Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, well, well...look at those unemployment numbers! Look everyone, I told you months ago that this nations unemployment rate and inflation rate were going to reach these levels. In fact I predicted that we would be in double digits in both unemployment and inflation. The Obama administration will come out and defend itself by saying that because the number of new unemployment claims means that his stimulus is working because they have saved jobs. Look, let's call a spade a spade here, (not talking about Obama so calm down), when you are of the belief that to take on more debt to pay off old debt, and expect the working class of this country to pick up the slack to pay for that lavish spending, is ridiculous. We are just starting to see the inflation rate rise as some of the printed money from the treasury begins to flood the market, in the public sector of course. Need I say more, with regards to the economy anyway, I believe that we are just seeing the beginning of this I am afraid. Look back in to history and see what happened when Jimmy Carter basically did the same thing Obama is doing...only on a much smaller scale. Inflation rates at 21%, unemployment as much as 12%, and long lines at gas stations around the Country. And let's be clear everyone, Obama has outspent Carter by the trillions, so multiply and divide all that out. I believe, and i have said this before, we will see inflation at about 20-25%, and unemployment at or around 25% as well...numbers we have not seen since the late 1920's and early 1930's. Combine this with the fact that China believes they literally own us, because they hold our debt. In fact when tax cheat Geithner was recently in China speaking to post graduate students, telling them that the US economy is sound and in good shape, they all started laughing at him out loud! Let's take a look at how the Administration distributes funds and follows laws for a bit shall we? Just take the Chrysler debacle, for instance; Originally Congress said no to an auto bailout, but then turned around and decided to use part of the TARP funds to bail out the UAW and assist in a form of chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the investors in Chrysler, (Indiana teachers, firefighters and law enforcement pension plans), were told that they had to take a .71 cent per dollar cut in their investment. First of all, it was illegal to use the TARP funds on anything but Toxic Assets in the banking industry. Second, it is unconstitutional to force guaranteed investments to be devalued, before giving the Unions .56 cents on the dollar for their investments. It clearly is stealing retirement money from people who invested in Chrysler, to appease the voter base known as the UAW, and the company will wind up going under soon anyway...regardless! But not before Obama comes up for re-election in 2012! Trust me he will subsidize Chrysler to keep the UAW in his back pocket all the through to the 2012 election, and beyond if he is re-elected.

Now Obama is pushing the health care bill and nobody involved in the bill ,as it sits now, has no idea what's even in the bill. I believe the figure I heard was that it is going to be somewhere around 2.7 Trillion dollars over a period of time. The imbecile just can't help it, he has to keep spending and destroying this Country. If this health care plan goes through, our economy will be destroyed in short order, and the attrition rate of citizens in this nation will reach epidemic proportions...mark my words!

Let's be clear about what needs to happen here...we need to rise up as a Nation and throw the current Congress and all their assistants and their assistants and their assistants, out on their asses. Once back in power with conservative representatives, we need to rescind the ridiculous laws that Obama is signing to appease the left and not only destroying our economy but making our own borders vulnerable to attack. I do believe that China believes it could invade us right now and become the supreme power in the world. I mean when you look at what's happening in Israel and the Middle East, not to mention what North Korea is doing with rockets and setting off underground bombs. We are coming to a point that I had hoped I would not see in my lifetime, but it appears unless I die soon, that I will be here to see it. I really hope the American people pull their heads out of the sand and see what is going on here. Now trust me there are many people in this Country who hate it, and would rather see us in full blown European Socialism, because they want to sit on their asses and do nothing, while the labor in this Country pays for it. This will not happen without a fight! I have news for anyone that thinks we can just transition in to Socialism in this Country, because there are many many people who would rather fight and die than to live under a Fascist/Socialist Dictatorship.

Look, you all need to save your money...regardless of the fact it will be worthless before too long if Obama is not held in check. Teach your kids at home, even if you have to do this in parallel with public schooling. And get ready for hyper-inflation, because it is going to happen. The best days are both behind and hopefully ahead of us, but this will be determined in the next 2 elections.

God bless those who would save this Country!!

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