were water boarded to get information about terrorist cells in this Country as well as plots on Los Angeles similar to the 9/11 attacks, and they are criminals for saving the lives of thousands of American citizens. How is it that Nancy Palosi can sit in Congressional meetings with the President and CIA and not just approve the interrogation tactics being offered to protect our Nation, but she approved enthusiastically along with everyone else. Now she lies blatantly to the American public about this fact and says, and I am paraphrasing..."Well Yeah they told me about these tactics, but I never thought they would actually use them!" This aught to scare the hell out of everyone, because this woman is 3rd in line to the Presidency for Gods Sake. I just wish people weren't so gullible, and bought in to the notion that Obama was going to govern as a centrist, and change Washington as usual. A few, like me, saw everything that is happening coming before he was ever elected. If people had payed attention to who Obama spent his previous days listening to and AGREEING to their philosophy and ideas with regards to this Country, or even read his book "Audacity of Hope", they would have been as informed as the ones who saw this all coming, but would most likely have kept him out of office! I encourage everyone to Google the Espionage Act of 1948 and read what it has to say in there, then apply it to this debacle going on with this whole torture witch hunt that the Fascist left has begun.

I have a news flash for all you people who believed that Obama was going to give 95% of Americans a tax break...Hope you know how much of a chump you have been! The amount of money being spent can not possibly be acquired from the top 5% of the income earners...even if they were taxed 100%! So where is the money going to come from you dolts? I'll tell you where it is coming from...everyone that makes between $40,000 and $250,000 a year, that's where! That $30 a month you are seeing on your paycheck (National Average) is being trumped by the increase in tobacco and alcohol taxes, which by the way, about 95% of the people that use alcohol and tobacco are below $250,000 a year in income! So tell me all you on the left, who is being taxed more again? You uneducated, book learned, self anointed intelligencia on the left are nothing more than sheep being led off a cliff to slaughter by the Obama Administration, and the sad part id that you still believe he wants nothing but good for you all!! Look, all you have to do is read the DHS report to know that Obama and the Fascist left want nothing more than to squash anyone who disagrees with them, in any way they have to. Anyone who disagrees with them is dangerous to them and their cause! They are afraid of all us right wing radicals that believe in the second amendment and God (religion) and they are convinced that we all have antipathy for anyone who doesn't believe what we believe. And they are right; they should be afraid of us, but not because we carry guns, but because we are energized and the Fascist left will be thrown out on their ears in 2010 and 2012. They are going so overboard that they may accomplish quite the opposite of what they want, (which is to crush capitalism and conservatism), and basically destroy themselves with their fervor and hatred for anyone who is not like them. I personally hope they all move to a Country where their beliefs are accepted! Janet Napolitano apologizes to the VFW for veterans being one of the groups singled out in the DHS report, but I promise you no matter how well she portrayed her regrets and apologized...she isn't sorry and she believes everything written in that report. Here's what the Fascist left doesn't seem to understand, they accomplished one thing for certain! I doubt very many law enforcement officials are going to take the DHS report seriously, and in fact will probably side with the very people it targets if it ever comes down to it.
it's just reprehensible that the Fascist left has gone as far as it has to this point, (less than 100 days in), and demonized it's own citizens, turned the security of this Country on it's head and exposed it to all enemies...mostly foreign. The level of treason, in my opinion, by this administration is beyond has set this Country's Intelligence community back 50 yrs. and left our citizens vulnerable to anyone who would want to kill us. The CIA is basically standing down because they are afraid to act on anything for fear they will one day be prosecuted for their actions by this administration. I am beginning to wonder who is actually the biggest threat to this Country; the Terrorists or our own Government! It may be too late by 2010 to reverse the damage this administration is doing to this country, but God help us all if we do not throw them all out on their ears America. At no time in our Countries brief history has an election been more important to the future of the Republic and Freedom!
God bless those who would save this Country!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Security Alert!!

