Friday, July 17, 2009

I have to apologize for not posting last weekend, but things have been busy for me lately. Unless you haven't heard yet, I have been asked to be Senator Mike Jungbauers campaign manager on his run for Governor...and I accepted! That being said, I will weigh in on the latest issues pressing our Country this week. First let's talk about the cap-n-trade debacle...I mean bill, that the House has already passed and sent limping to the Senate for approval. We all know that if this bill is passed by the Senate, that it will ruin Capitalism and small business in this Country. Now there are many of people out there asking the question...How can the Administration believe that this will be good for the economy? Well, like I have been saying for months, it's never been about helping the economy and never has been! So now listen up and listen good...this is about POWER and CONTROL and it has always been a part of the agenda of the left. So please stop crying and whining about what is happening, because elections have consequences and we are experiencing this now first hand. What can we do to stop it you ask, well I am afraid that beyond calling your Senators and Congress Reps., there isn't much you can do now. You know, this is a good example of what happens when people don't research and listen to the facts.

I don't want to rant on about something I have already devoted many blogs to already with regards to Climate Change and Global Warming. I would like to talk about this sham of a health care system that Obama is trying to shove down our throats now, without anyone reading the damn thing again. There is a provision on page 16 of this bill which will make it illegal to purchase your own health care program, after the Obama Care has been ratified. They talk about how you can keep your own health care plan if you want to, but then make it near impossible for a business to be able to pay the taxes and fees associated with a plan other than the Governments. You see, here is why this will put other health care plans out of business...The Government doesn't have to worry about making a profit to stay in business, where private health care systems do. Some of you would say that this is why we need to reform the health care system, and you are both right and wrong. It is true we need to reform the system, but more with TORT reform, not through Government control. If we could impose TORT reform and begin to lower the costs of the care we now receive, because doctors liability costs go down, and lower the cost of medicines at the same time. By doing this we keep a capitalistic system that improves and feeds off competition. Do you think the Government had anything to do with inventing the polio vaccine, or the MRI machine, or arthritis medicines, or the stethoscope...I think you get my drift. Again, just like with every other program that the left has tried to force feed us recently, this has nothing to do with better or cheaper health care, and everything to do with power and control of the citizenry of this great nation. The left elite would like nothing more than to create a form of dictatorship that gives them complete power and control over the Country, and quite honestly I believe some think they should rule the Earth. So if you as a citizen do not speak up and get involved in throwing these idiots out on there ear, then the rest of us who are researching and speaking for you are not going to be able to make enough noise.
For those of you who would like to say that capitalism is what got us in this mess in the first place, because of greedy drug companies and greedy doctors, you couldn't be more wrong. I believe inherently that doctors are for the most part good people who want to be able to help people and work towards a healthy America. Why do you think heads of state from other countries come here for their health care? Socialism doesn't work and never has, in medicine or Government. If you have doubts, just look up some documentaries on the Canadian and British health care systems...they flat don't work. People are dying that would have been saved because of the long waits in emergency rooms and lack of doctors. The government system rations care and decides based on individual worth to their own agenda who gets care and who doesn't. Obama has come out publicly and said that if you are old and at the hospice level of care, maybe you should evaluate your situation and embrace your demise, rather than extend the pain and burden on your family. I am pretty sure this isn't something he will do with his Mother-in-law or his own relation when they get to that point. But then again his half brother still lives in a 10'x10' box with no sanitary living conditions. Pay attention to what we may be leaving our children everyone! We have increasingly less freedoms and rights than we did just 30 years ago, and they are disappearing more and more at an alarming rate! I personally do not want to leave my daughter and grandchildren a Fascist dictatorship that steals from it's hard working citizens and rapes the wealth of the nation without remorse or reproach. It's time to rise up and be heard everyone, not just by your neighbor, but by your local, State and Federal Government! I pray that more of you will soon decide that it is more important to save our freedoms than to go fishing or hunting or just lying around watching TV.

God bless those who would save this country!!

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