Thursday, October 2, 2008

$850 Billion pork sandwich anyone?

I apologize to you all for continuing to talk about the economic crisis in the U.S., and the Congressional rape of the American people. But here goes...

Some of you received a copy of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" that I sent you. I mentioned all the pork that was inserted in to this bill, which in itself should make you mad enough to boil water by touching it. But I also said I would outline some of the pork that was in the bill so you would not have to read the entire 451 pages. The interesting thing is that this started out as a 3 page document and grew in to the 451 page book that it is today because of the pork additives. So without further delay, here are just some of the pork loins for us to feast on when Congress passes this bill Tomorrow (Friday, Oct.3, 2008).

Section 211-Transportation Fringe benefit to Bicycle Commuters. (A law that says an employer must re-imburse an employee for the cost of any bicycle that said employee uses to commute between work and home. Plus they must pay said employee $20 for each month of employment for energy savings.) 205

Title III-Energy Conservation and Efficiency Provisions. (Basically a global warming subsidy provision to the tune of $800 million) ... page 207

Title IV, Revenue Provisions; Section 401-Limitation of Deduction for income attributable to domestic production of oil, gas or primary products thereof. (Basically a decrease in tax benefits by 3% to anyone who invests in or receives benefits from anything related to the crude oil industry) 234

Section 317- Seven-year Cost Recovery Period for motor sports Racing Track Facility. To the tune of $109 290

Section 502- Provisions Related to Film and Television Production. To the tune of $15 298

Subtitle B-Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act of 2008. (Another act that has always failed to pass the House and Senate in numerous previous tries, but which was inserted in to this Bail-out Bill to the tune of $500 billion.) 310

Title II-Special Projects on Federal Land. (Too long to summarize...and to the tune of $18,000,000+) 364

Title VII, Disaster Relief; Subtitle A- Heartland and Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief. ( to the tune of $150 million per state, but not limited to that amount) 394

So you see, we have been forced to bend over and take it in the *&# again America. This whole thing was a contrived crisis that never really existed before the Democrats and the Main stream media decided to invent it for the purpose of handing the election over to the Democratic Left. Oh, yes I know, a lot of you are crying conspiracy theory! But if you really look at the timing of all of this starting back when the S&L "crisis" took place and we were forced to bail out those institutions to the tune of $300 Billion, and all the way to present day. I believe that within 6 months to a year after Barack Obama is elected as our next president, you will be hearing about all sorts of inappropriate dealings with regards to the Media and the U.S. Congress. There will be charges of manipulation of the housing market, the Savings and Loan system and the Credit system in this country. Nancy Palosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the Marxist pigs in Government don't want free enterprise. They don't want you to be successful, they don't want a capitalistic country and they want the general public to be, subjects of their kingdom not citizens of a United States of America. I mean let's look back to 2003 when the Bush Administration and Secretary of the Treasury John Snow tried to push reform in the housing market which failed because of Democrats and Rinos alike, because they would have been exposed as the special interest pigs they were. So moving to 2005 when again the Bush Administration and John Snow, along with John McCain warned of the dangers of cooking the books in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac institutions. Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines stole millions and coincidentally donated millions to the Democratic Party as we have already learned (check back at the last posting). But here again the Democrats blocked any reform having to do with those institutions, in spite of strong warnings. Barney Frank stands on the floor of the house and says that the future of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae looks good and strong and it will be just fine. Of course a lot of people didn't believe him, but the DBC (Democratic Broadcasting Companies) all fell in step and backed what Frank said. So the American people who live on the 6 and 10 o-clock news reports of the DBC believed it as well and kept buying houses they couldn't afford. And let's not forget how this all started in the housing market was Bill Clinton and the Democrats that mandated less stringent requirements of lending institutions when it came to handing out loans.

Now add to that the fact that Barack Obama wants to push legislation that will allow the bankruptcy Judges to reduce the mortgage principal as well as the interest rate for people who claim they can't pay their mortgage. And they say this will also help the banks from going under. I have to ask this to Barack Obama...If I loan someone $200,000.00 to buy a house, and they decide to go to bankruptcy court because they feel their payments are too high. The Judge agrees and says he is going to reduce the principal amount to $150,000.00 and reduces the interest rate from 7% to 4%, how am I suppose to make that money up? Is the judge going to allow me to only pay back $150,000.00 of a $200,000.00 loan I took out at 2% to be able to make the loan to the idiot that just got a $50,000.00+ payday from the courts? This will drive our loan institutions right in to the ground again and allow the Government to come in and take them over as well. This, of course, will give the left exactly what they want...more control! I tell you this everyone...It may be time to to start discussing the reason our forefathers instituted the 2nd Amendment!! As of this addition to the Blog, I have learned that California is now standing there with it's hand out looking for $7 billion to offset what they have overspent; Who's next?

I invite you to click on the link I am providing next to get a feel for just what a dishonest idiot Senator Biden really is! (or is he just that stupid) After listening to the clips, (compliments of the Mark Levin Show 10/2/2008), I want you to ask yourself this question...Is Joe Biden a man that could handle being President if something happened to Barack Obama? LIsten and learn everyone! Remember to click on the link and listen to the October 2nd show!

In conclusion I would like to talk a bit about our freedoms and what is in jeopardy in our future. As I sit here, fresh from my day in the woods. I spent time with my family, as I do every 1st weekend in October, cleaning up the deer hunting cabin, repairing hunting stands and just generally helping to make our hunting experience the best it can possibly be for all of us. I reflect on the fact that with all our faults, and Government control, we still have the greatest, most beautiful and the most free nation on the planet. It pains me to think that there is a real possibility that the same freedoms I have grown up with may not be there for my daughters generation, when they are old enough to hunt. It pains me to think that some day soon the private land that has been at our disposal for almost 50 years, may one day be taken away from us and we may be told that our guns must be turned in and no longer legal to own. I honestly feel that we will have a revolution if that ever comes to fruition, and that we will one day be forced to enforce the second amendment.

God Bless America!!