As of Last week I am officially, according to Janet Napolitano, A domestic terrorist! This is somewhat confusing in this way...We no longer can refer to Osama Bin Laden or anyone of that persuasion as a terrorist, but we can print a report to be distributed to all law enforcement officials which calls Veterans, anti-abortionists, supporters of gun rights, and anyone who would publicly stand up against the Presidents policies as domestic terrorists. It isn't surprising in this manner...the new Fascist Regime, called the Obama administration, clearly is moving fast to seize control over the people of this Country to the point that it may be nearly impossible to reverse the trend. That's why they are passing legislation in record time, without allowing anyone to read the legislation and debate it. This is the clear and present danger that we have before us as a Nation now. More than ever it is imperative that we throw these political dolts out on their empty heads and replace them with people who respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am providing a link to the DHS report at the end of this blog entry do that those of you who haven't seen it, will have a chance to read it's content.

Now I would like to say a few things about the mainstream press coverage of the tea parties that took place all around the lower 48 states on the 15Th of April. I have to preface my comments with this...the only thing that exceeds the left wings lack of integrity and honesty is their absolute arrogant stupidity. The idea that because regular mainstream Americans don't agree with the policies of the current administration and their huge tax and spend policies, that are bankrupting our children and grandchildren, that we are racist, redneck, tea-bagging radicals. Yet because Norm Coleman wants due process in his Senate race with Al Franken, his house is egged and defaced with threatening comments by a Franken Supporter. Yet that isn't something you will see on CNN or MSNBC. The left have always been a movement of double standards, and quite frankly if you disagree with their views, you should be shot and buried in their minds. Apparently now the CNN reporter that was so belligerent to a man and his 2 yr. old son on National TV, (which very few people saw initially!), has been granted a leave of absence from her job. The fact that FOX News, the only network to really cover the tea parties correctly, had more viewers that night than CNN, MSNBC, and 3 other networks combined; clearly states the sentiment in America today. I have said it before and I will say it again...the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine used to achieve the agenda of the political radical left, of which Obama is the leader of at present!

In conclusion I will say that in recent weeks I have received more thumbs up and clapping hands, in approval for the stickers I display on my pick up topper, than I have ever received in recent months. Even though the local law enforcement have probably put me on their local domestic terrorist list because of them. I have my American flag bug deflector with a bald eagle, as well as my support veterans license plates and I rarely get the bird thrown at me anymore, like I did last year during the campaigns before the election. I actually have noticed that most people who I run in to that supported Obama, are now embarrassed for their ignorance as to what they neglected to see in him before they voted for him. The exception to this would be the ones who are rabid in their support, simply because they are so arrogant they cannot admit they made a mistake.

God bless those who would save this Country!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, since the last entry Not a whole bunch has happened that warrants a rant, except maybe that it took way too long for us to act on the Captain Phillips situation. I for one think we did the right thing and sent the right message to those who would try and board our ships with hostile intentions, and extortion in mind. Some would say the Somali's have a good business model, and then in the next breath condemn terrorist activity in Iraq and figure it out! The real question now is whether or not we, as a Nation are planning on doing anything to curb future piracy acts on our ships and ships from other Nations. The fact that Obama has targeted our military, with about a 25% reduction in spending, doesn't bode well for that endeavor! Obama is flying by the seat of his pants, he knows it and the rest of the Country is beginning to find this fact out. Now don't get me wrong, i don't expect Obama to know everything there is to know about running a country. History shows that Presidents that were weak in Foreign Policy tried to surround themselves with very knowledgeable individuals in their Cabinet to make up for their lack of knowledge. If you are weak on economic pick knowledgeable people to help you with the economy. Here's the you (who have followed this blog) know by now, I believe Obama was orchestrated by the Socialistic/Fascistic Left to be their puppet. He is a political drone who can't creatively speak without a teleprompter. The reason he can't is because if he talked based on his beliefs and his convictions, people would never have elected him. I believe that reading at least 1 of his books (Audacity of hope) will open any ones eyes as to his beliefs and convictions...and believe you me they are not conducive to a continuing Capitalistic economy, or a prosperous Nation...either economically or Militarily! It is worth saying again and again...the 2010 election is probably the most important and monumental election of my lifetime anyway, and I would argue in the history of this great Nation. If we do not shovel the dung out of Washington in the 2010 election and take back control of the House and Senate, I fear that this Country will be doomed to never return to the free Nation it was and is a ghost of what used to be now!

