Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Economics 101 anybody?

I think it's time to address the economic situation in our great country at this juncture in our history. I have just about had it with the Democrats bailing out and taking control of major financial institutions in this country. They bailed out Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, which were nothing more than money laundering outfits for the left wing political machine. All you left wingers listen up...WE ARE FED UP WITH HAVING TO GIVE YOU MONEY AND GETTING NOTHING BUT CORRUPTION AND DECEIT FOR IT!! Do the names Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines jog loose any bolts in those left wing empty skulls? These are two Clinton era Democrats that were deep into those two institutions. They skimmed and stole millions from the taxpayers of this country, and the when the institutions should have been reformed, the Dems in Congress said no! Why do you suppose they didn't want any reform for the failing institutions? I'll tell you why...because they became a private contribution bank for the left wing political machine...that's why. How about Mr. Dodd and Mr. Obama, and the rest of the left wing radical Marxists that received millions in contributions from Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, (Barrack Obama being #2 on the list of recipients by the way, and Chris Dodd being #1). Where are they getting the money to pay for the $800 billion in bail out money for AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Lehmann, etc. ? I'll tell you where, and pay attention to this you left wing idiots...When the Federal Government stopped using gold for the standard of our nation's currency (because we couldn't buy enough gold to support the vivacious Congressional appetite) they were then able to just go to the treasury and print whatever monies they needed to do it! Who pays for this you ask...the American taxpayer, that's who. It deflates the dollar and pushes us in to a deep recession and possibly a depression if we don't stop this monster soon! Basic economics says that when you throw money into an economy without growth you have created stagflation which leads to inflation. To break it into terms you libs can understand I'll try to give you an analogy: if you have 10,000 people for 5,000 gallons of milk and the price is $2 a gallon, then you fly over and drop money on the street and infuse that society with say a million more dollars without any production, now you have just given the market a reason to inflate the price of milk to $5 a gallon because the demand is the same...production is the same...but the income for that society is higher. YOU CAN'T JUST KEEP PRINTING MONEY AND THROWING IT AT FAILED INSTITUTIONS WHICH YOU CAUSED TO FAIL!!! As a footnote to all of this...Raines and Johnson are both senior advisors on the Obama campaign.

Now let's talk about the Congressional drilling bill shall we? I should be getting all excited and beside myself for the fact that Congress has come up with a new bill for drilling and refining oil, right?, wrong! Once again Nancy Palosi and her left wing posse have screwed the American people and disguised it as a comprehensive, bi-partisan bill to drill for oil. What they don't tell you is that the bill allows drilling anywhere they want offshore, as long as it isn't within 50 miles from shore or less. Well anyone who reads about what's out there for deposits knows that 80% of the oil available offshore is within 50 miles from shore. So once again they are acting like they are doing something and in fact they are doing nothing! Same-ole Same-ole as far as Congress goes I guess. It's getting so tiring to see the Left taking over our economy one business at a time, and there will never be any investigations into these institutions, because it would expose the Democrats that have had their hands in the coffer for years. So just keep paying your taxes as they go higher and higher, and just bend over and grab your ankles everyone. Unless you get involved and begin to oust these thieves from our government, it will only get worse! Also I am really tired of left wingers saying that Barrack Obama is proposing a tax break for 95% of Americans, when only 60% of Americans even pay taxes. Can you people on the left even count or work with money at all, unless you skim, steal or are just handed it from lobbyists and institutions that you yourself have created? It's so distressing to hear and read about Obama talking about the economy when he knows nothing more than what he has been fed by his Marxist friends the last 25 years. He has changed his stance on taxes verbally to appease the fact that a majority of Americans are fed up with taxes, taxes, taxes. In reality I promise you, if he is elected, he will raise taxes like we haven't seen in a long, long time. Make no mistake my friends, it is part of the left wing agenda to have private business fail in this country, because it opens the door for our out of control Congress to go in there, bail them out and now be in control of them. And the American taxpayers are the ones footing the bill. It's about beating the American citizen down financially and creating a society that is totally dependent on them for everything. And get ready for the rest of the buildings to begin to crumble! Because when the Clinton administration as well as the Republican majority Congress refused to fix the problems in the mortgage industry, and mandated less stringent requirements for buying a home in this country, it wasn't just Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were beginning to spiral down. When the government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac they limited the maximum amount they could lend to $413,000.00. Wait until we start seeing what happens to houses in the premium neighborhoods of our nation like coastline homes and high income neighborhoods around this great nation; it isn't over by a long shot! What worries me is that the Dems are having success tearing our economy down and may be able to ride that all the way to the White House. See, the people who will vote for Obama quite honestly are not used to thinking for themselves about anything. They're used to being told what to do and just sitting in the corner and accepting whatever happens. So either we as conservatives, again, wake up and take back control of our city councils and school boards, or we deserve what we get!

Now make no mistake about it everyone, this had been coming on for a long long time! Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt's Administration implemented the FDIC and the FSLIC to guarantee to people they won't lose up to a certain amount of their deposits, people began to take greater risks with their money. What kind of message does it send when we start bailing out private companies in the name of a stronger economy? I guess if I was going to start a mortgage insurance company and begin insuring banks all over the country, I would take risks that I wouldn't normally take because I know the Federal Government will bail me out if I fail. I think it's time to make companies purchase their loan insurance from private companies who will watch their dealings with great diligence. If you were that insurance company and you had a client doing very risky things with their clients money, you would tell them that their premiums are going to double or maybe even that they will be dropped as a client if they do not cease and desist. We need to get back to letting the free market police and reform itself like it has been doing since the inception of our constitution. Get government out of our daily dealings and let the people who do stupid, greedy things with money go down and fail! Until people are held accountable for their actions again, we will continue to have these kinds of problems.

Conspiracy Theory time everyone; Keep your ears and eyes open because there is a good chance that Joe Biden will be dropping out of the VP slot for Hillary Clinton to move in. The Dems are for sure trying to figure out a way to get this to counter Sarah Palin, but how? I believe, as does Sean Hannity and a few others, that it will be a fake medical situation with Biden and his Aneurysms, or something like that. He will effectively be taking, in boxing terms, "A DIVE" for the Democratic Party. Watch and see!!

God Bless America

On another quick note: I have been informed by the managing editor of the Canadian Free Press that a link to this blog is to be added to their website. This is exciting news since this should add a lot of opposing views and comments to what we write about here. Also; Sheila Ely, who has spent a lot of time proofreading and editing these blogs, is going to be a larger contributor to this blog in the near future. She will be adding a blog entry regarding a conservative woman's view on motherhood, family, religion and the educational system in our country.