Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing New in gaza these days!

It pains me to know that we are so close to the destruction of so many innocent people, with regards to the war in Gaza. This will divide Europe once again, and if history is any indicator, will cause a world wide conflict in diplomatic ways for sure. Let's just hope that we can somehow get over ourselves as the human race and realize that total destruction isn't the answer. Unfortunately the goals of Ha'mas and Al Qaeda are not to continue on with life as we all want to do. They want death and destruction to anyone who does not subscribe to their religeous beliefs...period! So where do we draw the line between staying away and just letting things work out for themselves, and protecting our own sovereignty with pre-emptive actions, whether diplomatic or by force? It's the same problem that we have been dealing with since the beginning of this great Country. The world has been dealing with this since recorded history, so I ask again...where do we draw the line at our own safety. Because if we sit back and do nothing, as the left would have us do, we stand to allow a volitale region of the planet run amuck and perpetuate global discourse. But some would say that sendinmg troops and hardware to the region to help with eradication of Ha Mas and Al Qaeda is the right thing to do in order to keep the planet safe for generations to come. Look...death and destruction, as bad as it can be, is and has been a way of life for free people everywhere since the beginning of time. We will never change that with any amount of hope and change that some believe can be achieved, and that is reality people! So where are we going to be in the next 4 years, or even the next 4 months? Most free Europe Governments as well as Middle Eastern Governments do not have faith in Obama to be a leader who can make tough decisions, so they will not be looking to the US for any leadership in this situation. Thus they will be making decisions based on their own need to survive, and this will undoubtedly lead to an all out war in the Middle East including all Arab nations. Now throw Iran in to the mix with the possibility of Nuclear weapons, and you have the makings of a life changing event.

Ok now I have to say something with regards to the Sanate race in Minnesota between Franken and Coleman. I know I said that the left were going to steal this election from us, but I didn't think they were going to be as brazen as they have been about it. There are 25 precincts that had more votes counted than there were people registered to vote in those There were some 1700 absentee ballots, that favored Coleman, that were not counted even after commercials and rantings from the left to not disenfranchise any voters (unless Franken is leading of course). This is just so damn amusing to me, because I saw it coming a mile away, and several people said i was crazy! Anyway, here it is people and don't forget that we are living in a socialistic and soon to be Fascist society...praise be Obama!! (Blahh!)

Now let me rant for a moment about this Burris situation and whether or not he should be seated in the US Senate. First, for those of you from Canada not following this story let me fill you in just a bit. Roland Burris is an ex-attorney General of Illinois, who was appointed to Barack Obama's Senate seat by Rob Blogojevich the scandal ridden Governor of Illinois. Harry Reid says he will not seat Burris because he is not recognized by the Senate as duly appointed within legal means. However, by all legal aspects as written in the laws which Govern those proceedings! So anyway we're at the point now where Burris is in Washington and intends to be seated and begin his term as an Illinois Senator, but Harry Reid says he will be met by a Sgt. in Arms at the door and not allowed to enter the Senate chambers. Now some are saying that this is akin to not allowing the black students to enter the schools back in the 60's. I have just about had enough of this politically correct crap with regards to racism. Liberals tend to scream racism every time they don't get their way, and it has to do with anyone other than a caucasion human being. This is all about procedure and has nothing to do with the color of Burris's skin for Gods sake! Harry reid has no legal right to stop Burris from being seated, however since when has the left worried about what is legally right or wrong? I believe that Reid will figure out a way to get his own way here and we will have a preverbial civil war within the Democratic party over this, not to mention that they have Franken now to do filthy stand-up for them while they sit around kissing each others butts! While I was writing the last rant I was made aware that Burris was rejected from the Senate chambers and not allowed to be sworn in or recorded. So now the legal battle begins, and the troops are beginning to line up for the onslaught to come...LOL.

Now it appears that the annointed one (Obama) is talking about sitting down with Ha'Mas leadership after he is sworn in as the new Dictator of the USSA, to discuss a what he can do to help them destroy Israel I would assume. It is as absurd to think that Ha'Mas and Al Qaueda are at all interested in talking to the US about anything to do with peace in the Gaza strip. And for the annointed one to think he has more worldy clout than he really does is right in line with the arrogance we saw throughout the past 2 years in the primaries and general election, and during his cabinet appointments recently. Tha man just cannot get above himself high enough to see what a baffoon he is! Let's not lose sight everyone of what I have been saying for over a year now, that this has never been about achieving peace, or saving the economy, it has been about power and control. And while Obama feels like he is achieving more power and control, in reality the US is losing any ability it has to deter terrorist organizations or to let capitalism work the way it has for 200+ years.

It's going to be a trying and scary next 4 years eveyone, and I pray that my predictions for the future of this Country are wrong, I truly do!! But when you have members of Congress saying we need to put a 1.8 trillion dollar stimulous package in place now, or else! What they really mean to say is "we need to steal this money from the American Public quick, before they figure out what's going on. Just like the the sub-prime bail-out package that had to be done overnight or the Country would explode! 3 weeks later we were still here, although we did give Congress the money, and it still isn't being used to do what it was intended for!

God Bless America!! Watch the video link to the left...beware!