Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marxism can be tied to the fairness doctrine!!

It's finally happened everyone, Barbara West, a member of the media in Florida, has questioned the Obama campaign on their smug, public despotism with regards to the American people. And they don't like it at all that the people are starting to see through the smoke screen and look at the Democratic ticket for what it is...a consorted effort to instill Marxism/Socialism Government, which would give majority of control to the Government. When asked about what Obama has believed in and written about when the statement "To each according to their ability, and to each according to their need" is brought up with regards to Obamas statements on redistribution of wealth. The Democratic party has refused any other interviews to the station in question. So insert the fairness doctrine in to television and you see what the future of fair and balanced means to the Leftist Democratic Party. That Quote by the way is from Carl Marx and is the basis for a Marxist Government. It will be interesting to see how far this goes before the election. The Dems want to shut down anyone in the press, or public (Joe the plumber), from asking direct questions that expose their real intentions for this Country. And quite honestly I'm not sure if it's because they are stupid and can't help it, or they are so self entitled feeling that they don't think anyone can do anything about it no matter what they say, or do, but I don't know how the majority of the voting public can listen to what's being said and not determine that today's Democratic Party wants to destroy their freedoms and turn them in to subjects of a Socialistic/Marxist Government. Barney frank has recently stated that he wants to push through legislation to cut military spending by 25% and apply that money to social programs, (of which he will no doubt skim millions to himself and other Democratic operatives), and pull that money from our peace keeping forces in the volatile Middle East. You can only pray for someone like this, my prayer is that he somehow disappears without a trace, or that he is replaced this election!! (God, I apologize for that right there...and God bless the Pigmy's in New Guinea). Barney Frank is a man who never quite got control of his hormones the right way, and seems to surf Washington these days looking for organizations, like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, to find gay lovers at the top of these organizations that can help him destroy the public investments in these organizations. Now I personally don't care who he's sleeping with literally, but I do care who he is in bed with figuratively when it comes to being a complete out of control socialist/Marxist with regards to this countries economic life! This is so reminiscent of 1976 and the SALTII treaty that Carter butchered and implemented with many changes from it's modest beginnings. He proposed scrapping the B-1 bomber program, which eventually was re-installed and was instrumental in the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Proof positive again that Democratic social programs here at home are more for the welfare state and has a platform that promotes weakened borders and socialistic values. We have been fighting it for years, but I am more afraid today than I have ever been that they may be close to achieving their goals!

I would like to discuss the possibility of the Democrats getting the 60 seat majority in the Senate again. This is a distinct possibility and would eliminate any filibuster possibilities by the minority. It means that they will be able to push through any social program that precipitates their Marxist goals. But the one thing they are discounting is the American people in this situation. If they do attain a 60 seat majority, we as Americans must become even more active in our own politics and continuously call our representatives to tell them if they vote for a bill we appose they will lose our support in the next election...period! We have to take back control of our country and that starts by ousting members of the House and Senate that want to increase the size of Government. I can't think of anything that scares me more than Obama appointing a judge to the Supreme Court that believes that our Constitution is a living, breathing document. This means that it is important to get rid of any majority in the House and Senate on the Democratic side, or suffer the demise of our great nation within just a few short years!

Let's discuss the fact that over the course of the summer Obama's definition of "wealthy Americans" has gone from 1 million dollars a year to now, as Joe Biden recently said, $150,000.00 a year. Now anyone that believes they are void of being taxed if Obama is elected, is sadly mistaken and quite blind. With new recordings of Obama talking about the founding fathers not allowing for redistributive authority when writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now the Democrats are even saying in public that, with the help of Obama, they want to write a second Bill of Rights that will allow government to control us even more, and give the supreme court authority to make decisions about the redistribution of wealth. This is a scary notion, that we could watch our Constitution changed before our very eyes in the next 4 years...unbelievable! Personally I don't want to live in a country that isn't free, and I believe that the Marxist left of this country will eventually find out the hard way that there are a lot of citizens that also will not tolerate it very long...if they keep this up. Tell me what incentive there is to work hard and become successful if half of what you make is going to be given to those who sit on their asses and wait for Obama's Marxist's to send it to them. I honestly have no idea how someone is supposed to put their kids through college nowadays, with what it costs lately, if we are not allowed to save money to do so. Now they are toying already with the notion of stealing your 401k regardless of what you have in it, and giving everyone $600 as a retirement account that earns 3% interest over the course of your life. Then they will distribute it to you with your social security payments, but I know for a fact that social security is bankrupt and has been for years, so should we believe that they will do what they say after they stick a gun in your face and take your 401K's?

I would like to address a bill that people will be voting on this year as well, which would eliminate secret ballot voting for employees when voting to unionize or not. Now all I'm hearing from the supporters of this bill is that it doesn't take away the right to a secret vote, and that anyone who wants to vote privately can. But the truth is that the unions want to get back to the 1940's and 50's when employees were intimidated by their union bosses to vote for whomever they were told to vote for, regardless of their own feelings about the candidate. If they didn't vote as per the unions wishes they would be ostracised and sometimes beat severely for non-compliance. If this bill is passed it simply sets a precedent that would allow it to be shaped and added to in the future and freedoms would disappear at a greater rate than they currently are. Personally being a member of the IBEW I have been receiving literature for months now telling me how I should vote, and I have been appalled at the lies they were allowed to print with regards to candidates they were not endorsing. They disguise themselves now as "the alliance for a better America" now instead of owning their comments and responsibilities when it comes to their radio and tv commercials. Just come out and say you are the IBEW when you make statements that are blatantly and knowingly wrong and sally up you cowards! I can personally tell you that Barack Obama was the last candidate on the Unions lists to support for president. When the primaries started their were John Edwards signs up everywhere at the union offices, then when he fell out of the ship they quickly changed all he signs to Hillory Clinton posters, then when she was forced out of the race they begrudgingly changed all the posters to Obama...Good Lord people have the temerity to stand up for yourselves why don't you, and make a decision for yourselves! (hilarious that grown, tough, men are whipped and beaten down like puppies by their union leaders...while paying them to do it!) Now the Senate wants to regulate the NFL and force it to broadcast games as it sees fit, what is this Country coming to? LOL

God Bless America!!