Now about North Korea and what is going on as a result of the missile test they proceeded with last weekend. As I predicted...nothing happened to them, except bloviation by the Obama Admn. and the Secretary of State Clinton. The United Nations is about as worthless in the world today as the League of Nations was back in the 30's after WWI. Here is the danger in doing nothing, as Obama and the United Nations are guilty of. North Korea is as I write this selling and shipping enriched Uranium to Iran as well as selling the technology of long range missiles to carry Nuclear Warheads. That is already happening, and the State department knows about it. Israel, is about ready to perform a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facility, (as I had predicted over a year ago would happen), if the United States does not Step up and shut it down. Again I point to Nevile Chamberlain in the 30's and his attempt at diplomacy with Germany and Italy. Hitler and Mussolini laughed at Chamberlain behind closed doors and called him an easily manipulated idiot! Well, fast forward to Obama today and his verbal commitment to deal with Iran, and others, by diplomatic means. He really has no clue what he's doing and is putting his Nation in the most dangerous position that it has ever been in. He is more concerned about his own popularity in the world, not in his own Country, that he would throw us under the bus to get adulation around the world.

Lastly, I need to talk about this dog that the Obama's now have. Once again, Obama lied to the American people when he said that the dog had to be a shelter dog. Of course they went with a pedigree animal, and once again Obama lies incredulously without any feeling of accountability to anyone, except his ego! I for one couldn't care less about what type of dog he gets, or where they got it. But I do care that He has continually lied to the American public since the 2008 primaries, and has been coddled and protected by the main stream media (DBC). This again, can be directly paralleled with the propaganda system that Hitler had in Germany in the 30's. Too many coincidences to just blow them off...unless you're a Leftist/Marxist/fascist proponent! This man needs to be shut down in 2010, and As Americans with Conservative values (60% to 40%), we must take back Congress or watch our Country destroyed along with our rights and freedoms.

God Bless those who would save this Nation!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fascism, Marxism, Socialism...CHOSE ONE!!

Ok, so let me get this straight now...(actually I do have it straight) Because the Government pretty much forced GM and Chrysler in to taking bail-out money because of the CAFE standards and mandates from the environmental wackos and the Unions and their outrageous legacy costs...that gives the President the right now to fire anyway he wants to and blame them for things that the Government is responsible for. We have attorney generals in DC and Connecticut using their bully pulpits to go after the people from AIG that received LEGAL bonuses that were mandated and agreed to by Congress and the administration. Ok, so now that I really have you confused let me break this all down for you...

About 6 months ago, when it appeared that Obama was going to win the Leftist nomination for president of the United States, I was very outspoken that Obama had every intention of turning our capitalistic/free enterprise society in to a fascist/Marxist society, and I was admonished for it and told I was a conspiracy theorist. Now as I sit back and watch the Obama Administration mandate who can run a company, how much they can make for a salary, what kind of product they can produce, and what materials they can produce it from as well as who can purchase said product and at what price...well I'm sorry friends, that by definition is Fascism/Socialism/Marxism. I'm sorry if I am uninformed, but to the best of meek knowledge, it's the job of an attorney general to uphold the law in the state he/she is appointed to uphold. Not to go after people for receiving bonuses legally by contract. I have to say that when the unions and Acorn sent bus loads of people to harass these AIG execs and their families, and the Attorney General of Connecticut did nothing to stave these demonstrations off, it was clear that they did what they did for political gain and popularity in the fascist administration. Now GM will be turned over to the unions to run, and will get endless amounts of subsidies from the US taxpayer to support. The Administration will not allow the company to go away for one reason and one reason's too large a voter base for the Fascist Regime. Then there's Cris Dodd who received 100's of thousands of dollars for his re-election campaign, and done so because he was next in line to Chair the Senate Finance Committee and could control what they received from Government.

As all of this is going down here in the US, Obama gets ready to head to Europe for the sham called the G20 meeting. He is meeting with the 20 largest economies in the world to discuss how to repair the economies of the world...LOL. I hate to laugh, but Obama has no more clue as to how to accomplish this than a 10 year old boy that steals $5 from his mothers purse to buy candy. The majority of Europe is dumbfounded and irate at what Obama's administration is doing to what was considered the strongest economy in the world at one time. They are all saying STOP, when it comes to the printing of money and distributing it among all the special interest groups that supply the fascist Regime with votes every 2 and 4 years. Obama and England's PM Brown are asking the western European nations to spend more money on things like green energy programs, etc. and the other nations are saying flat out NO, we've spent enough money on that scam as it is. Since the decision to take over GM Obama is now mandating the elimination of trucks, big cars and SUV's. Of the 20 vehicles that GM makes that make a profit, 11 of them are SUV's, and these will be struck from the list. The move that makes me scratch my head is that he wants to get rid of the Chevy Volt (GM's electric car that Government mandated they research and develop years ago). Are any of you beginning to see the hypocrisy and disingenuous attitude that this administration has towards what is good for the American People? They complain about not moving ahead to electric cars to wean our Country off of foreign oil, and then they kill the project that is all but completed and ready for production and distribution, interesting isn't it?

Now let's discuss this North Korean Missile launch that is scheduled for around the date this will post. First, the only reason they are doing it now is because Obama is in office and they know he will do nothing more than bloviate about it on the national stage. We already have sanctions against North Korea, so if they were worried about this they wouldn't be doing this. Let's get something straight here first...North Korea does nothing that China doesn't allow or mandate that they do. N. Korea is dependent on China for just about everything from food to fuel and other needed imports, so China is the one flexing it's muscles here not N. Korea. They are salivating in China, because they see the opportunity to become the proverbial super power on the planet. The Chinese will stop at nothing to get what they want, and quite honestly we have a President with no balls who will sit back and let them do whatever the hell they want! China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt, which people warned years ago in the Carter Administration was going to happen. So they have a position of power over us with respect to that and with respect that Obama is counting on China to buy all the debt he is saddling our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with. But I have a feeling that they will get what they want which is a global currency rather than using the Dollar as the global standard, and Obama has all but insured that this will happen within the time frame of Obama's term in office. As of today (4/2/09) N. Korea is fueling the rocket on the launch pad, and they without a doubt will launch this rocket. And please don't get the purpose of this launch wrong people, they are not going to try and nuke Alaska. Their reason for this is to hopefully have a successful launch so that they can sell the technology to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. We are fastly moving to a point that some in the religious sector say is going to be the 2nd holocaust. I am not on board so much for this thought, but I am very very concerned for the safety of our Country and it's citizens. By the way, remember when I predicted a long time ago that Israel would make a move on Irans nuclear facility if we didn't? Well they came out today with a statement saying that exact thing!

Now I sit and listen to Obama stroke the French People and explain to them, in no uncertain terms, that the era of Americans being leaders and being the very thing that has saved Frances ass twice, is over. What he told them is that the era of Americans and American Capitalism is over and the American people now will be held down and suppressed like you in France have been since before WWI. The very thing that makes France wince and run at the first sign of a threat, is the very thing that Obama wishes to impose on Americans! When you are not free to be all you can be, you are suppressed and have a real dangerous tendency to not give a shit, and just say screw it I don't care anymore. When you rip away from free people what they have spent generations fighting and dying for, you take away their incentive to be great and be a leader. The reason Europe has hated America is because we all had what they didn't have the guts to fight for in their history...freedom! Freedom isn't free damn it, and they all sit there and hate America because they think we inherited this freedom we have. When they should read history and see that thousands of Americans have died for the freedoms we have. We also have died to preserve Countries like France and England and many others, but they feel that is just a price we should have to pay because of our good fortune. As far as I am concerned they and Obama can kiss my butt, because I need to apologize to no one for saving Frances ass in 2 world wars, and being a world power that has kept Europe from destroying itself for generations. Well Europe get ready, because those days are over, no matter what Obama blows up your ass...we will not be able to help you anymore because we are degrading our leadership. When the new leadership rises up, they will basically go back to a capitalistic society and you will be left to be the pathetic lost sheep you have always been...only without a shepherd!
Just an update, as this is being posted, that North Korea has indeed launched their missile and it fell harmlessly in to the Pacific Ocean. Now our supreme Socialistic leader, Obama, demands an international response to this act of aggression. It's funny that the man has no balls, and doesn't have the temerity to run a Country, let alone be the world leader he claims to want to be. Nothing will happen with this except maybe some weak sanctions on North Korea that China can overcome with ease. Soon the technology will make it's way to Iran, and that part of the world will be even more volatile than it already is. Now we all know that no satellite was released in to orbit from this rocket, and the launch and their holding to that story is such an "in your face" lie, and defiant act, that we should have plainly destroyed the missile as soon as it entered Japanese air space, but again...our "leader" is nothing other than a weak community organizer, not a President!!
God Bless those who would save this Country!!